Best Tap and Die Sets in 2022 [Roundup]

While working in a garage or with metal work-pieces, you tend to keep certain devices handy that can ease jobs like thread cutting and steel drillings. A tap and die set does these jobs with perfection and ensures that you face no challenges. To be specific, taps and dies are nothing but tools that are used for creating screw threads. Where a tap makes it so effortless to create screw threads, cutting threads on steel-made rods, on the other hand, gets easier with a die. So, one of the reasons why a tap and die set is so essential is that it lets you handle any kind of metal with ease.

6 Best Tap and Die Set For The Money

Neiko 00912A Titanium Coated Tap and Hexagon Die Set

If your garage badly needs some upgraded tools for screw threading, the Metric Neiko 00912A will bring you a sigh of relief. Believe it or not, it is a 40-piece kit comprising constructed tools of brilliant quality.To be more precise, it brings you six hexagonal dies, twenty taps, a customizable wrench of diverse sizes and ranges, and a T-handle.Be it any threading application, these taps and dies will just prove to be perfect for you. What you will love is their cutting ability that will let you consider it for any domestic workshop or industrial purpose. Metric Neiko 00912A will never disappoint you in respect of its tap and die set

Features and Specifications:

  • Made of superior quality alloy steel and coated with titanium for long service life and efficiency
  • A perfect set for serving multiple purposes including creation and repairing of different types of threads
  • All tools are designed in such a manner so as to work in tightly confined areas
  • A very reliable tap and die set that can create or repair worn out threads
  • Blades are sharp and precise enough to cut threads cleanly for more efficiency
  • Storage case provided is good enough to store all tools in an organized manner


  • It is high on durability and quite sturdy as well
  • Very easy on the pocket in comparison to other tap and die sets
  • Perfect for both creating and repairing threads that have been damaged
  • Light in weight and can be easily carried


  • Cannot be used on hard metals
  • Not strong enough to tap even mild steel
  • On exerting little pressure, the pieces are broken

IRWIN HANSON Machine Screw/Fractional/Metric Tap and Die Set

Here comes an ideal tap and die set from the house of Irwin that will let you do everything right from repairing worn-out threads to creating brand new tools. Being a one-stop fastening solution, this set assures to let you achieve the right fit. Every threading application you wish to execute, this versatile toolkit will just get your repair and maintenance work done in a jiffy. What makes it hard and durable is its undebatable construction with high carbon steel. If you are a professional, you will not require anything more than this 117-piece set that includes everything you require to accomplish your craftwork.tap and die set reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Comprises 117 pieces that are versatile enough to meet all types of threading applications
  • Best known to be dealt with hexagonal die stock handles
  • Hexagonal dies included are ideal for repair and maintenance work
  • Plug taps included are best for general threading uses
  • Set contains spiral flute screw extractors to easily remove socket screws, broken studs etc.
  • Comes with customizable die stock that is used to sustain the alignment for accurate threading
  • Includes a two-in-one tap wrench that can be used ideally with screw extractors, reamers, and other tools


  • A huge tap and die set that comprises almost everything from metric taps to screw extractors
  • Durability leaves no question as it is made of high carbon steel
  • Safety is assured as it has been provided a storage case of good quality plastic


  • Some pieces might go missing on arrival as per user reports
  • Build quality with high steel carbon deserves more sturdiness and longevity

TEKTON 7560 Tap and Die Set, Inch, 45-Piece

All your hand threading applications will now achieve class with this amazing Tekton 7560 tap and die set. What is impressive about it is that it is a 45-piece set that includes twenty dies and twenty taps of varying sizes and ranges. The plug taps and dies are all tapered and are, therefore, convenient to repair lightly damaged threads and cut new materials. You just need to get some lubricant so as to let these taps and dies cut alloy steel, aluminum, bronze etc. in the right manner. Also, it comes with a storage case that would keep all contents safe and secured.tap and die set

Features and Specifications:

  • Quite sturdy and durable as it is made of tungsten alloy and high-speed steel
  • Holds the potential to repair lightly damaged threads and cut new material
  • Hand threading applications are best to be met with 3, 4, 5, and 6 flute plug taps
  • Taps are made all tapered so as to let the user stay away from over-threading
  • Hardy plastic case included for keeping each and every tool neat and organized
  • Set is light in weight as it weighs around thirteen pounds


  • All sizes and ranges of taps and dies included in the set
  • Each and every tool is made of good quality material that
  • A storage case made of hard plastic has been provided
  • Taps tapered to assure enable an easy start


  • Construction should be more sturdy as expected
  • The circular design of the dies doesn’t really work
  • The die holder size is too big

IRWIN Tools Metric Tap and Hex Die Set, 41-Piece (26317)

Building new tools out of raw steel is never going to leave you bothered with this 41-piece set from the house of Irwin Tools. Rated as world class by craftsmen in terms of being an ideal fastening challenger, this tap and die set promises to bring outstanding results in rethreading and repair work. What makes it a worthy set is its inclusion of a tap wrench equipped with an adjustable handle. Moreover, it comes in a 4-flute design that results in swift and easy chip clearance. Clearly being value for money, Irwin 26317 just makes you a happy worker at the end of the day.

Features and Specifications:

  • The set comprises a total of 41 pieces that will immensely help tradesmen in meeting fastening challenges
  • Each and every threading application is met with acute perfection
  • Fixes damaged threads and creates new tools from raw steel
  • Comes with a TR-88 customizable handle tap wrench, TR-50, and TR-73 two-in-one tap wrench
  • Compact in size, light in weight and can, therefore, be carried and stored anywhere
  • Comprises plug taps having three to five chambered threads that are used for general purposes
  • Sports a 4-flute design resulting in quick clearance


  • Plastic case provided has been designed to keep all the tools neat and organized
  • All coarse and fine taps are available in various sizes and ranges
  • All taps and dies are made of good quality


  • Handles are inferior in quality and are not strong enough for support
  • Some taps have been added twice in the set

Neiko 00916A SAE Pro-Grade Large-Diameter Titanium Tap & Die Set 

Hard, durable and rust-free, Neiko 00916A is a 45-piece tap and die set that will now help you fulfill all types of threading applications. What makes it score high on durability is its rock solid construction made out of top-quality steel. Consequently, this won’t pose any challenge to its longevity. Moreover, it comes in a super protective case that keeps all the tools in order and makes it easier for one to identify as well. Neiko 00916A is quite light in weight and can be easily carried from one place to another.

Features and Specifications:

  • Made out of high-grade steel that makes it worthy to be used on a frequent basis and therefore ensures optimum durability
  • Carrying case provided that makes it easier to identify each and every tool, ensuring convenience to the user while working
  • Can be kept in the garage for work or can be easily carried to other places with no effort
  • Stripped threads included that makes it easier for quick repair work and repairing screws with efficiency
  • Light in weight as it carries around 14 pounds


  • Easy on the pocket and boasts of a wide range of taps and dies
  • Compact and sturdy case provided that can be easily carried from one place to another
  • Superb construction and assures longevity at its best


  • A few of the threads are often found nicked
  • The requirement of lubricant is huge in comparison to what is required

Gino Development 02-0554 TruePower Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set

When you will head to buy a tap and die set, one of the first factors that will bother you is whether it is durable or not. This grand 60-piece tap and die set from the house of Gino Development is made of hardened alloy steel that is known for its long life. Comprising both coarse and fine threads along with a couple of pitch gauges, Gino Development 02-0554 has such tools that hold the power to cut as well as renew internal and external threads accurately. Compact in size, this tap and die set is worth every penny you invest.

Features and Specifications:

  • High on durability as it is made of hardened alloy steel, assuring longevity at its best
  • Apart from renewing, each and every tool in this set cuts the internal and external threads with sheer accuracy
  • Weighs not even five pounds and is therefore easy to carry to places
  • Compact in size with dimensions of 16 x 9 x 2 inches and can be stored anywhere with ease
  • Includes a thread gauge and a tap handle for more convenience in threading applications


  • Ideal tap and die set for both beginners and professionals
  • All tools are arranged systematically so that the user finds no difficulty to identify
  • Both internal and external threads are of the highest standards
  • Quite portable and easy to carry


  • Dies are not strong enough to cut good quality threads
  • Construction deserves more hardiness as expected
  • Taps and dies are made of low-quality materials

Buyer’s Guide

Although you might be having a garage of your own along with upgraded toolkits, what you might need is a good tap and die set. Well, the screw threads there might occasionally suffer a breakdown. So, with a tap and die, you will be able to easily cut threads on holes with the support of fasteners. But the trick is to pick the right set, which must be durable and functional enough to accomplish your job. So, the question is how you are going to choose the excellent tap and die set.

Here is a clean checklist that will help you a lot in choosing the good tap and die set. Take a look:

  • How durable is the construction – The two factors that depend largely on the construction of a tap and die set are what materials have been used and how it has been designed. For instance, if you are going to deal with steel, the tap and die set should be quite durable enough to go through the process. Moreover, avoid buying cheaper products as they tend to score low in quality. Since a tap and die set is something you are going to preserve for years to come, it is wiser to invest a bit of money into it.
  • Check the size beforehand – It all depends on the nature of work as to what size you are going to consider while buying a tap and die set. As a matter of fact, sizes are categorized under metric and SAE. So, the ideal tap and die set would be the one that meets both these size requirements. Moreover, this would help you get all types of work done with no effort.
  • Assess the carrying tap and die-case – The case which will carry all the tools inside should also be taken into prime consideration. If by any means the case proves to be a poorly designed one, you might start losing the taps and dies one by one. So, look for cases made of premium quality plastic that would actually hold its contents securely.
  • Check the strength of the handle – Imagine you are working with a tap that has quite an uncomfortable handle. Obviously, you won’t get your desired results. So, make sure that the taps and dies you will be working with, are convenient to use. The easier the handle is, the lesser the pressure exerted. Therefore, checking the strength and convenience of the handle is essential.
  • Consider the budget wisely – As mentioned earlier, investing into a pricey tap and die set would be certainly wiser. A tap and die set of good quality and high price would always come up with feature-rich tools that would make your cutting jobs effortless. As a result, it would add loads of convenience to your work. So, if you end up spending a bit on a tap and die set, just feel happy about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you come across a tap and a die set for the first time, you might be left staring at it for a few seconds and wonder what purpose it actually serves. Thereafter, when you will come to know about their basic usage, you might have still a volley of questions in mind. So, here are a handful of questions along with answers that might get you a clear idea of what a tap and a die set is. Have a look:

  • What is a tap and die?

When you are working in a garage or with some metals, you might be in want of certain tools that can easily let you create screw threads. These tools are known as taps and dies. A tap is utilized for cutting the female section of the mating pair, for instance, a nut. On the other hand, a die is used to cut the male section of the mating pair, for instance, a bolt.

  • How to use a tap and die set?

For using a tap or a die, one must initially check the total number of TPI, that is, threads per inch.In tune with the part to be fixed. Often, one uses a gauge system that comprises many different pins. These again are utilized to calculate the TPI of a nut or bolt.

  • How to calculate the drill size for a tapped hole?

Determining the drill size for a tapped hole is easy. In case of Metric threads, one can calculate the tapping drill by subtracting the pitch from the thread diameter. For the Imperial threads, the tapping drill size follows the same method of calculation calculated in the same way, that is, diameter minus pitch.

  • How do I rethread a bolt hole?

In order to rethread a bolt hole, one needs to first check as to which hole has the stripped screws, then the current thread size, the right tap size and finally get the tap installed into the tap handle.


Now you can dream of upgrading your garage with a new-age tap and die set. But for this, you need to be a bit wiser and keep in mind your requirements. Furthermore, keep the durability factor in mind as well as the aspect of convenience. Since there are various types of tap and die sets, you can always take time, draw comparisons between sets, talk to some experts, check your budget requirements and finally make the deal. Remember, a good tap and die set will always give you quality results. So, don’t worry much about investing a bit more money if the set promises longevity.