Skiing may be a fun and exciting outdoor activity but suffering from cold feet is not cool. It will not only kill the fun, but it can also hinder you from maneuvering better while on the run. If your boots and thick socks are not enough to provide the warmth you need, it’s time to step up. You can keep your feet warm and your boots dry by using the best ski boots warmer. Depending on your budget and preferred features, you can buy these for as low as $40. You can also customize the heat level you want from a low, medium, to high heat setting. Some can be incorporated in socks while some can be inserted in insoles. So, check out this list to help you find the best ski boots warmer.

 Top Ski Boots Warmer Reviews 2019

#1. DryGuy 02140 Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer

Travel Dry DX from DryGuy utilizes the wind science principles which combine ram-air induction with the thermal convection philosophy. The fan draws fresh air over its thermal heating elements while the vents gently blow warm air to warm or dry the boots. It can remove moisture from winter and summer athletic gears, dry shoes affected by the spring showers or hard-to-reach moisture from crisp fall hikes. best ski boot warmer

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 1.3 pounds with 2.5 x 6.5 x 2.25 inches dimension
  • Powered by 120V AC household outlet or 12V DC vehicle
  • Heats up to the maximum temperature of 99°F with automotive or home drying function
  • Takes 2 to 5 hours to dry a skit boot with perfect drying or warming function
  • Includes 1-year warranty


  • Efficient drying device with a quiet fan any season
  • Compact and portable
  • Doesn’t cause damage to footwear, foot beds, or boot liners
  • Reduces the unpleasant odor when activated in the ski boots


  • Takes too long to warm or even dry a pair of damp boots
  • The whole design of its system feels cheap

#2. Hotronic XLP One PFI 50 Heated Ski Socks

More advanced than your regular ski socks, this classic set comes with different level settings of comfort and warmth maintenance. Whether you’re skiing, horseback riding, bicycling, fishing, trekking, and other cold-temperature activities, this set fits perfectly with enhanced comfort and warmth. It has 2 Lithium-Ion batteries with US and European charger that take 5-6 hours to charge and ergonomic design.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 0.17 pounds with 0.98 x 2.76 x 1.38 inches dimension
  • Powered by high-capacity lithium-ion battery packs
  • 3 base level settings offer customized warmth and comfort maintenance
  • Boost setting 4 provides an extra blast of heat anytime
  • Made from a blend of 70% nylon, 20% spandex, and 10% Merino wool with soft and steady pressure distribution


  • Delivers equal heat from your lower leg to the tip of your toes
  • Hassle-free to use in any type of footwear
  • Perfect during cold-temperature activities
  • Designed with fantastic wicking ability
  • Machine washable and easy to dry


  • The temperature is not that properly distributed on some parts
  • The underfoot material tends to bunch up when wearing ski boots

#3. Lenz Unisex Set Lithium Pack rcB 1200 + Heat Sock 1.0

These ergonomically designed socks feature 2 high-capacity batteries to warm up your cold feet even during the coldest times. As Bluetooth enabled socks, you can easily adjust its heating level through your smartphone anytime you need. You can enjoy its heat for 10-14 hours on a low heat setting together with its additional padding and shin protector.

Features and Specifications:

  • Available in 1-3, 3.5-6, 6.5-8, 8.5-10.5, and 11-12.5 US sizes
  • Made from 49% Polyester, 29% polyamide, 10% polypropylene, 7%merino, and 5% spandex
  • Designed to be a practical sock with an integrated heating element
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology
  • Temperature control offers 3 heat levels setting on the battery pack or remotely using the smartphone’s Bluetooth 4.0 connection


  • Practical and comfortable to wear
  • Great while skiing or doing other cold-temperature activities
  • Designed with a shin protector and padding on the exposed parts
  • Ergonomically knitted to ensure its optimal moisture transportation


  • Doesn’t feel very comfortable with its heating elements placed on the bottom
  • The wirings are not that durable to last a single season

#4. HotronicFootWarmer S4 Universal Boot Heater 2020

Great for skiing, bicycling, horseback riding, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities every winter, this universal foot warmer works like magic. It offers a 30% increase in higher average temperatures and longer operation in a single-use when fully charged. It maintains up to 55% energy and 95% of its initial capacity even after 4 years of non-use. Also, it is compatible with any footwear and outdoor activities whenever it’s cold.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 2.15 pounds with 15 x 9 x 2 inches dimension
  • 3 base level options of comfort and warmth maintenance while the fourth “timed” setting offers more heat
  • 2 NiMH AA cells battery packs don’t require fully discharging before fully recharging it
  • Recharger power plus S/e/m series has advanced charging senses allow faster charging while preventing overcharging
  • 2 heating elements install a pair of Hotronics’ one size that fits-all heat ready insoles with a pair of self-adhesive covers and strips


  • Fits in any type of footwear
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Energy-efficient and ready to provide heat whenever necessary


  • Batteries don’t last long and keep coming loose
  • Heater elements fail in warming up other footwear

#5. Therm-ic Thermic Basic Powerpack Ski & Snowboard Boot Foot Warmer Heater

This basic battery is what every outdoor adventurer needs who own a Therm-ic warming system. Basically, the bigger battery you have the longer run time your ski boot heater can have. If you’re planning to stay out in the cold for just a few hours, this Basic version is enough to keep your feet warm. It’s also cheaper compared with its premium versions with bigger power capacity.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Weighs 0.77 pounds with 10.2 x 2.4 x 5.5 inches dimension
  • Fits in easily in ThermicSoles and footwear with built-in Therm-ic foot warming system inside
  • 4 AA batteries give this small energy booster with enough power to guarantee you warm feet for all athletes
  • 3 heat levels impulse control help stimulate blood circulation for up to 12 hours


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to install in ThermicSoles and footwear
  • Powers up Therm-ic warming systems for 2-12 hours when fully charged
  • Promotes better blood circulation


  • The battery compartment is weak and made of cheap plastic material
  • Doesn’t work well on other ski boots

#6. ThermacellProflex Remote Controlled Flexible Heated Shoe Insole

This versatile heated insole is specially created so you can enjoy the outdoors. Forget the disposable warmers. These insoles are made for long-term use even if you use it on various shoes. It doesn’t get too hot to prevent your feet from sweating. It’s also combined with removable and rechargeable cushioned batteries for ease of use.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weighs 1.95 pounds with 6 x 2.5 x 13.5 inches dimension
  • Powered by removable and rechargeable batteries that last up to 5 hours per full charge
  • 3 different heat levels: low, medium, and high heat allow customized heat level according to your needs
  • Wireless remote control, wall/USB charger, and extra batteries make more convenient to use


  • Recharges in just 4 hours or less
  • Capable of operating up to 500x with removable cushioned batteries
  • The remote control’s range reaches up to 7 feet


  • The batteries’ indicator lights tend to fail sooner
  • Doesn’t warm up enough to avoid cold feet

Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

Skiing is indeed one of the most exciting and fun activities to enjoy the mountains and slopes every winter. You get to enjoy the feeling of snow under your skis and the view on top of the mountain or slope. But after enjoying the view and adrenaline rush, nothing feels more relaxing than freeing your fee from your ski boots. These boots might look cool and all but it can be torturous too after wearing it for the entire day.

When it comes to skiing, remember that your ski boots weren’t just made to cover your feet. The best pair of ski boots are not just made to look cool while you’re out in the cold. It should have heaters or warmers to prevent your feet from freezing while enjoying the slopes and the snow. So, we’re here to help you out in the process of choosing and buying the best ski boots warmer. Believe it or not, one of the biggest challenges that skiers face is fighting cold feet.

Thus, it is a must for every skier to have ski boot warmer that will keep their feet warm. Just take note of the following tips below and you won’t be worrying about freezing your feet anymore:

  • Does size matters?

The size of the ski boot warmer can be a little crucial for first-time buyers. In this case, make sure that the insoles you get match to the size of your feet. At the same time, it should be flexible enough and easy to adjust according to the type of your footwear. In some cases, manufacturers design heating insoles that users can easily trim. Thus, you will not have a problem in case you got a bigger size since you can simply trim them.

  • Is it easy to use?

This is one of the most important things to take note when it comes to the best ski boots warmer. User-friendly ski boot warmers can make yourself easier whenever you want to go out to ski. Some of the most advanced ski boot warmers today even come with wireless remote control. Thus, users can activate the heating process without a hassle. Users can also choose the level of heating they want any moment which is really cool about this technology.

For those who don’t like carrying a remote control around, some models can be connected with smartphones. Thus, you can just take out your phone anytime you want to change its heating level before or after skiing.

  • How do the heat settings work?

As mentioned above, ski boot warmers to offer different heating levels so its setting is also vital. This advanced technology that is typically u built in the best ski boots with more heat settings. Therefore, you can move freely and ski all day while relying on your boots’ accurate results and feel on your feet. For a more comfortable skiing adventure, we recommend getting ski boot warmer with 3 or more heat settings.

  • How long can its battery life last?

To keep your feet warm a little longer, make sure that it has enough battery life. In this case, consider your heating requirements as well as your skiing routine to know the batteries’ capacity you need. For instance, average ski boots heater batteries are enough to keep your feet warm for up to 3 hours a day. But if you want to stay longer for up to 6 hours or more, there are more advanced options.

Basically, the battery life of your ski boot warmer depends on how long you need warmth. Their high and low heat settings can also determine how long the batteries can last. If you’re fine with the low heat setting, then most ski boot warmer can keep your feet warm for the entire day. What matters most is that its batteries should be able to last for as long as you need heat.

  • How to install the heater?

This aspect varies depending on the ski boot warmer manufacturer. Some insoles already come with built-in batteries while some have built-in space in the heel of its heating pad. In some cases, some are inserted inside the shoes to allow the heater to function efficiently.

  • How much does it cost?

Once you’ve considered all the things above, the last thing to consider when buying the best ski boots warmer is its price. Some cost less than $50 while others are as expensive as $279 or higher based on its brand and features.


After a long day of enjoying the snow and slopes, the best part of skiing is the hot tub. But before that, it’s also important to focus on taking care of your feet by protecting it from too much cold. Depending on how long you want to stay outside skiing, your ski boot warmer should be able to keep up. Remember, these heaters drain faster if you set it on high heat.

At the same time, it can last for up to 6 hours or more when set at low heat. Regardless, it should be easy to install, user-friendly, and available at a reasonable price. Whenever you need help with finding the best ski boots warmer, we’re here to help you out.