Top 5 Must Have New Kitchen Gadgets

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We all love to cook and spend time in the kitchen, right? Well, the answer should be yes to this question, but I wouldn’t be so sure that everyone reading this article right now answered the same. There are people out there that think cooking can be time consuming and messy, and that’s not entirely false. Fortunately, we live in a time that there are tools and kitchen gadgets to make our life easier. Let’s have a look at the most useful ones, within a reasonable cost.

Top 5 Must-Have New Kitchen Gadgets

#1-Kitchen Chef Knife

I think we all agree that a must-have tool for all kitchens is a sharp chef knife. Our kitchen might have all kinds of high tech devices but the good old knife will always be there. The chef knife can be used from slicing onions and peppers to cutting meat. There is a wide variety of knives out there, from western to Japanese style and within a significant price range. We can safely assume though, that with an investment such as 50-70 dollars, we have made the first step towards ”professional” cooking. At that price range, we can find a good, precise, well-balanced chef’s knife. Saves time saves energy. Simple as that. Make sure though, to master equally your chopping techniques. Quite a few times I have mistaken my finger with pepper or a tomato (slicing on TV shows looks so much easier, I can assure).

#2-Measuring Cups and Spoons

Moving forward, measuring cups and spoons: As much as I would like to add ingredients and measure them just with my instinct, that’s not the case here. Especially if you want to get involved with pastry. We all have seen recipes of how to make a delicious apple-pie or mouth drooling strawberry cheesecakes, and trust me, you need to be precise. Learn to use them, put them in your daily cooking routine and you may never need to buy again that cake from the store! Measuring cups and spoons can be made from different materials like metal or plastic and can vary in size. Stainless steel cups are most likely to last longer in your kitchen as they are rustproof and dishwasher safe. I also find it handier to order a whole set of them, usually of 6 or 7 just to be sure I have covered all the sizes.

#3- Air Fryer

Another great new kitchen gadget is the so-called power air fryer. That device cooks by circulating hot air around the food and typically uses much less oil than the frying method. Cooking with air fryers is efficient, the heat is spread evenly in the food. So, it’s like cooking in an oven? Not really. The tiny space and the rapid air movement make the appliance cooking faster and more evenly. The significantly less amount of oil used (70%-80%) reduces the calorie intake making it a healthy alternative. So, if someones aim at a weight loss, cutting these extra calories from deep-fried potatoes or chicken sounds like a plan. Personally, I am a fan of low-fat diets so I would choose air over oil any day of the week.

#4- Kitchen pots

We wrote about air fryer but a well organized, highly functional kitchen cannot be without its pots and pans. Though the air fryer can cook practically everything, there are sometimes you will want to cook the recipe the traditional way. I, for example, am a huge fan of Chinese cuisine. As most of you might know, one of its famous dishes is Shanghai express, which can be perfectly cooked with a wok. Nevertheless, even if you don’t want to explore the secrets of Asian cuisine, you still need some basic stuff. Make sure you have one 8” to 10” cast iron pan in order to have your meat, fish or vegetables grilled. This thing can even go into the oven. I would strongly recommend a 4-quarter saucepan, with lid, in order to cook soups or make delicious sauces. I find it useful to own and a second one, in case you want to boil some pasta while you preparing the delicious sauce we mentioned before. Personally, I find it useful because I never cook a sauce in advance, that would require tremendous planning from my side (maybe not that tremendous, but still).

#5- Kitchen grill

Last but not least, the kitchen grill is a useful gadget if you want to cook meat the traditional way. Nothing can beat a medium cooked steak (ok, a personal favorite here) on a grill. There are many types of grills but I find it easier to use one that uses propane compared to a charcoal one for example. There are many propane grills that cost less than 300$  with the majority of them falling into the 150-300 price range. If you are not limited by budget, you can for grills with many extra specific features, such as built-in thermometres or having huge capacity. As far as the design concerns, we won’t find many differences here. The grill itself is attached to a wheeled frame that also holds the gas tank.

The Final Words

Reaching a conclusion, we listed pretty much all the useful and handy new kitchen gadgets one might need. Having these, we can make dinner to our most demanding friend and leave them speechless.

Make sure you buy these items after reading expert reviews when you are setting up a new kitchen.

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