Music therapy and sound healing has been around for a very long time. Sound affects us more than we realize, and we can actually make use of those sound waves to allow our bodies to heal. Using different musical instruments, we can achieve deep relaxation, release tension, improve focus, relieve pain, and even heal our body. If you’re looking for instruments, particularly tuning forks, for your sound healing, there are a lot of products out there that you can choose from. Going through each of them can be a chore. Fortunately, we have sourced out the best tuning forks for healing and went through each of their features as well as their pros and cons so that choosing the right one will be much easier for you. We also compared all of them and came up with a  set of criteria when looking to buy a tuning fork. Based on our considerations, the Om 136.1Hz Tuning Fork by Omnivos is our top choice because of its unique low-frequency sound and durable material. It also has really good reviews, and the price is midrange. The other tuning forks on our list are also good, and you can go through them and find the one that is best suited for you.

Top 6 Tuning Forks for Healing Reviews

#1. Om 136.1hz Tuning Fork by Omnivos( Best Budget Pick)

The Om 136.1Hz Tuning Fork by Omnivos is our Best Budget Pick. The product is really simple in terms of appearance. What makes this product unique is the frequency of the sound it produces. At 136.1 Hz, it resonates with the Earth which can provide a good grounding and allows better relaxation. The tuning fork can be used to increase energy and provide balance. You can place it in the different parts of the body to help relieve stress. The vibrations produced by the tuning forks resonate with several points of stimulation around the body releasing tensions. You can hit it on different surfaces and even on your knee to produce the sound. The preciseness of the fork comes from the method of production. It is made up of professional-grade aluminum and tuned using a very precise process.

Product Features and Specification

  • The height of the tuning fork is around 8 in.
  • Weight is less than 4 ounces
  • Made from professional grade aluminum which prevents corrosion and pitting
  • Have round weights attached near the end of the prongs
  • Frequency of 136.1 Hz
  • Comes with a pouch

Editorial Comments

This tuning fork is something that you come across and then decide immediately that you want it. It’s simple yet durable, and it can provide the right sound healing that you want with the frequency that it produces. It’s a good investment if you’re looking at a midrange tuning fork that will last for quite some time.


  • Allows the release of energy and creates a relaxing sound when placed by the ears
  • Can be placed on the sternum and different Chakras to release tension and promote emotional balance
  • Durable, lightweight, and can be carried using the pouch
  • Can relieve stress by placing it on different muscles and joints
  • Has a long ring time compared to most tuning forks


  • Since the sound has a low frequency, it can be difficult to hear it, although you can feel the vibrations coming from it
  • The handle is a bit short
  • It doesn’t come with its own hammer

#2.YOMMI 128 Tuning Fork Medical Healing Instrument Aluminum with 256 Hz

Our Editor’s Choice is the YOMMI 128 Tuning Fork Medical Healing Instrument Aluminum with 256 Hz and Soft Bag. It comes with two tuning forks which can produce sound frequencies of 128 Hz and 256 Hz. It also comes with a silicone hammer. The different tuning forks allow for more specific soundwaves affecting different parts of the body. They can both balance the chakras of the body and keep the nervous system in harmony with the other organs. The lower frequency is close to the vibrations used to examine the nervous system. It can also be used to test hearing loss and detect bone fractures. It comes with a pouch bag to protect the forks.

Product Features and Specification

  • Has two tuning forks (128 Hz and 256 Hz)
  • The lengths of the fork are around 7 in. and 8 in.
  • Has round weights at the end of the prongs
  • Forks are made from steel which provides durability
  • Creates longer tuning and can alleviate joint pain
  • Comes with a silicone hammer and a pouch

Editorial Comments

This product from Yommi is multipurpose. Aside from the basic things that you need it for sound healing such as relaxation and stress reductions, it can also be used to test a patient’s hearing and bone fracture. The fact that it has two tuning forks that can generate low-frequency sounds at a cheap price makes this product all the more attractive.


  • Has two forks capable of producing low-frequency sounds
  • Construction material is durable, and the size of the forks make it lightweight.
  • Claims to provide relief to muscle pain
  • Can be used for other purposes
  • Creates a longer ring time
  • Silicone hammer prevents the need to hit the forks against hard objects


  • Two forks inside the pouch may cause them to hit each other
  • The lower frequency fork would be a bit difficult to hear

#3. Love Tuning Fork 528 Hz – with Buddha Bead Base for Ultimate Healing and Relaxation

The Love Tuning Fork 528 Hz is a beautiful product. The tuning fork has a love yellow bead base that gives the fork a pretty look. Aside from aesthetics, the Buddha bead also serves a purpose. The bead allows for smoother application when placing the fork to parts of your body resulting in deeper relaxations. The higher frequency sound increases alertness and focus. It provides mental clarity and improves cognitive functions. It can be combined with other alternative healing treatments to enhance its effects. These include acupressure and massage.

Product Features and Specification

  • Fork is 7 in. long
  • Can create sounds with a frequency of 528 Hz
  • Made from aluminum
  • Fork has a Buddha bead at the tip of the handle
  • Can create sounds with ring time of 60-90 seconds
  • Can be used for crystal cleansing
  • Comes with an activator mallet and a pouch

Editorial Comments

This fork has an elegant look and will fit those who consider aesthetics when they buy. The yellow bead on the handle actually represents healing and allows firmer contact between the skin as compared to just metal. The material of the product is durable enough, although steel would have been better. It’s not a weighted tuning fork so that frequency is higher and the vibrations don’t last that long. It serves a different purpose for sound healing, so if you’re looking for mental clarity and stimulation, this is a good fork.


  • High-frequency sound refreshes the mind and spirit and increases mental clarity
  • Buddha bead on the handle gives more natural transfer of vibrations for deeper relaxation
  • Comes with a mallet and a pouch
  • Appearance is elegant


  • High-frequency sound means shorter ringing time and ‘shallower’ vibrations
  • A bit expensive for a single 7 in. fork

#4. Radical 8 Chakra & Soul Purpose Cosmic Colored Weighted Healing Tuning with Long Handles Activator & Pouch

Make sound healing fun with the Radical 8 Chakra & Soul Purpose Cosmic Colored Weighted Healing Tuning with Long Handles Activator & Pouch. The product has 7 tuning forks intended for 7 different parts of the body and different purposes. These are the forks: 1st ROOT (194.18 Hz), 2nd SACRAL (210.42 Hz), 3rd SOLAR PLEXUS (126.22 Hz), 4th HEART (136.10 Hz), 5th THROAT (141.27 Hz), 6th 3RD EYE (221.23 Hz), and 7th CROWN (172.06 Hz). All of the forks come in different colors. The tuning of the forks is said to be based on the rotation of the planets around the Sun.

Product Features and Specification

  • 7 different forks with different sound frequencies and intended chakras
  • Tuning forks are made from aluminum
  • Weighted forks that provide lower frequencies and deeper vibrations
  • Comes with a mallet activator and velvet pouch


  • Covers different chakras and provides a variety of healing and relaxation
  • Forks produce low-frequency sound which means longer ring time
  • Comes with a mallet and pouch
  • Color and visually appealing


  • Multiple tuning forks can become a hassle without a therapist
  • Expensive since all the 7 forks must be bought

#5. QIYUN Tuning Fork, 528 Hz Tuning Fork with Silicone Hammer and Cleaning Cloth Solfeggio Tuning Fork for DNA Repair Healing and Perfect Healing Musical Instrument

The tuning fork from QIYUN is another simple product, but it comes with all the necessary accessories such as an activator mallet, a pouch, and a cleaning cloth. It’s part of the Solfeggio tuning forks which are among the best tuning forks for healing. The fork is a bit long with a length of about 9 inches. The frequency of the sound is in the midrange (528 Hz), which means a clearer tone. As a basic tuning fork, it helps reduce stress and allows relaxation. However, it is perfect for creating and clearing sacred spaces and other creative activities.

Product Features and Specification:

  • It has a length of around 9 in.
  • Material of the fork is made of aluminum alloy
  • Frequency of the sound created is 528 Hz
  • Claims to alleviate joint stiffness and pain, and reduce inflammation
  • Comes with a pouch, a silicone hammer, and a cleaning cloth


  • Clearer tone because of high-frequency sound produced
  • Better hold on the handle because of its length
  • Good for harmonizing energy files and creative activities, such as tracing meridian lines and drawing Reiki symbols
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth together with the basic accessories
  • Cheap price


  • Some reviews claim that the frequency does not reach 528 Hz and that the ring time is a bit short

#6. Youjoy OM 136.1Hz Tuning Fork Ohm Tuning Fork Chakra Tuning Energy Forks Tuning Forks for Healing 

The last on our list is the Youjoy OM 136.1Hz Tuning Fork Ohm Tuning Fork Chakra Tuning Energy Forks Tuning Forks for Healing Devotional Meditation Centered, Sound Healing Tool. Its sound frequency is tuned with the Earth which can improve the well-being and immune system by releasing tensions and reducing stress. The material is non-magnetic aluminum which is impact resistant, and the surface finish of the fork is good. This fork can be combined with meditation and yoga to make the poses more effective.

Product Features and Specification

  • Tuning fork has a length of 8.2 in
  • Material of the fork is aluminum
  • The prongs are weighted
  • Frequency of the sound produced is 136.1 Hz, which resonates with the Earth’s rotation
  • Comes with a storage bag, silicone hammer, and cleaning cloth


  • Low-frequency sound produces longer ring time
  • Low frequency also provides deeper relaxation
  • Can be carried with a bag and cleaned with the microfiber cloth
  • Slightly cheaper than other tuning forks with the same specs


  • Frequency of 136.1 Hz is a bit difficult to hear unless placed near the ear
  • Reviews comment about the smell of the silicone hammer

# Buying Guide of Best Tuning Forks for Healing

There are several considerations or things to look for when you buy a tuning fork for healing. You need to look at the appearance and durability of the fork. More specifically, you need to find the right frequency and healing effects. You also have to think about whether you need some additional accessories in it, and then look at the price. So, here are the considerations you must take into account in choosing the best tuning fork for healing.

  • Appearance and Durability

Although the tuning forks will not be displayed, the user or the therapist who cares about aesthetics would want a better-looking tuning fork. The first thing to look at when buying a tuning fork is simply how it looks. If you’re not really particular about the appearance, then you should opt to go for simple and plain ones. However, there are colored tuning forks and forks with design variations that are available.

  • Frequency and Sound Healing Effects

Probably the most important thing to consider when buying a tuning fork is the tune of the fork. Depending on the type of sound healing requirements that you need, there is a recommended frequency that you should use. Sound frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz) and most tuning forks indicate the frequency of the sound that they produce. The frequencies also depend on the resonance of certain references. Higher frequencies provide energy boost and mental clarity while lower frequencies allow for deeper relaxations and even DNA repair. Some products come in more than 1 fork while others only have 1. If you’re looking at two different frequencies, there are forks that can be bought as 1 set. There are also tuning fork sets intended for all the 7 chakras which means 7 different tuning forks.

  • Accessories

If you think you need the accessories, then you should buy the ones with the accessories. However, if you can get by with just the tuning fork, then you there’s no need to include all the other accessories. The major accessory of a tuning fork is an activator or soft hammer. Another accessory is the cleaning cloth. Of course, more accessories mean higher prices.

  • Price

The price of the product is perhaps the deciding factor whether to buy the tuning fork or not. The usual price of single tuning forks is at $15-$40, excluding the shipping fee. The price would differ, depending on the frequency or the accessories. Tuning fork sets with multiple forks can be around $150. It is important to look at similar products before deciding to buy so that you can gauge whether or not the product is priced high or low. Of course, unusually cheap tuning forks are not good indicators as well.

  • Reviews

In order to know the real quality of the product, first-hand reviews of actual buyers can be examined. Look at how many stars were given to the product, and if it’s not too much trouble, read some low-rating reviews and try to figure what are the common issues if there are any. If the reviews are reasonably good, then the product holds true to its claims.


Tuning forks are great instruments for sound healing and music therapy. They’re great investments because they last long and can also be used for different purposes. You can easily buy them online or from different stores. The list above includes some of the best tuning forks for healing that are on the market. We have highlighted in each option all the things that you need to consider when looking to buy an excellent tuning fork. We have chosen the Om 136.1hz Tuning Fork by Omnivos as our budget pick because it is not expensive and provides all the things that you need from using a tuning fork for healing. Our guide can certainly help you find the right tuning fork that you need. You should refer to the considerations mentioned above when looking at each tuning fork option for your needs.