Have you seen a shooting bench before? Well, as its name suggests, a shooting bench is designed to help shooters aim and shoot better. In other words, it is a special bench that is used for shooting whether you are a professional shooter or a beginner.

Shooting is a well-known sport all over the world where rifles, shotguns, and handguns are used. Since the 19th century, shooting benches have been used already when target shooting from a rest or bench was established in early 1840. So if you want to get your own special bench, below is a list of the best shooting bench you can choose from.

Best Shooting Bench Comparison Chart 2020

Product ImageBrand NameWeightDimensionRatingsPrice
X-Stand X-Ecutor Shooting Bench Black
35.4 pounds
32.5 x 20.5 x 3.5 inches4.4/5
Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench, Black
42 pounds
48 x 29 x 34.5 inches
Caldwell Stable Table with 360 Degree 65 pounds
23.4 x 34.5 x 7.1 inches4.6/5
BenchMaster Shooting Table41.7 pounds
4 x 27 x 37 inches4.1/5

Top 5 Shooting Bench Reviews

X-Stand X-Ecutor Shooting Bench Black

The X-Ecutor Shooting Bench from X-Stand is one of the best options if you are looking for a rifle shooting table. One look and you can already tell that it is very easy to use and to carry along anywhere you need it. You can fold it up easily for storage once you’re done and hang it on your wall or just lean it on your wall. The gun rest is covered with non-scratch rubber pad with handy pockets on both sides. It also has an adjustable knob for better elevation and tuning which is perfect for both left and right-handed shooters.best shooting bench

Features and Specifications:

  • Slip-over non-scratch and non-skid rubber coated gun rest that can keep your guns safe while you’re positioned comfortably
  • Solid steel construction that can stay together for a longer time
  • Wide bench top space to place your guns and aim properly
  • Multi-purpose pockets that can keep ammunition, foods, or money while you’re busy
  • Adjustable parts from the 360° swiveling seat that can be pushed higher or lower to tuning knob and rotating rifle rest
  • Metal bench top with attached rifle rest suitable for left and right-handed users
  • Heavy-duty bench top and seat that can carry light to heavy loads
  • Portable folding system for better transportation and storage purposes


  • Durable steel construction that can last for years
  • Parts can be adjusted with ease
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Has a reasonable price for customers with low budget
  • Very portable and user-friendly


  • The seat doesn’t include a backrest support
  • There is no other built-in gun support for shooting
  • It eats up big space

Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench, Black

If you can’t get enough of the X-Ecutor’s features but want to see more, then you should check out Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench. Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench is known as one of the best shooting bench rest products with a sleek and multi-purpose design. Made with a rigid steel material, you don’t have to worry whether it can last for years or not. It is known for its toughness and capacity to hold heavy weapons.portable shooting table

With its brilliant design, you can shoot to various directions easily and move smoothly even while seating. You can actually sit there for hours while hunting and still feel comfortable.

Features and Specifications:

  • A 360° seat and table top which can both rotate nicely to get a better aim on your target
  • Both seat and tabletop are protected and made comfortable with a padded vinyl cover
  • The padded vinyl is made of a non-scratch coated rubber for firearms protection
  • Double armrests for left-handed and right-handed shooters
  • The gun rest is adjustable so you don’t have to worry about aiming your target on a low or high ground
  • Built-in gear pouches on both sides of the table top to keep ammunition, empty cartridges, or accessories
  • A stable platform that can suit on any terrain


  • Easy to assemble or break down for storage and transportation
  • User-friendly and perfect for heavy-duty shooting
  • The padded 360° seat and tabletop are perfect for long hours of shooting outdoors
  • Built-in with solid construction


  • The seat might become uncomfortable after long hours of frequent use
  • There are rough edges that you and other shooters might hate

Caldwell The Stable Table

Another shooting bench that customers love is Caldwell the Stable Table which proves that being simple never gets out of style. As one of the best bench rests for rifle shooting in the market, Caldwell the Stable Table is known for its simple yet integrated shooting rest, flexible seat, and a very stable tripod that create an excellent shooting stand. As a matter of fact, this shooting product has been proven and tested already for being great at upholding the shooters’ expectation. This is because Caldwell the Stable Table is designed according to the users’ demands while still set at a reasonable price.best shooting rest

Features and Specifications:

  • The table top is made from water and chemical-proof polymer while the seat is padded for more comfort
  • The padded seat can be adjusted from 16 to 22 inches higher to fit shooters regardless of their heights.
  • There are built-in holes on both sides of the table top for handling or inserting the cleaning forks to support firearms
  • The shooting bench feet can be adjusted for terrain leveling
  • For storage and easier transportation, you can disassemble it in less than 5 minutes with the help of quick release pins
  • The entire frame of the shooting bench is made from solid metal to ensure durability and stability


  • Enables 360° movement to shoot in all directions
  • Can be carried around with only 7 pieces
  • Every part can be adjusted quickly
  • Fewer joints enable users to maximize it for other shooting types


  • Requires more strength to be transported to another location
  • Not that stable
  • The table shakes up a little while shooting

BenchMaster Shooting Table – Portable Shooting Rest Shooting Accessories

If you are looking for a shooting bench with a more classic drama, BenchMaster Shooting Table might give you what you want. Just like its top competitors, BenchMaster Shooting Table is also compact and hassle-free to store when not in use. You just have to fold it, hold it in its handle and you’re good to go. Whether you are a newbie or a dedicated shooter, having this kind of gun shooting table is a great investment.

It is great for practicing long-range shooting until you become a sharpshooter. Its legs are made from solid steel to ensure its long life-span and stability.

Features and Specifications:

  • Foldable seat and legs can be kept under the table for less storage space without unscrewing anything
  • Brown aluminum table top and seat that are made from powder-coated steel
  • Spacious table top which provides extra room for shooting accessories and more comfortable positions
  • Sturdy handle to be carried in different locations
  • Up to 12 adjustment options you can choose from to get the best shot
  • Each leg has adjustment points to level the shooting bench on numerous surfaces
  • The seat can swivel extended from 8 to 19 inches high for more relaxed shooting options
  • Lifetime warranty to enjoy the brand’s excellent services


  • Sleek and classic design
  • Very portable and stress-free to carry around
  • It doesn’t need tools to be assembled nor to be assembled
  • Adjustable seat that swivels too
  • Adjustable legs to level shooting


  • The stability could use a little improvement
  • Can be a little bit bulky for other shooters
  • It doesn’t have a gun support

Hyskore Ten Ring Portable Bench, OD Green

If you want a shooting rest that can do a lot more than taking care of your shooting activities then Hyskore Ten Ring Portable Bench might be the one for you. Although this shooting rest may seem a little bit different from the previews products that were mentioned above, it is actually a must-buy. Hyskore Ten Ring Portable Bench is perfect for various shooting types like practice shooting, rifle sighting, and hunting. You can even use it as another workbench, TV stand, tailgating table, or even a camp table when you don’t feel like using your guns. You can fold it and carry it without a hassle.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs only 20 lbs. despite its capacity to carry weighty weapons
  • Simple yet flexible design for various shooting types like range and field shooting
  • Hassle-free folding system and scope for storage and transportation outdoors
  • Adjustable and padded V-notch firearm support to avoid scratching the finish of your guns
  • Integral spotting scope can be attached into 4 different directions according to your needs and adjusted for aiming
  • The heavyweight MG-42 machine gun style connection points attached to its legs allow 2 types of elevation aside from transport or storage position
  • The fine T-bolts secure the connection of the table to its legs


  • Can hold lightweight and heavy weapons
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • No binding to bolts and the welds are done well
  • Each hole is lined up accordingly
  • Stable and long-lasting with powder-coated finish


  • Less space on the table to keep your things
  • No side table pockets for extra storage
  • Doesn’t include a seat for comfort

How to Choose the Best Shooting Bench: Buyer’s Guide

If you want to shoot properly, you need to concentrate a lot to get a good aim. But if you want to make sure that you won’t miss your target, getting the best shooting rest is the best solution you need. Whether you are a pro or not, a shooting table will help you position your gun and aim better. Moreover, the best shooting bench rest will make you feel more comfortable to aim and shoot. So take a look at this buyer’s guide to choosing the best shooting bench in the market:

  • Comfortable Seat

First things first, comfort is what you should look for right away when it comes to buying a shooting bench. Why comfort? You need to concentrate and sometimes wait a few minutes or an hour to get your perfect target so it is important that you are comfortable with your position. No matter how far are you from your target, being stuck in an uncomfortable position is one of the primary reasons why shooters miss their target. It’s distracting so be sure to check if the attached seat of the rifle shooting table you want is comfortable enough for you.

  • Hand Rest

Some manufacturers use a foam pad to make the seats comfortable. But if you are about to sit there for an hour or so, a padded seat is not enough. Another thing that you need to feel more comfortable is an adjustable hand rest. An ordinary shooting bench that is made of wood doesn’t have this feature so some of its users suffer from jammed hand. Look for an adjustable hand rest where you can place your hands comfortably especially if you’re into hunting.

  • Enough Space

This refers to the overall space where you position yourself and place your things. Since backup ammunition is vital, there should be an extra space on your table to keep it. Having an extra space will allow you to save time from getting up and finding your things around. It will also help you concentrate more knowing that everything you need is just within your reach. If you like to grab some snack while shooting, you can also keep some on your table.

Having enough space means more comfort for you to enjoy especially if you have long legs. Most people with long legs have a hard time getting the right shooting rest so space is important.

  • Movability

Movability may not be an issue if you only practice shooting in your backyard but bringing a shooting table for hunting is a No-No. If you plan on bringing your shooting rest for hunting, getting the best portable shooting bench is a great idea. Most of the time, you need to move around and chase your targets so a lightweight shooting bench is very important. Some include lace and straps for carrying while other movable shooting rest can be broken down and placed inside a bag.

  • Sturdiness and Stability

Suppose that you’ve already found a portable shooting bench that you can carry around anytime you need it, will you still buy it even if it requires a regular replacement? Definitely, not. So invest on one that can last for years and help you get the best aim even after consecutive shots. You will really love this more when hunting!


Shooting is fun but it can be more fun if you have the best tools that can accompany you on your journey as a shooter. Having an ordinary table where you can keep your gun isn’t the only thing that matters. Once you use a shooting bench, you will be surprised to ask yourself why you didn’t get one sooner. Always think of other important things that you need to keep within your reach while positioned comfortably and its ease of use. All you need to do is consider your shooting type to find the best shooting rest and get the most accurate shot without a sweat.