A Simple Guide to Fixing a Floor Lamp Pole

Floor lamps make a great addition to any room. Whether they are used for task lighting or mood lighting, everyone can benefit from having a floor lamp in their home or office.

As the name suggests, a floor lamp is a type of lamp that stands on its own. Unlike a desk lamp, the floor lamp supports itself and stands tall to provide better lighting for those who use it.

Unfortunately, many floor lamps tend to lean over time because the pole’s grip loosens and sags to one side. For many people, a sagging or leaning floor lamp means it is time to buy a new one.

Yes, this is a quick fix and since there are some affordable floor lamps available it can easily be done without worrying about your budget. What is there a way to save your lamp and save you from making an unnecessary purchase?

Learning how to fix a floor lamp pole is the answer to this common problem. Here are some easy steps to follow:

Step 1: As a safety precaution, always unplug the floor lamp before handling it or doing any repairs. If the lamp has been recently used, wait until the bulb has reached room temperature before attempting any repairs.

Step 2: Examine the floor lamp to find the loosened part. Do this by gently touching and wiggling the different parts of the lamp. A great place to start is beneath the socket of the lamp and slowly work your way down.

Using the base as a spot to stabilize the lamp, take hold of the pole and wiggle it gently to determine whether the base is the source of the wobbliness or if other parts of the base move more than they should.

Step 3: Set the lamp down with or without the shade gently on a soft material like a pillow.

Step 4: While holding the bottom steady, twist the top part of the lamp pole in a clockwise direction. This will help tighten the loose middle tube. Repeat the same step on other tubes that are attached to the lamp when necessary.

Step 5: If the problem has not yet been resolved and your lamp is still wobbly, it is time to check the lamp base. Examine the base to see if there are any loose screws or nuts that may be responsible for the lamp’s wobbliness. If there are loose screws, simply tighten them using a Philips-head screwdriver and set the lamp upright.

Step 6: Do the gentle wiggle test again to see if all parts are properly tightened, especially the poles. If you notice that it produces the same sound or the poles are still leaning or sagging, tighten it further without being too rough on the poles.

Step 7: Once you have gone through the inspection again and you have determined that everything from the base up the length of the pole is in good shape, replace the lamp shade if you removed it and set the lamp back in standing position.

Additional Tips

If you assembled the floor lamp yourself, keep the instruction manual because it might help you learn how to fix a floor lamp pole. For most cases, a loosened pole is usually the result of the lack of tightening during initial assembly. Having the instruction manual around will serve as a good reference for standard maintenance checks.

Those who are dealing with exposed wires or something more complicated should seek help from a professional.

Don’t forget that it is safety first when dealing with anything that uses electricity as a power source. Always unplug the floor lamp before attempting any repairs or maintenance checks.

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