These days, the safety of even the smallest thing is also very important as they are crucial for any of the mechanisms to work perfectly. And when it is about the vehicles, the wheels are very important for any of the vehicles like the cars, bikes or any other vehicles. And the wheel theft is a common occurrence in almost all the parts of the world. And to avoid these, people use many of the ways, which can be very costly. But there are also some of the people who use the wheel locks, which are very effective and also doesn’t cost in a reasonable manner. But some of the people may find it quite difficult to install those wheel locks.

There are many of the wheel lock products in the market that one can have to avoid their wheels from getting stolen. And so there are different ways to install the wheel locks for different cars or bikes. One of the common ways to install the wheel locks are followed by these steps:

  • Firstly, if necessary, remove the hubcaps on the wheel
  • Then, remove a lug nut from the wheel using your tire iron tool and keep the lug nut in some safe place.
  • After that, screw a locking nut in the place of the removed lug nut, using your hand.
  • Then, put in the lock key into the locking lug nut and then tighten the nut with the help of your tire iron. Press the key and the lug nut, in order to tighten it in the proper way.
  • Repeat it for all the lug nuts, wheels and the spare wheel, if necessary or applicable.
  • Tighten the newly installed locking nuts after a driving of about 25 miles.

These can be, the easier and a regular way, which can be very helpful in installing the wheel locks for your vehicles and offer you a safe wheel, and also offer you the peace of mind about the wheels getting stolen. Wheels may be one of the smallest parts in a vehicle, but if they are stolen, it may cost you a lot. So having the wheel lock can help you in avoiding the wheels from getting stolen.

There are also some of the wheel locks offered to you from some of the known brand and companies. Their installation way is sometimes a bit different. Their steps are as follows:

    • Remove the wheel covers, if equipped
    • Start the wheel lock by the hand
    • Tighten the new lock nuts with the special key and a wrench. For best results, use a torque wrench and a socket.
    • Keep the key pattern in a firm manner, and squarely engaged in the lock pattern.
    • Repeat the procedure for all the lug nuts and the wheels and even in the spare wheels, if required.

These are also a way to install the wheel locks for all your vehicles, which will provide the safety of your wheels from the thieves, and these wheel locks act as a strong anti theft device. Most of the people also have these wheel locks to protect their rims, as sometimes the rims are lost. The wheels these days are very expensive, and to prevent these losses, installing the wheel locks can be the most effective and the efficient way to deal with these problems.

Most of the people install their wheel locks by themselves. And now you also know, how to install the wheel locks for your vehicles, all by yourself and prevent your wheels from getting lost of stolen.