Hiking is one of the most adventurous, enjoyable and rewarding activities one can choose. Some time ago only the professionals did it, but as more time has passed, many people are now trying out hiking as a holiday hobby. For the proper hiking experience, it is important to have the good hiking equipment, because without it, you can’t enjoy as well as won’t be safe. One of the most important things is proper hiking footwear. With this you will have maximum safety on rocky and dangerous places. You must purchase proper purpose designed shoes that have been especially made for hiking. One of the best brands for hiking boots is Lowa, who make the best boots for this purpose.

Features and Specifications:

While there are all kinds of boots and shoes that are available to men for hiking, Lowa makes the best hiking boots. They have especially designed boots for that comes in all sizes and for different foot shapes, and also offer the sturdiness and grip. Before you purchase it, however, it is important to have some details about it so you aren’t disappointed with it when it arrives on your doorstep:

Awesome Grip: You can’t enjoy your hike, if your toes or ankles hurt. Made of special Renegade Nuback leather, which is exclusively used by Lowa, it gives secure grip to the foot, and prevents your ankles or toes from twisting or bending. This also prevents your foot from tiring out when going downhill.  The midsole have been especially designed so that it does not feel bulky on the foot. This prevents your foot from becoming tired. Outer sole is thick, and strong and has been made of a slip proof rubber, therefore they increase the traction on rocky and uneven terrains. This means now you can have a safe as well as comfortable hiking experience.

Weather resistant: The shoe has been intelligently designed so that it can provide great protection and comfort in all kinds of weather, whether it is snowy, rainy or extremely cold. Keeping your feet warm and dry, it also protects them from blisters. When your foot sweats in extremely hot weather, it keeps the foot dry and clean by circulating fresh air through the perforated lining. This prevents all kinds of foot fungus as well as fatigue.

Handmade for perfections: The boots are handmade to allow maximum comfort and excellent shape that fits the contours of the foot well. This designing isn’t possible by a machine. It gives maximum durability and quality.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows air circulation
  • Very Durable
  • Great grip
  • Great Quality of the materials that are used
  • Handmade for maximum comfort


  • The peculiar widths may not fit every one properly

What the customers had to say about it?

All the customers that purchased the boot declared it the perfect choicefor a hiking boot. They gave it 5 out 5 stars.


This is a highly recommended brand for all hikers, whether they are regular hikers or new ones. They give maximum safety, durability and reliability.  This is a must buy if you pain to go for a hike anytime soon.