How To Remove and Exchange Your Weed Eater Head

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A weed eater is a great tool for any landscaper to have because it is useful, versatile, powerful, and gets the job done. However, they will break and wear down after a long time, heavy usage, or improper usage. Weed eaters or weed whackers will often need a replacement head (the part with the string inside that spins to cut grass) because of heavy use or the use of string that is too heavy and causes heavy wear and tear on the machine.

The problem is that the lines on the inside that cause the trimmer head to spin have ripped and after a while the head just won’t spin anymore. A replacement head for your string trimmer can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 so make sure to take your time and do it properly in order to ensure that you do not break anything, because then you are going to need a whole new trimmer instead of just a replacement head!

We’re here to tell you how to exchange the old head for a new one because it’s not as easy as you may think; but with these simple step by step instructions, you will be able to do it in no time flat!

How To Exchange Your Old String Trimmer Head For A New String Trimmer Head

  • The first thing that you are going to want to do is to turn off your weed eater. If it is electric disconnect it from its power source. If it is gas powered then deactivate the spark plug by removing the cap, and then allow the machine to cool down completely.
  • Use an old rag or shop towel to wipe away any old debris and grass trimmings to make the job easier.
  • Take off the bump knob that is located on the bottom of the string trimmer head. To remove the bump knob/spool line you will either have to turn it counter clockwise or it will have press tabs to pull it off.
  • Pull the spool wheel out of the trimmer head.
  • Your trimmer should have a small hole in both the inner and outer portion of the trimmer head.
  • Put small Phillips head screw drivers into both of the holes to hold the head in position while you go about removing the center nut.
  • Remove the center nut with an adjustable wrench and simply pull the trimmer head straight off.
  • If your trimmer does not have the 2 small holes for the Phillips head then pry the trimmer head loose from the shaft with a flat head screw driver and then pull the head off of the nut.
  • Put the new replacement trimmer head on the exact same way as you took the old one off; either insert the screwdrivers and put on the nut, or press it on firmly.
  • Insert the string through the loose holes from the spool and then press the spool/bump button back into place the same way you took it out.
  • Plug the machine back in or replace the cap on the spark plug to ensure that you can start it again.

Remember that safety always comes first so please ask for assistance from a professional to avoid injury as the parts move very quickly when the trimmer is turned on and there is a possibility that if the replacement is done incorrectly that something may come lose and injure a person or animal when used the next time.

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