The Best Garage Fans 2022 Reviews

Whether you just park your car in your garage or use it as a space for you hobby or work, it’s nice to have a comfortable space. Without decent air circulation, any area in your house can heat up fast and get stuffy especially during summer. In that case, your ordinary indoor fan might not work the way you need especially if you have a large garage.

Fortunately, there are specially made garage fans that can keep your garage cool and comfortable. With our prepared list of the best garage fans, it’s up to you to select the best one that suits your needs.garage fans

5 Best Selling Garage Fans Comparison Chart 2021

6 Top Garage Fans Reviews 2021

#1. Lasko 2264QM 20″ High-Velocity Floor Fan

Lasko is known already for their large fans which made them best sellers as well when it comes to garage fans. Generally, Lasko fans are very easy to use since all you have to do is plug it in, aim it in the direction you want, and select from its three levels of powerful air moving speeds. With 3,460 CFM as its highest moving speed, there’s no doubt that you have here a very powerful fan to do its job. Aside from being durable, its plug is designed to be practical and garage fan

Features and Specifications

  • Certified safe since it is one of the E.T.L. listed fans
  • 3 powerful moving speed options to choose from
  • Grounded 3-prong plug for safe and practical use
  • Tubular steel constructions with metal blades
  • Durable motor with a long lifespan and built-in protective case
  • Practical motor housing with holes to keep the motor cool
  • Easy and safe to clean motor
  • Convertible to wall fan or floor fan
  • Includes mounting hardware for ease of use as a wall fan
  • Strong floor grip capacity with high-quality rubber grips
  • Model: 2264QM
  • Product Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Dimension: 22 x 7 x 22 in.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Perfect for a garage with an average space
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Can be used as a wall or floor garage fan
  • Extra safe grounded power cord
  • The motor has a built-in protective case


  • Still produces soft noise once turned on
  • No slow speed option other than the 3 available speed options
  • It’s not a misting fan

#2. MaxxAir HVWM 18 UPS Wall Mount with 18-Inch Fan

If you don’t have enough space on your floor to place a garage fan, MaxxAir HVWM 18 UPS Wall Mount Fan might work for you. You will not only save space on your floor but keep your garage comfortable as well. Just mount the MaxxAir Fan on your garage wall and you are good to go. You can also use this fan in workshops or barns since it is ideal for ventilating large areas no matter how dusty or dirty the environment is.garage fans reviews

Features and Specifications

  • 18 inch fan
  • 11 feet power cord
  • Can be used as a wall mounted fan or a hanging fan
  • Perfect for dusty indoor areas
  • Ideal for large and small garage areas
  • Dustproof and fully protected motor
  • Energy saving PSC fan motor
  • 3 available pull chain moving speed options
  • Great even without the extension cord
  • Rugged hanging bar
  • 11 feet power cord
  • Powder coated steel constructed blades
  • Resistant to rust and dust
  • Model: HVWM 18 UPS
  • Product Weight: 13.05 lbs.
  • Dimension: 24 x 7 x 21 in.
  • Color: Silver / Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Perfect for heavy-duty purposes and harsh environments
  • Super long power cord
  • Easy to set and operate once mounted on the wall
  • Hassle-free ON and OFF switch
  • Pull chain control


  • The built-in pull chain control system might fail over time
  • Considered useless once the pull chain control breaks down from heavy use

#3. Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

Listed as one of the best quality garage fans in the market, Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan is perfect for large areas with high ceilings. Whether for industrial or for residential purposes, this garage fan can fit perfectly with its modern and sleek design with a great mechanical appeal. If you’re already used to handle ceiling fans like this model, it would only require minimal effort for assembling. No need to worry about having limited speed options since you’ll get 5 in this ceiling mounted garage garage fans for the money

Features and Specifications

  • Ceiling mount garage fan
  • Can cover up to 225 square feet area
  • Durable and reliable for many years
  • Suitable for 2-story entryways, workshops, lofts, and other huge rooms
  • 5 available speed options in wall control units
  • Operates on high speed efficiently with less noise
  • 56 in. 3-blade indoor ceiling fan
  • Sleek and brushed nickel steel sturdy blades
  • With 2 extra years warranty on other parts
  • Highest putting – 5.975 CFM
  • Model: 7861400
  • Product Weight: 16.49 lbs.
  • Size: 56 in.
  • Dimension: 25.4 x 8.5 x 8.7 in.
  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Steel
  • Wattage: 60 W
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Warranty: 15 years


  • Perfect for small to large areas
  • Doesn’t make too much noise when turned on
  • More fan speed control
  • Outstanding airflow with 97 CFM per Wattage
  • Extra 2 years warranty on parts


  • Requires an electrician for installation
  • Requires more time and effort for mounting on your ceiling
  • Needs to be hardwired

#4. Air King 9312 Powder-Coated Steel Multi-Mount Wall Fan

If you are looking for a smaller fan for your tight space, the Air King 9312 Wall Fan might be what you are looking for. With a powder coated steel construction, you don’t have to worry about the harsh dust and rust that commonly damage garage fans. It can also be installed on your I-beam and ceiling to save more space in your garage. No need to hard wire it into the circuit breaker when installing since it arrives with a long power cord. You can install it easily anywhere you want as long as there’s a nearby outlet.

Features and Specifications

  • Powder coated blade guard and mounts
  • 9 feet 3 conductor SJT power cord
  • Pull cord power switch
  • 1,010, 1,170, and up to 1,360 CFM
  • 900, 1,205, and up to 1,545 RPM
  • 42, 49, and up to 56 dB
  • Permanent split capacitor
  • Open motor with 1 phase and sleeve bearing
  • 3-speed control options
  • With OSHA and ETL compliance
  • Pivoting fan head
  • Includes secondary support cable
  • Model: 9312
  • Product Weight: 5.44 lbs.
  • Blade Size: 12 in.
  • Cube: 1.39 feet
  • Dimension: 15 x 12 x 15 in.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • HP: 1/25
  • Wattage: 64 – 85 W
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Amps: 0.5 – 0.8


  • Delivered with a fully assembled head fan already
  • Multi-mount options wall bracket
  • Easy to control the speed with pull cord switch
  • 3-speed options
  • 9 feet long power cord
  • Sleek and robust construction


  • Fixed in one location only
  • Too small for large spaces like 2 or more car garages
  • Usually comes with the only 1-year warranty

#5. Hurricane Super 8 Digital Oscillating Wall Mount Fan ETL Listed

Perfect for home, apartment, home gym, indoor garden, shops, garage, and other small areas, you will not regret buying the Hurricane Super 8 Digital Oscillating Fan. Aside from the fact that its major feature Super 8 digital oscillating pattern gives it a great advantage over other garage fans, it is very affordable. You can control when and how long it should work through its built-in time with power backup to save energy. It also operates quietly in its sturdy metal gear construction. Its remote control can control up to 50 Hurricane Super 8 units.

Features and Specifications

  • 3 oscillating speed control options
  • Figure 8 oscillating pattern technology
  • Includes remote control
  • Power back up
  • Also suitable for home gym, indoor garden, and other small spaces
  • Up to 2,118 CFM
  • Up to 1,250 RPM
  • 37 CFM per Watt
  • 5 feet power cord
  • 1 – 15P NEMA plug configuration
  • Guard material made from steel
  • ETL listed wall fan
  • Model: 736565
  • Product Weight: 9.4 lbs.
  • Blades: 3
  • Blade Size: 15.7 in.
  • Blade Material: PP
  • Dimension: 19.2 x 5.9 x 23.9 in.
  • Color: Black / Blue
  • Material: Steel
  • Hz: 60
  • Wattage (highest): up to 58 W
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Amps (highest): 0.50


  • Excellent cooling power
  • Heavy-duty fan with an enhanced oscillating pattern
  • Saves floor space
  • Cost-effective wall fan
  • Arrives with remote control
  • Doesn’t make loud noises
  • Built-in timer to save energy


  • Can’t be used as a floor fan or a ceiling fan
  • 5 feet power cord can be an issue

#6. Vornado CR1-0121-06 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Coming from a well-known and trusted brand, Vornado CR1-0121-06 660 represents the new generation of Vornado circulation fans on the market. With its unique design and construction, its sleek lines, matte finishes with a bit of gloss won’t go unnoticed. If you want a Vordano full-sized circulator to keep your garage cool and well-ventilated, this is the excellent garage fan that you should buy. Vornado CR1-0121-06 660 can tilt smoothly vertically or horizontally. Its unique blades and construction are designed to push the air even at a long distance and keep it circulating.

Features and Specifications

  • Air Density spiral grill
  • Enclosed air duct
  • Deep pitch blades
  • Inlet air accelerator
  • Safety tested 6 feet power cord
  • Perfect for cooling and ventilating with 4-speed push-button control
  • Energy saving floor fan with adjustable chrome glide bar
  • 257 up to 587 CFM
  • 600 up to 1,375 RPM
  • Model: CR1-0121-06
  • Product Weight: 9.96 lbs.
  • Max air distance: 100 feet
  • Controls: push-button
  • Dimension: 15 x 12 x 15 in.
  • Blade size: 10.14 in.
  • Grill size: 10.38 in.
  • Color: Black
  • Power cord plug type: 2 pin polarized
  • Hertz: 60 HZ
  • Wattage: 56 W
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Safety proven power cord
  • Operates without annoying noise
  • Perfect for tight spaces and medium-sized garages
  • 4-speed control options
  • Multi-directional power air flow
  • Hassle-free to set and clean


  • Quite small for large garages
  • The short power cord might limit your choice of location
  • Can’t be mounted on the wall and ceiling

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Garage Fan

If you think that it is ok to leave your garage without proper ventilation, think again. It can be extremely hot and unhealthy to move around or work in an enclosed space like a garage. Things can get rough and risky once the temperature becomes too high for your body to take. Therefore, the easiest and fastest solution to get rid of your heat problem is to install a garage fan. However, there are things that you must consider before you buy the best rated garage fan:

  • Size of the Fan

Though some homeowners find industrial fans a little bit too much, take note that the bigger the fan is the better air circulation your garage can have. The bigger spaces you have, the bigger garage fan you need as well which industrial fans can easily provide from size to quality. But if you want to target a specific area only in your garage, a smaller one that can fit will do as long as it passed the garage fan standard.

  • Power

The power of your garage fan can be determined based on its CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute. CFM refers to the amount of air that your fan can push out each minute. For a huge space like your garage, you should look for the best garage fans with at least 3,000 CFM or above. By following this, you can ensure that your garage fan can accomplish its duty for as long as you need it.

  • Fan Blades

Aside from checking the toughness of the fan blades, checking its adjustability comes in handy too. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you might encounter times when your fan needs to be at its highest capacity to keep your garage cool. If you’re not satisfied with a 3,000 CFM power, you might think of purchasing a new one with more power. But, having a garage fan with more speed control options might just do the trick to keep you comfortable while working on something.

  • Sturdy Fan Motor

Fans have 2 types of motors inside: the sleeve bearing motor with a circulating oil system for keeping the motor lubed while working, and the dual ball-bearing fan motor which stays well-greased no matter what its current speed. Sleeve bearing motors are usually less expensive but tend to break down easily unlike dual ball-bearing motors that are more expensive but more durable. Garage fans should have a sealed motor since they are more prone to dust and other particles.

  • Reliable Stand or Wall Mount Hardware

Whether you want your fan on your floor, wall, or ceiling, it is important to consider if it has a tough stand that can hold it perfectly for a long time. Floor fans should have a metal stand with attached rubber grips to its feet. Wall mounted fans should have sturdy metal mounting bars that can keep it in place. Wall or ceiling fans should have pre-drilled holes to install them easier.

The best garage fans that are made of metal can still weigh less but last longer. Garage fans with metal blades are also perfect to keep up with harsh indoor environments. Be sure that its blades are as sturdy as its other parts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Fans

  • Can an indoor fan work as a garage fan?

Generally, garage fans should be big, with powerful wind power and fit for heavy-duty which common indoor fans can’t handle. As a matter of fact, these 3 things are some of the most important aspects that you should look into the best garage fans when shopping.

  • Who should install my garage fan?

For best results, we recommend that you let someone with experience handle the installation of your garage fan if it requires hard-wiring or if you are uncertain. Most fans can be assembled and installed without the need to hire electricians. If you are not an electrician and you want to install your garage fan yourself, be sure that you are familiar with the important aspects of installing fans. Be sure to read the manual carefully.

  • Do garage fans have to be so loud?

Technically, the answer is no. If your garage fan makes too much noise, be wary and inspect it for problems since most noisy fans are made poorly.

However, there are already enhanced garage fans that produce less noise in the market. If you want a quiet fan, read through product reviews first and ask around before you buy one. You can also test to see how the fan works first-hand when it’s installed already.

  • What size of a fan should I buy for my garage?

Depending on the size of your garage, you should choose from the best garage fans above with at least 18 inches size since other fans smaller than 18 inches will not be able to cover and cool a space like your garage. Not to mention if you have a high ceiling and a 3 or more car garage.

  • How much power should my garage fan have?

It’s not all about the size all the time because motor power matters too. For huge areas like the garage, your fan should have at least 3,000 Cubic Feet per Minute power. Though using it at its highest capacity may not be necessary at all times, it’s will come in handy during summer.


When your indoor fan can no longer give you the comfort you need in your garage and the heat outside is exhausting you faster, these garage fans can certainly save you. By using any of the best garage fans listed above, you can get rid of the heat inside your garage as well as the building odor. You can also maximize the use of these garage fans by drying your clothes, sheets, or carpets faster.

Most garage fans nowadays are easy to use and very eco-friendly so you don’t have to worry about your safety and using it every day for long hours.