If you want to camp out, you need a good camping tent or an instant tent to sleep on. Rain or shine, you will remain dry and safe from other elements outside your tent. But since you don’t have an instant tent yet, here are some things to look for buying one:

  • Seasonal Tents

Tents vary depending on the kind of seasons where you can best use it to camp. First, the 3 season tent is known as the lightweight tent best for spring, summer, and fall seasons. This tent is great for seasons with temperate conditions since its mesh panels boost the air flow inside. It can also keep out annoying insects and handle rains except during harsh weathers. Second, the 3-4 season tent is known for its extended usage especially during summer.

It is also great for early spring, and fall where the warmth, proper ventilation, and strength can be enjoyed. This is commonly available with 1 or 2 poles and fewer panels which it is great for high-elevation camping sites. Third, the 4 season tent is the best candidate if you love to camp during harsh winter weather or violent winds.  This ten uses a heavier fabric for cold weathers and uses more poles for support. It also has fewer mesh panels and rain-flies that reach the ground.

  • Tent Size

If you want more room to move around, then get a big instant tent. Not to mention if you are camping for a few where you need to secure more stuff inside the tent. There should be enough room for your stuff and your bed to move around when you sleep. If you are sharing your tent, you definitely need a big one to provide a personal space for everyone. For instance, it’s ideal to get a 4-person tent for 3 persons to make sure that there’s enough space inside. You should also consider the peak if you want an instant tent where you can also stand up. There are cabin-style and dome-style tents that can allow you to stand up especially when you dressed.

  • Tent Weight

Before you get excited about the idea of buying a giant tent, don’t forget to check the weight first. If you are camping alone, you have to carry the tent on your own. Thus, it’s only practical to go for an instant tent that is made from lightweight materials. Non-freestanding tents may be a great option since it is super lightweight but it’s only ideal for hikers. Freestanding tents are more recommended for regular campers since it is easier to set up and pack.

  • Ease of Use

Aside from the tent’s weight, you also need to consider the tent’s ease of use. Even if you know how to set a tent, you may still face challenges when comes to packing. Be sure that it fits in your backpack perfectly and if not, you should be able to strap it outside. Every part should be in perfect condition to avoid giving you headaches when it’s time to pack and set up the tent.

You may also practice how you can pack your tent in different ways without giving you too much hassle. Since your target is an instant tent, you should be able to set it up or pack it up less than 5 minutes.

  • Tent Door/s

Since there is no other way to enter a tent once you are done setting it up, consider its door/s. The number of your tent’s door depends on its size, shape, and orientation. You may consider a tent with multiple doors if you want to share the camp with your family. This way, you can avoid climbing over or stepping on each other at night.

It’s also important the door’s zippers since some tend to snag the fabric when pulled or break sooner than others. The less noise your door can make when zipped the better too.

  • Tent Poles

Even if you want to keep your tent grounded, don’t forget to check the poles. All freestanding tents use poles that can be set up with ease. The lesser poles to deal with, the less time for it to set up. Aluminum poles always win over fiberglass poles when it comes to durability.

  • Tent Rainfly

Whether you need extra warmth or protection against rain, you need to keep your tent’s rainfly on. You can have a full-coverage rainfly or a roof-only rainfly which gives more light and view to enjoy.

Final Words

Camping is always one of the best things to do in order to reconnect with nature. Whether you are alone or with a company, you will definitely enjoy camping in a lot of ways. But of course, an awesome camping experience will never be complete without a camping gear and a camping tent. Be sure to take of these things above whenever you are buying an instant tent.