About Us

What is NewsWatchNGR.com?

NewswatchNGR is a website that focuses on the best products that carter to your need for your home and lifestyle. We understand how tedious it can be browsing through tens and hundreds of products when searching for an item. For that reason, we took it upon ourselves to save you the stress and do the job for you by providing you reviews on the best products. Our aim is to make choosing a product easy, stress-free, time-saving, and of course, get you the best option for your peace of mind. The reviews on Top Reviews Advisor present you with various options so that whatever budget you have in mind, there will always be a product that meets your expectations.
Are you looking for the best bed, mattress, garage gadgets, kitchen equipment, gardening tools, home furniture, and appliances? We will match your search with the best products that money can buy. We are your last resort to finding the perfect product each and every time. We urge you to relax and shop with ease with our carefully selected products.

How we choose the products

To earn your trust and make sure you end up with products that have the best functionality and last you for a very long time, we go the extra mile to pick out the best products. We start by carrying out in-depth research into the products that people usually search for. Next, we proceed to find these products and pick the ones with the best features. Then, we go through each of the products and carry out thorough research into what people that have made use of it have to say about the products.
We are not ignorant of fake and paid-for reviews, which is why we make use of a special system to differentiate verified and real reviews from fake and paid-for reviews. To go the extra mile, we look out for what has been said about the product on top forums and websites like Consumer Reports, Hi-Fi, CNET, and other websites that hundreds of people share their opinion on products they have made use of. We also take advantage of Amazon’s verified reviews to ensure that you are not scammed into buying a product that is of no worth. We are not all about the good parts of a product but also look out for warnings from people that have made use of the product. Most times, the reviews can also present us with advice on ways to get the best from such a product.

But we do not stop there, most times, we buy these products ourselves, test them and make our observations and present you with an unbiased review on what to expect from the products. We weigh our results and other users’ reviews with the promises made by the manufacturers of the products to see if they tally. Because we care about our reputation of being one of the best review websites, we do all it takes by spending days, weeks, months and even years on a particular product to give you the best guide on how to use the product and also provide you with answers you may have concerning the product.
For us at Top Reviews Advisor, a very expensive product with various features does not mean that such a product is the best for you. In our years of testing out products, we have come to discover that there are a good number of products that are very affordable and surprisingly serve better than their higher priced counterparts. With this discovery, we have realized that there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to products.
We are real people who understand the struggles of everyday people and will always recommend products we ourselves would buy. With our reviews, you will always find products that meet your budget needs. And if you are in for some spending, our reviews will also feature products that are expensive but worth every penny. However, our ultimate goal is to present you with products that will serve you satisfactorily for the longest time possible.

Do our affiliate commissions make us partial?

It is important that we set the records straight by stating out rightly that we partake in an affiliate relationship with some of the producers of the products we review. We only do this to help us in the running cost of maintaining this website, buying products to test, and support the teams that we work with. However, we can only make this small commission when you are satisfied with the product. If you return the product out of dissatisfaction, we will not be paid any commission. For this singular reason, we always forgo products with high commission rate but with poor products and go for the best products so that you will have no reason to return it back. Our reviews are purely based on research, testing, analysis and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Our reputation is not negotiable, which is why we will never put profit-making before our readers’ satisfaction. It takes a lot to earn your trust, and we will do whatever it takes to keep earning it even if it means rejecting offers from manufacturers of fake or poorly produced products. Yes, we are that passionate about you, our trusted reader. You can check our reviews with the results you get after using a product we recommend. You will be surprised to know that they are not different from what we said. Just know that Top Reviews Advisor is here to make your shopping an extra enjoyable and stress-free one.