Home Maintenance Guide For Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners have gained popularity these days mainly because they can be easily moved around from room to room and only require a basic 120 Volts switch to work. However, like all electrical equipment, it is necessary that you maintain it well and clean it from time to time to ensure longevity and efficient cooling. Following are some ways that you can follow to easily help you keep your unit clean and maintained so you may enjoy a decent cooling environment and be free of the extra costs associated with installing a heavier unit.

  • Air filter: Before cleaning any part of the portable air conditioner, bear in mind the need to unplug it first. Next, remove the air filters from the unit to clean them since well maintained air filters will keep the coils unclogged and improve the cooling. You may use a damp cloth, a vacuum cleaner or even wash it with detergent for optimal results. However, it is essential that you let the air filters dry out completely before replacing them. Fundamentally, it is recommended that you clean the air filters at least every 2 weeks so as to improve the air flow.
  • Exterior: The housing of your portable air conditioner should be cleaned alongside the air filters every 2 weeks. Make sure the unit is turned off so as to avoid electrocution. Next, wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and a little detergent and set it aside to dry off. If your exterior is clean, the interior of your portable air conditioner would automatically stay clean.
  • Venting: Every air conditioning unit requires a functional venting system to let the hot condensed air out. Thus, make sure your portable air conditioner is properly vented with a kit so as to avoid the condensed air formulating inside your living quarters.
  • Draining water: Your portable air conditioner is a dehumidifier as well; removing the excess water from the atmosphere and then using it to cool the unit. However, the excessive water that does not get used is stored in buckets which need to be removed in order to avoid freezing or overflowing into your system. You can also attach a hose to let this condensate leave the unit.
  • Condensate and drain tray: The condensate drain hose needs to be checked monthly for obstructions or any damages. Moreover, the drain tray may also need a proper cleaning since slimy bacteria seem to easily grow in such a damp and moist place. The best way to clean this tray is to remove it and wash it with detergent and water while scrubbing it with a brush. The condensate coils are also a part of this system and may have slimy greasy stuff growing on it. Thus, wash them with detergent and water. You may even use a mild acidic solution of vinegar and water or lemon juice and water for cleaning the coils. Taking care of the condensate system will ensure proper hygienic cooling.
  • Storage: Before wrapping up your best portable air conditioner and storing it away by the end of the season, there are a few essential steps to follow which will ensure a long life and cooling efficiency of the unit. Unplug the unit, drain the water from the tray, wash/clean/vacuum the filters and vents and properly secure the cord by wrapping it around the hooks. After letting the unit air out a bit and dry off, pack it up and store it away for the following season.

With the above-mentioned ways, your portable air conditioner will have a long a healthy life, with optimal performance and effective cooling. So, follow these tips to enhance the useful life of your air conditioner.