best lightweight hiking boots

There are now shoes of every kind and for every purpose. Whether they are for indoors, outdoors, casual or formal wear, there isn’t any shortage of shoes and boots for different purposes. But it is true that although you can have as many shoes for different purposes, it might not always be practical. They may take too much of your closet space, and get wasted away from lack of use. Kenetrek, however, have come up with the perfect boot to combat this problem. They have designed a shoe that is sturdy and comfortable enough for work, labor work, gardening, hiking, but smart and good looking enough that you can wear them whenever, and wherever you want with confidence.Kenetrek Unisex 13 Inch Northern Insulated Boot

Features and specifications:

This product is especially designed for the hard working folk out there. The people who work really hard and have physically taxing jobs must have a boot that can give them maximum comfort and relaxing for their foot. These are very well designed for all kinds of physical activities as well as outdoor activities and hobbies. This has been designed to make the work easy for the hard workers. There are various perks for buying this product, especially for the real outdoorsy types. Here are some features and specifications that you must be aware of before you actually purchase the product:

Great for really cold weather: These have been designed keeping in mind the really cold and wet weathers. Thinsulate insulation, wool felt as well quilted layer, makes it a snug and warm choice for the really cold and wet places. But just because it has so much insulation doesn’t mean that it is reserved for winter alone. The insulations layer is smartly crafted so that it can be easily removed so that the boot can be worn in other weathers.

Great Grip: The boot has been designed especially for maximum traction and grip. Whether you want to use this boot for hiking, gardening, or in snowy conditions, it is definitely the best choice. It has been of a special quality rubber that provide maximum grip. The rubber sole are also useful for keeping the foot comfortable as well as dry. The outer sole has been especially designed to give maximum traction in wet, muddy or snowy conditions, and even rough and uneven terrains. This means that this boot is the answer to all your need in all kinds of places and climates.

Great look: This boot is monster when it comes to performance and reliability, but it doesn’t mean that it has to look bad. The boot has been well designs, and given the look of a stylish long boot, that is great on both men and women. They are great enough to be worn and people will definitely praise them.

Pros and Cons:


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Good looking
  • Excellent materials
  • Great for extreme winters


  • May get uncomfortable in hot weather

What the customers have to say about it?

Customers, especially those who live in very cold climates praised this product a lot. They gave it 5 out of 5 stars!


If your living condition are frigidly cold, or you do a lot of physical labor, then this is the boot for you. It is great looking and can be worn with ease.