Camping is one of the most cost-effective ways to make the most out of a weekend. Surfeits of campsites have popped up over the years to facilitate easy camping. Not only is camping a fun-filled activity, it helps improve parent-child bonding in this day and age where that is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. It also helps in kids’ development – they get to learn new things while at the same time enjoying themselves. Getting out of the concrete city and going out in nature is good for kids and adults alike.

The Coleman 8 person Red Canyon Tent is a great choice for large families going camping – offering excellent features and camping facilities that is unavailable in many other tents. Tents come in such a wide variety of specifications that choosing the right tent can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily, The Coleman 8-person tent has a variety of features that cover almost every aspect of camping needs.

At an extremely affordable price range for the features it offers, the Coleman Red Canyon is one of the best tents for all types of camping activities, but it is naturally most suited to families or groups of campers.

The tent can perfectly sustain all weather conditions without any leakages. While selecting a tent, remember to choose one that is right for your family. People vary in heights and bulk – so buy a tent only after calculating how much space your family needs to sleep over comfortably. Kids can usually adjust in smaller spaces. But as an adult you will find it highly uncomfortable if you cramp in more people than the tent can hold.

The Coleman 8-person Red Canyon is a great bargain because it can accommodate families comfortably while offering a multitude of features.Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent Overview

The Coleman 8 person Red Canyon Tent is a 17 x 10 feet monster, which makes it one of the most comfortable propositions for families with little kids. Because it can accommodate so many people, it is a popular choice for many. Even smaller families tend to prefer a tent of this size for its extreme comfort and easy-to-move space. The tent also allows for the forming of three separate rooms with removable walls. You can easily fit 2 queen-sized air mattresses and still have centre space for your luggage and other storage needs. The tent has a 72-inch center height making it comfortable for people of all heights to sit comfortably without hitting the tent ceiling.


The tent has is made of standard polyester walls like all other Coleman tents. The tent has a rain fly that covers the top adequately. The floor is made of polyethylene and has a bathtub shape with a 4-inch rise on the sides. This feature keeps stationary water from entering the tent. The frame is made from shock-corded fiberglass and is pretty sturdy and easy to set up. Raising the tent is quite easy. Instructions are provided with the package and the entire process should take not more than 15 minutes. Pitching the tent is an excellent activity for the whole family to enjoy together. Weighing 20 pounds, the Coleman 8-person tent is meant exclusively for campgrounds and picnics and cannot be used for backpacking. It is perfect for setting up camping stools and sitting out with a cool drink. Because of its huge size, it offers a tremendous comfort and ease.

Weather and Use

The tent has been constructed for all around the year use. There are special design provisions for keeping rain water out. A rain fly has been provided to direct the rain outwards. Also, the bathtub shape prevents standing water from entering the tent. But you need to make sure that you close all the zipper windows if it rains heavily – this can be a tad stuffy, but you certainly don’t want to ruin the interiors of your tent or have to deal with a soggy tent through the night.

Openings and Ventilation

The tent has a D-shaped door at the front with plenty of zipper mesh windows all around for sufficient ventilation. While ventilation can be a bit of a problem during the rains – this is natural because everything is shut. However, during normal weather conditions, this tent has adequate ventilation that will suit your needs perfectly.


The Coleman 8-person Red Canyon is one of the best quality camping tents that you can get at its price range. The tent can perfectly sustain all weather conditions without any leakages, provided the rains aren’t extreme. For such a bulky tent that can accommodate so many people along with offering so many features, the Coleman 8-person Red Canyon is quite a bargain.

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