10 Best Zero Gravity Chairs in 2022 [Round-up]

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Ever since the zero gravity chairs were invented and introduced in the market, it flicked the interest of many customers. As a matter of fact, its demand has also increased pushing businesses to increase their production and become more innovative. Today, these chairs are considered as one of the most popular innovations that everyone should have in their homes. These chairs are not just luxury; these are necessities if you really value your overall health. Depending on your needs, you can choose from indoor to outdoor chairs to find the perfect zero gravity recliner chair for your need. You can even choose the color and weight you prefer.

Top Rated Zero Gravity Chairs [2022]

#1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

As the Editor’s Choice, this zero gravity recliner chair is sure is a comfortable chair that is perfect for outdoors. But regardless of its design, other users also love using it indoors since it is great for lounging in the living room. Whether you want an innovative chair to read or watch TV, this product from Timber Ridge can be your perfect match. It can support up to 350 pounds weight capacity with an adjustable padded pillow that offers maximum head or waist support.best recliner lift chair

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 22.5 pounds with 43.5 X 22 X 21.3 inches full product dimension
  • Supports users with up to 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Adjustable reclining position spans up to 72 inches when fully extended provides relief with its raised legs support
  • Durable frame made from pure steel comes with a powder coating finish
  • Stylish fabric made from polyester is filled with foam padding provides comfort from head to toe
  • Adjustable and removable pillow makes it more comfortable to use even for long hours
  • Wooden armrest provides sufficient support for your arm as well as a stylish design

With this zero gravity recliner chair as our Editor’s Choice, there’s no anyone can ever miss a shooting star. It is great for both indoors and outdoor use it is easy to set up to lie down on it. We enjoyed the sun and watch the star shine brightly while having our favorite drink inside its detachable cup holder. Thus, we recommend this to customers who love the outdoor atmosphere.


  • Comfortable to sit or sleep on with full padding
  • Available in different colors and designs to fit your style
  • Smart locking system changes its position from straight to fully reclined
  • Easy to store and to carry around
  • Hassle-free to set up in a minute with a detachable cup holder


  • The wooden clear finish and design on the armrest fades easily
  • The rivets that hold the fabric are weak and not rust-proof

#2.GoPlus Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chairs

Are you looking for the Best Zero Recliner Chair? Then, you better not miss this zero reclining chair from GoPlus. Built with a compact and lightweight design, you can actually carry this chair anywhere you want it. May it be for indoor or outdoor use, this handy chair can give your aching back and feet some relief. In addition, it also features a fashionable look that makes it even more attractive to customers. Therefore, this chair makes a great gift to your family, friends, and to yourself.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 15.9 pounds with 35.4 x 25.2 x 43.3 inches full product dimension
  • Supports users with up to 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Detachable tray with two cup holders and other storage keeps a book/magazine, cellphone, and other small things that fits
  • Folding design makes it easier to stack and store in any storage room due to its compact size
  • A detachable headrest that is also adjustable provides a better lounge experience once attached for support
  • Durable frame made with aluminum and steel leg posts comes with smooth finish
  • High-quality fabric is made from breathable materials

Pampering ourselves once in a while is not just a luxury but a necessity. It helps us regain our physical and emotional strength regardless of the situations we’ve been through. But with the help of this zero reclining chair, we can just drop everything and lie back with our feet up. After all, the Best Zero Gravity Chair won’t take 5 minutes to set up to offer optimum comfort.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The removable headrest is convenient to clean and wash
  • Can be stored in small and tight spaces or storage rooms
  • The tray can hold two beverages and snacks
  • Available in up to eight colors
  • Compatible with detachable cushions for additional warmth and comfort


  • Does not lie down flat like other indoor reclining chairs
  • The frame can be rusted easily and cause rust stains on the floor/deck

#3. Four Seasons Heavy Duty Zero Gravity Chair

If you want a Budget Pick zero gravity recliner chair, this might be the one you are looking for. It is not only stylish but also helpful when it comes to getting rid of your body pains or healing. It comes with a well-padded cover and headrest for comfort. You can even bring a book, snack, and drinks then keep them all in its detachable tray while you relax.

No need to spend too much if you can enjoy all the important features you need in an affordable chair. Its rust-proof frame made from stainless steel also guarantees is durability.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 20.7 pounds with 37.8 x 27 x 6 inches full product dimension
  • Supports users with up to 330 pounds weight capacity
  • Double bungee system suspends its high-quality textiline fabric to the frame
  • Smooth reclining function gets as low as 166° from its 90° sitting position
  • Upgraded aluminum rail and lock system secures any position you like
  • Sturdy square steel frame has 1.57 inches diameter, 0.04-inch thickness, and rust-proof iron phosphate powder coating
  • Adjustable comfy headrest made from microfiber polyester cover and soft polyester cloud fill helps it last longer outdoors

Regardless of our desired position from sitting, reclining, or lying down, this Budget Pick recliner chair held up really well. It is stable and built with quality especially its aluminum locking system that keeps just where we want it. Compared with its competitors, it has a more stable steel frame with thick and square support system.


  • The removable headrest with thick cushion is machine washable
  • Includes a detachable tray with a cup and phone/gadget holder
  • Operates quietly to provide comfort even without using memory foam
  • Offers up to 40 recline positions and a padded cushion cover


  • Not recommended to be exposed under direct sunlight, pouring rain, and humid environment for prolonged periods
  • The armrests are a little unstable with loose nuts

#4. Le Papillon Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

When looking for a comfortable and functional chair, this one can be a nice choice. It is great for indoor and outdoor with a full body suede cushion that can be removed. Thus, you can clean it easily then attach it back whenever you want some cushion. You can also adjust it from 40° up to 166°.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 21.7 pounds with 38.1 x 27.4 x 6.2 inches full product dimension
  • Supports users with up to 330 pounds weight capacity
  • Sturdy frame made from tubular steel construction with powder coating prevents it from rusting wearing right away
  • Double bungee system keeps the durable textiline mesh fabric suspended to the chair’s frame


  • Rust-proof and hardwearing
  • Reliable and comfortable to get the weight off your feet
  • Does not require any assembly once removed from the box
  • Comes with a firm and removable suede full body cushion


  • The locking system can be issue over time
  • Can be too short for others and lacks enough feet support for comfort

#5. Perfect Chair PC-420 Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner

Specially crafted to be extraordinary, this chair from Perfect Chair combined the old-world and contemporary style. It has a classic but bold foundation and a durable body frame with an ergonomic design. It’s inspired by the neutral body posture on chaise position which is created by NASA to make astronauts comfortable during their spaceship’s ascent.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 160 pounds with 43 x 31 x 47 inches full product dimension
  • Articulating pillow provides full head support regardless of your desired position
  • Supports users with up to 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Extended armrests provide a constant am support
  • Recline lever eases the chair to let you experience how zero gravity feels


  • Rust and Discoloration-resistant
  • Lumbar support system is adjustable and equipped with a release valve
  • Customizable seating positions for optimum comfort
  • Aluminum leg accents designed with integrated floor glides add style


  • The chair and is replacement pads are very expensive compared with its competitors
  • The control system requires more muscle power to operate

 #6. Perfect Sleep Chair Lift Chair & Medical Recliner

Quality issues are very common when it comes to reclining chairs. But with this one from The Perfect Sleep Chair, you can say goodbye to body pains especially on your back. Designed to be aid people who find regular beds uncomfortable, this lift and recliner chair is perfect. It’s also great for those who have medical issues.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 125 pounds with 20 x 21.5 x 20 inches full product dimension
  • Supports users with up to 375 pounds weight capacity
  • Meticulous construction guarantees that all its parts are double dowelled, glued and stapled
  • Handcrafted to perfection using high-quality hardwood materials
  • A wired remote control controls its lifting, sitting, sleeping, and zero gravity positions


  • Perfect for long hours of use
  • Alleviates body pain and helps heal wounds with less movement
  • Guaranteed safe and sound with white glove delivery
  • Hassle-free to set up and operate


  • Requires a large space to accommodate its full size in sleeping position
  • The back support could be better with additional padding

#7. Giantex 3 PCS Zero Gravity Chair Set

This set from Giantex is a great option if you’re looking for a complete set of chairs and a table. Whether you aim to use sit straight or recline, this model is an excellent choice at an affordable price. It is perfect for couples who love to lounge and spend some quality time with a lightweight furniture set.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 38 pounds with 26 x 39.5 x 44.5 inches full product dimension
  • Supports users with up to 220 pounds weight capacity
  • Durable frame made from stable steel comes with a powder coating to withstand years of use
  • Portable table built with two cup holders
  • Adjustable padded headrest with ergonomic design


  • Weather-resistant fabric makes it perfect for outdoors
  • Comes in a complete set of chairs and table for patio or poolside
  • Solid steel construction with stable support
  • Easy to operate locking system


  • The frame is not rust-proof and the seat is too deep
  • A little smaller for users who are heavy and over 5’7

#8. Human Touch Volito Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Enjoy a 3-in-1 chair that can fit in perfectly in your living room or in your bedroom with this model. This zero gravity recliner chair from Human Touch can be used as a regular chair, recliner, or massage chair. Thus, you don’t have to go out anymore and spend money whenever you want to get a full body massage.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 87 pounds with 45 x 28 x 46 inches full product dimension
  • Supports 350 pounds weight capacity with a padded backrest
  • Dual-motor power allows it to lift its legs and recline its back independently
  • Powerful FlexGlide massage engine provides deep tissue massage for relaxation
  • Comfort neck pillow cradles your neck and head for support


  • Reduces body pain and swelling on legs
  • Controlled by a wired remote control with target massage techniques
  • Includes a powerful foot and calf massager with CirQlation Technology
  • Won the platinum 2017 ADEX award-winning design


  • The remote control’s buttons can sometimes fail to operate after months of use
  • The massage vibration can be too strong for some users

#9. Perfect Chair Human Touch PC-610 Zero-Gravity Recliner

Get ahead of the latest trend today by getting a zero gravity recliner chair. This simple yet modern chair is built with advanced technology that offers excellent features. With a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, even big guys can use it without breaking down. Most importantly, it is comfortable to use for prolonged periods.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 160 pounds with 43 x 31 x 47 inches full product dimension
  • Wide and long extended armrests provide efficient support regardless of its position
  • Comfort pillow provides full head and neck support with its ergonomic design
  • Power recline adjusts to all recline angles smoothly
  • Adjustable lumbar support system with release valve customizes its sitting comfort


  • Customizable from premium top-grain to three wood-base finish
  • Offers memory foam plus and jade heat upgrades
  • Cleaned, sandblasted, and powder-coated to ensure its steel’s strength
  • Glides quietly when adjusting to recline positions


  • Not ideal for customers who want a functional but affordable innovative chair
  • Requires assembly and its foot rests can’t be extended

#10. Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-8500 Zero Gravity Recliner

Pamper yourself with a zero gravity recliner chair that with a matching upholstered base for an elegant look. This innovative chair offers an extraordinary range of sitting and reclining levels with full back and leg support. It also has 285 pounds weight capacity and a battery back-up that slowly restores it to its upright position.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 113 pounds with 41 x 35 x 45 inches full product dimension
  • Dual motor controls its independent back and leg supports
  • Adjustable neck pillow offers a customizable support
  • Articulating headrest allows you to prop your head for comfort
  • PROZone mode offers a reclining option for additional relaxation and spinal decompression


  • Easy and comfortable to use even beyond its zero gravity recliner position
  • Made with an ergonomic control panel
  • Includes two personal memory settings
  • Well-padded armrests with memory foam and pillow headrest for comfort


  • The back support lacks enough cushions to remain comfortable after long hours of sitting
  • Too costly for its quality and requires assembly

Buying Guide

Ever since mankind learned how to make a chair, this furniture became a staple part of every shelter. Over the years, people learned how to make different kinds of chairs in order to address their needs. Obviously, one of the latest inventions that many people search in stores today is a zero-gravity recliner chair. This new kind of chair can be used in any room like in the living room, bedroom, or family room. In fact, you can even use it outdoors to breathe in some fresh air in your garden, backyard, or poolside.

  • Size

Whether you like it or not, size matters all the time when purchasing new furniture. Looking into the product’s size can help you determine if it can fit or not where you want it. Most indoor zero gravity lounge chairs are bulky and consume more space in the room. Meanwhile, most outdoor zero gravity lounge chairs are usually space-savers and are easier to store. After all, they are mostly foldable chairs which make them easier to take out and store whenever you want. If you don’t have a huge space in your room, look for the best zero gravity recliner chair with a minimalist design.

  • Stability

Whether you just want to sit straight, recline a bit, or rest your back horizontally with your feet up, stability is important. The best ones should be stable to keep you safe and comfortable regardless of your sitting position. Depending on your weight and its total weight capacity, it should not wobble like it’s going to break anytime soon. True to all zero gravity recliner chairs, they should not give you a hard time sitting down and standing up. In other words, it should be solid and as convenient as possible to help you relax your entire body.

  • Materials and Quality

Aside from the mentioned points above, the materials and quality are two things that you should not forget to check. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or not to buy furniture, always include these things in your checklist. Knowing the kind of materials that are used in manufacturing the chairs will help you determine its level of quality. Of course, poor materials also mean poor quality which is a big “NO” unless you want to waste your money. Regardless, the materials and quality of a good zero gravity lounge chair should be able to withstand years of use. If you want this chair outside, it should be weather-resistant to make sure that it will not wear out immediately.

  • Settings

Since you want a chair that offers convenience and no hassles, be sure to know how its settings work. Normally, it would only take you a minute to set up a zero gravity lounge chair especially if it’s for outdoors. But for some zero gravity lounge chairs that offer more features, you may need to read its manufacturer’s instructions first.


When it comes to comfort and convenience, there’s no doubt that a zero gravity recliner chair is a great buy. It allows you to sit up straight, recline, or lie down with your feet above your heart level and relax. This way, you can consider it very versatile and handy furniture whenever you want to read or watch TV. If you want to take a nap and stretch out your legs and have your feet up, just adjust its position.

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