Zamberlan Women's 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

The most important thing that one has to keep in mind during hiking are the shoes that one is wearing. Everyday sports shoes or running shoes just won’t do while hiking and trekking. One should have proper shoes that have been especially designed for this purpose while hiking. Otherwise, it can be both uncomfortable as well as tiring for the hiker. The boot should be lightweight, comfortable, provide maximum traction and grip, and not let the toes and ankles get tired. They should be able to stand all kinds of weather, while protecting your foot irrespective of the weather outside. Other than this, they should be reliable and durable, especially in the long term. Zamberlan is one such product that fulfills all the requirements of hiking bootsZamberlan Women's 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

Features and specifications:

Zamberlan have come up with a boot that has been especially designed for women. There are very few brands and choices when it comes to hiking boots for women. But Zamberlan is amongst the brands that have kept in mind the fact that shapes and sizes for men’s boot are different than women’s and have introduced a range of boots especially for women. These boots fit the contours of a woman’s foot while giving the same strength and durability like a men’s boot does. Here are some detailed features and specifications you must know before you purchase the product:

Comfortable: These boots have been primarily designed for maximum comfort. They have made with the best materials, that keeps your foot safe and secure, while not tiring it out. It keeps the soles, the ankles, and the toes in a strong yet gentle grip that prevents twisting and spraining, and does not make them tired while you come downhill. The sole is made of a especially designed Vibram rubber, that is used for maximum grip especially in very slippery or very rough surfaces.

Debris removal:The boots have wider lugs, so that any debris that might get can be easily removed. This feature is especially important, since it can be difficult to especially remove the shoe while hiking, because one many not be at a very convenient place at the time. Plus, the debris can hurt and cut the foot which may create bigger problems during the hike.

Safety and breathability: The shoes have been designed using the trademarked GTX technique, which ensure that not only does your foot have maximum secure grip, but also lets the skin of your foot breathe during the long hours of hiking. The nylon collar of the shoes allows for dryness of the foot during wet or humid weather, by absorbing extra moisture. This prevents the blisters and fungus that can be caused by moisture.

Elegant looking: despite the fact that these boots are rough and tough, they are actually very elegant looking. Just because something has to sturdy doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Now you can go hiking in maximum style.

Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent material
  • Reliable
  • Excellent grip
  • Elegant looking
  • Breathable material


  • They are a little heavy

What the customers had to say about it?

Most customers found it to be an amazing product and gave it 4.9 stars out of 5.


If you prefer to hike with maximum comfort, safety but do not want to compromise on the style factor, then this boot is the one for you. Go ahead and buy it now.