Lawn sweepers a.k.a. leaf sweepers are some of the most popular backyard and lawn tools for removing debris/leaves/grass clippings/pine needles, and more. Believe it or not, a good lawn sweeper can help you accomplish more work in an hour. Just imagine how big the areas are that this tool can cover with each pass. No need to use the rake and exert too much effort. You can be more relaxed while pulling it manually in small lawns or attaching it to a tractor.  So, read on and find out which is the best tow behind lawn sweeper that can work for you. You can choose from our top picks or make your own using this guide.

6 Best Lawn Sweepers in 2020

#1. Yard Tuff YTF-42STQA Quick Assembly Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch

Great for clearing your garden, lawn, or even the sidewalk with leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, twigs, litter, and more. This Editor’s Choice is one of the top lawn sweepers in the neighborhood. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver especially when pulled by a lawn tractor or ATV. Moreover, it has a simple operation and a large coverage area in just a few tow behind lawn sweeper

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 77 pounds with 51 x 11 x 17 inches package dimension
  • 42 inches wide sweeping path has 4 brushes measures 10 inches in diameter
  • 4:1 sweeping ratio is combined with adjustable height and anti-slip brush
  • Universal pin-style hitch with some leveling spacers allow you to tow behind it your lawn tractor
  • Full 31 x 44 x 22 inches mesh bag has 13 cu. ft. capacity
  • Steel construction with a powder-coat finish and 10.5 inches solid poly tires guarantee its durability
  • Quick height lever can be adjusted through your lawn tractor or ATV


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Promotes faster and easier sweeping tasks
  • Durable and reliable
  • Versatile and convenient to use
  • Folds into a compact size for storage


  • The instruction manual has poor diagrams that are hard to understand
  • The included hardware is different from the diagrams

#2. Ohio Steel 42LS Sweeper, 42-Inch

This sweeper comes with a simple but ergonomic design so you can pull it by hand or attach it to a tractor. Its improved handle makes it easier to control as well in different surfaces. Moreover, it has a large sweeping coverage so you can get the job done with less movement and time.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 95 pounds with 51.8 x 17.5 x 12.5 inches package dimension
  • 42 inches wide sweeping path has 11 inches polypropylene brushes
  • 5:1 wheel turning ratio is combined with its 18 cu. ft. capacity hopper
  • 3-position hitch adjustment that allows you to fit it to any tractor brands
  • Sealed ball bearings reinforce its brush axle
  • Includes a 2-year limited warranty


  • 100% made in the USA
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle and improved handling
  • Built with high capacity hopper to reduce your unloading breaks
  • Prevents clogging with its extra-wide 9 inches cute


  • Constructed with poor balance which makes it harder to maneuver
  • The bottom part becomes worn already after several uses

#3. Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper

100% made in the USA with global materials, this sweeper proves to be one of the most popular models among customers. It has a dumping design so you don’t have to remove it from your tractor whenever you’re done clearing. Thus, you can save time and energy. In addition, it has an adjustable height and a collapsible hopper bag for ease of storage. Whatever the season is, this sweeper comes in handy all year round.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 68 pounds with 51.8 x 12.6 x 11.5 inches package dimension
  • 1:1 brush to wheel ratio is combined with 42 inches wide sweeping path and 12 cu. ft. capacity hopper
  • 18 pallets allow you to attach it to any riding mower
  • Semi-pneumatic wheel type has 11 x 2.5 inches dimension
  • Stamped steel housing guarantee its long-term durability


  • Durable and versatile
  • Requires less work with user-friendly height adjustment
  • Strong brushes make cleaning more efficient than rake
  • Ease of move around with powerful wheels
  • Certified made in the USA


  • Doesn’t do well in sweeping pine cones off the lawn
  • The brushes and leaf catcher feels cheap

#4. Agri-Fab Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 52-Inch

If you think that the Agri-Fab’s 42 inches lawn sweeper is too small for your lawn, this one might work. It has a wider coverage area which is perfect for clearing huge areas. It has 6 brushes that work together to efficiently sweep away debris from your lawn. Also, its positive lock brush height doesn’t slip once you’ve adjusted it to your desired height according to its surface.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 95 pounds with 61.3 x 17.8 x 13.8 inches package dimension
  • 25:1 brush to wheel ratio with sealed bearing brush shaft
  • 52 inches wide sweeping path and 26 cu. ft. capacity hopper
  • 10 pallets allow you to attach it to any riding mower
  • Semi-pneumatic wheel type has 11 x 2.5 inches dimension
  • Adjustable brush height works on various surfaces


  • Requires less break time to unload its content with its extra-large bag
  • Quick and easy to attach to all types of tractors
  • Certified made in the USA with global materials


  • The net around the metal frame tears down sooner
  • Lifting the rope to dump the bag’s content leaves a painful rope burn without gloves

#5. Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush, 42-Inch

This professional-grade lawn sweeper has a hefty capacity hopper which makes it one of the most heavy-duty models out there. It covers a wide sweeping path using an exclusive spiral brush that sweeps various surfaces with less effort. To unload its bag, you just have to pull its rope from your tractor’s seat. Most importantly, it’s easy to store with its collapsible hopper.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 95 pounds with 51 x 18 x 16 inches package dimension
  • 42 inches wide sweeping path has 11 inches spiraled polypropylene brushes exclusively patented by Ohio Steel
  • 5:1 brush to wheel turning ratio is combined with 9 inches chute
  • 5-position hitch adjustment allows you to custom fit it to all tractors
  • Designed with sealed ball bearings on its brush axle and 22 cu. ft. capacity hopper


  • Prevents clogging with its extra-large chute
  • Includes a free hitch pin
  • Easy to store with its collapsible hopper and compact
  • Compatible with any tractor


  • The hopper sits on the surface which damages it overtime
  • The assembly is quite a hassle and dangerous

#6. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

This is the lawn sweeper that can help you maintain the lawn you’ve been dreaming of. It has a 44 inches cleaning coverage and huge hopper capacity so you can lessen your frequent visits to the compost pile or burning pit. It allows you to sweep and mow the lawn all at once with 4 brushes that can sweep debris and hold up to 2-3x bigger bag than a 2-bin bagger. Of course, it has lots of patents such as 8,549,689; 8,640,294; 8,646, and 141.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 95 pounds with 54.1 x 18 x 19.5 inches dimension
  • 6:1 brush to wheel ratio with sealed bearing brush shaft
  • 44 inches wide sweeping path and 25 cu. ft. capacity hopper
  • 8 pallets allow you to attach it to all types of tractor
  • Semi-pneumatic wheel type has 12 x 3 inches dimension
  • Adjustable brush height works on various surfaces


  • Patented with exclusive Agri-Fab off-set hitch
  • Reduces your unloading breaks with its extra-large bag
  • Easy to store with its collapsible design
  • Certified made in the USA


  • The build quality is quite poor to last for years
  • Misses lots of leaves and blows over the bag which makes a non-stop mess

Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

Having a clean and pleasing lawn is indeed one of the things that you can be proud of as a homeowner. However, cleaning and maintaining it is more challenging than you might expect. Depending on the available tools that you have, it can be exhausting especially when things break/malfunction before you finish your task. As a solution, tow behind lawn sweeper was introduced.

  • What is the purpose of tow behind lawn sweeper?

First things first, it’s important to understand the purpose of tow behind lawn sweeper. As its name suggests, it’s a handy tool for cleaning that you can attach to lawn tractors. It is also an ideal tool for clearing out dirt and dust from your patio, driveway, and sidewalk. It has a large capacity to gather up grass or debris in just a short period. Some are designed with a universal attachment that is compatible with most garden tractors or any similar vehicle. Compared with other lawn cleaners offered in the market, tow behind lawn sweeper requires less maintenance. This means that you can finish your cleaning tasks faster without exerting too much effort. After all, raking fallen leaves and other debris in your lawn is no doubt an exhausting job. So instead of wasting your energy, reserve it for other tasks by using a good lawn sweeper!

  • How wide should my tow behind lawn sweeper be?

One of the most important things to consider when finding the best tow behind lawn sweeper is its size. Specifically, its width matters a lot since it can cover more area if it’s wider. Wide tow behind lawn sweepers can clean a bigger area to help you finish faster. Some models may be a little bit difficult to maneuver whenever you need to make a U-turn due to its size. However, its bigger swing and U-turn issue is a big deal as long as you can get the job done in record time.

  • How big is its hopper capacity?

Lawn sweepers are indeed handy whenever you need to rake, pile, and dispose of fallen leaves or debris within your property. It makes things easier especially if it has a large hopper capacity to accompany it. Basically, the bigger area you need to clean the bigger hopper capacity your tow behind lawn sweeper you need. This will allow you to clean the area faster and reduce your frequent visits to the compost pile/leaf burning pit to unload its content. Aside from the size of your lawn, you also need to consider the amount of clutter it collects every autumn.

  • How durable is it to last for years?

Despite being a handy tool every fall season, this tow behind lawn sweeper can still be handy all year round. Its job is not just to get rid of those fallen leaves, pine needles. You can also use it to remove residual debris once the snow melted, or the leftover grass clippings after mowing. Getting rid of residual debris right after the snow melted can help prevent molds from infesting your lawn. Believe it or not, dealing with mold is the last thing you’d want to face once winter has ended. In this case, it’s only practical to choose a lawn sweeper that is durable enough to last for long-term use. Those lawn sweepers that are made from rust-proof materials tend to last longer and withstand years of use.

  • Are there portable models in the market?

Despite its reputation for being a bulky tool, it’s still better if you can store it easily. If you have limited storage space, then make sure that it takes a small space only despite its wide size.


Are you ready to get your first tow behind lawn sweeper? We know how it feels to be a first-time buyer of this tool. It’s a mix of excitement to dominate your lawn with its presence, and fear that it wouldn’t last for years. No worries. We’re always here to help you out whenever you need to buy a tow-behind lawn sweeper. As long as you know what to expect and what to look for in a model, you won’t have a problem.

It’s hassle-free to use since you don’t have to push it manually while cleaning or spend big for its maintenance. Thus, it’s considered as the most popular type of lawn cleaner on the market.