A lamp is a lamp, right? Many people believe as long as it gives you light to see there’s not much else to consider about lamps. If you think this, you are under the misconception that all lamps are the same.

This isn’t true at all because aside from the difference of desk lamps and floor lamps there are actually different types of floor lamps that should be considered, depending on the uses you have in mind of the lamp. Floor lamps are considered important by many interior decorators because they aren’t just functional, they can also make a bold statement. If you’re interested in learning more about the different kinds of floor lamps and what sets them apart, continue reading, and you’ll be able to determine what type will be the best addition to your room.

 The Torchiere

As the name suggests, this type of floor lamp is shaped like a torch. This kind of lamp is best used for ambient lighting, but not for task lighting as it spreads the light to the ceiling instead of the working area.

These are great accents for a room, especially if you have a particular theme in mind and you are not considering using it for nighttime tasks.

The Club Lamp

Perhaps one of the most common types of floor lamp is the club lamp. It is very simple with a base, a pole, and a shade. It is typically used for soft lighting and isn’t very reliable for task lighting. Most club lights are used for aesthetic purposes instead of functional task lighting. If you plan on having a lamp that provides enough ambient lighting without being too bright or if you want a lamp that will work as an added lighting fixture a club lamp is a good choice.

The Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Although a lot of people consider the use of a floor lamp purely for their looks, there are some who value their function over their aesthetics as well. For those who would rather have a floor lamp that can be used for more than just ambient and mood lighting, pharmacy floor lamp types are a great choice. This type of lamp has a small profile which means it blends into the background rather than make a statement.

The best thing about this floor lamp type is it has an adjustable height and head. This allows users to focus and swing the head in the direction they need the light the most. If you’re worried about a pharmacy floor lamp not meeting your style standards, check out the Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp. Its unique style and functionality will impress everyone.

Down Bridge Floor Lamp

For a decorator, having the chance to get their hands on a multi-purpose piece of furniture is considered lucky. This is why the down bridge floor lamp is one of the most popular types of floor lamps because you get to hit two birds with one stone.

Due to its strategically positioned downwards directed light, the down bridge floor lamp is great for reading and as a task lamp. With the help of an easy to maneuver gooseneck, this type of lamp can help users with focusing or pooling the light right on the project or the page they need to put their full attention to.

Another great thing about the down bridge floor lamp is the availability of different styles. You have a wide selection of modern and classic floor lamps which you can match to suit your taste and your interiors. The down bridge floor lamp’s versatility and functionality allow it to outshine most of the other floor lamp types.


When it comes to choosing the correct floor lamp to add to your home or office there is one thing you should always keep in mind: functionality beats style. Although floor lamps make great accent pieces that bring the theme of a room together, they are useless if you cannot rely on them when you are working at night. Soft lighting is great for relaxing, but it won’t be helpful when you need to do other tasks in the middle of the night. Think of the uses of the lamp first, and it will help you determine what type of floor lamp will meet your needs the best.