Benefits of using a Portable Air Conditioner

Statistically speaking, it has been found that central air conditioning units cost users over $15 billion per year and with the recent toll on the world’s economy, such figures can prove to be quite hefty on anyone. However, technicians and inventors have come up with portable air conditioners that not only fit into small areas but also tend to be cost effective and efficient in cooling a small to medium sized room in 10 to 15 minutes easily. Below we shall be discussing some more benefits of using potable air conditioners which have proven to be effective cooling appliances.

  • Mobility: With a portable air conditioner, your comfort travels with you everywhere. You can roll it around from room to room with the help of in-built castors or even take it with you when you go for an outdoor adventure. Users have also mentioned its effectiveness in RVs and trailer camps. Thus, in all, the portable air conditioner allows you high maneuverability and mobility.
  • Easy Installation: You can easily use your portable air conditioner right out of the box since it requires no screw ups and installation hassles. You only need to plug it into a standard 120 Volts socket and create a vent for the exhaust air to easily pass out. Also, since most rented spaces have stingy rules attached to them with installation, but with the portable air conditioners you don’t need to worry about getting into any trouble since it does not require any permanent installation.
  • Compact: Portable Air conditioners are compact in nature therefore you don’t need a lot of window space for them. Moreover, it will take minimal space in your living room and can easily be rolled around and rearranged according to the user’s preferences.
  • Cost effective: Because of their small size as compared to larger units or central cooling systems, portable air conditioners can be bought at much cheaper rates. Moreover, since they only focus on cooling small and specific areas, these compact units are energy efficient as well therefore managing your electricity bills.
  • Health benefits: Your portable air conditioner may be small in size but comes packed with all important features found in any air conditioner. People living in humid climates often face the unwanted growth of allergens. However, your portable air conditioner comes with built in air filters which purify the atmosphere with the Dehumidifying system thus proving helpful to people especially with respiratory problems. Simultaneously, it also lessens the sweating and congested air contained in closed indoor environments.
  • Easy storage: Storing your portable air conditioner away is hassle free since it can be easily rolled away into a corner or put into a closet. It is recommended that you cut off one part of the box that your air conditioner came in so you may easily place it over the air conditioner to save it from excessive dirt and dust. You may even box it up at the end of the season and take it out for servicing and cleaning before the next season.

These days, portable air conditioners have become very popular because of the underlying array of features that they have to offer along with effective cooling and low costs of maintenance and usage. Users have given positive feedback regarding these units because of the benefits that they have to offer such as great cooling, portability, less electricity bill, reasonable price etc. and since it has proven to work effectively in small and compact living conditions. Hopefully the above mentioned advantages and pros will help you make up your mind about getting a portable air conditioner in place of a window air conditioner or a centrally air conditioning system.