Best Shower Panels Reviews and Buyers Guide For 2022

The best shower panels can transform your bathrooms from flop to fab as well as enhance your bathing experience.  The best shower panels, also known as shower towers,can elevate your bathing experience in a way that shower heads cannot, as well as make the grooming process faster and easier. These are also easier to clean than the corrosion- and bacteria-laden shower heads and easier to install using do-it-yourself methods; many shower towers, however, should be professionally installed so check with the manufacturer. These are also the epitomes of bathroom products that combine contemporary design and technology. Of course, there’s also the fact that with the multiple water outputs of a shower panel, you will enjoy a more thorough cleaning in a shorter period. You won’t have to angle your head and body toward a single water source; it’s a great feature for the elderly and other people with physical handicaps, too.

Top-Rated Shower Panels Reviews 2024

DULEES 63″ Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel (Editors Choice)

The Dulees 63” shower tower makes it to our list of the best shower panels because of its multiple functions, which are independently operated and can be turned on simultaneously, thanks to independent valve controls. It has 50 rainfall nozzles 100 horizontal spray massage nozzles that ensure excellent coverage over your head and body, as well as provide a truly luxurious bathing experience. It also comes with a hand shower for enhanced functionality and thermostatic control for reduced risks of scalding injuries. It also comes with a UPC and cUPC certification as well as a 2-year manufacturer warranty.  It has a beautiful European-inspired design, too, which blends well with contemporary bathroom dé shower panel


  • Durable stainless steel frame
  • Beautiful stainless steel panel with ergonomic placement of buttons and other controls
  • 4-stage shower function – waterfall, rainfall, hand shower, and horizontal massage spray – for a luxurious experience
  • Comes with modern brass hand shower for more thorough cleaning and for use among the elderly
  • 70” stainless steel hand shower hose with chrome finish
  • Thermostatic control
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty for U.S. customers
  • 150 nozzles in total
  • Manufactured by Décor Star, a trusted name in bathroom fixtures

We have to say that this is the best shower tower for the money for many reasons.We love that all its features can be used all at once so every bathing experience feels like being in the midst of a full-on rain shower, a five-star experience indeed. We found that even with moderate water pressure, we can still use two to three of the features at once.


  • Easy to install for experienced DIY enthusiasts
  • Attractive modern design
  • Durable metal hose, bracket, and fittings


  • Expensive price
  • Spray performance depends on water pressure

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65″ Rainfall Waterfall Dual Style Stainless Steel Black Finish Massage Multi-Function Bathroom Shower Panel Tower System (SP0057)

This Perfetto multifunctional unit is also among the good shower panels because of its durable construction, its multiple showering modes, and its hot and cold water features. The black brushed stainless steel panel immediately attracts attention because of its sleek and sophisticated vibe while the controls placement make it easy to adjust the water’s temperature, spray pattern, and strength. The panel already comes with the hot and cold water controls already integrated, too, so it’s among the easiest to install. There are 8 high-powered water spray jets that can be adjusted for nearly every angle and, thus, allow the user to enjoy maximum coverage and comfort, even at the highest setting.shower panel reviews


  • Measures 65” (H) x 8.66” (W) x 2.9” (D)
  • Made of stainless steel with brushed black finish
  • 2-in-1 overhead shower with rainfall and waterfall patterns
  • 8 water jets
  • Handheld shower wand equipped with long hose
  • Comes with chrome plated brass hose
  • Shower functions can be turned on and used at the same time
  • Minimum water pressure 29 psi; maximum water pressure 72.7 psi
  • Wall-mounted panel
  • Reinforced pipes on the back for fast and easy plumbing connection

We recommend the Perfetto shower panel because it’s such a functional product that every homeowner should consider installing in place of their existing showerheads. While it may not have as many functions as the Duleese shower panel, it still provides a great bathing experience with its powerful spray.


  • Straightforward installation with existing waterline connection
  • Knobs work great in controlling the spray pattern, side jets and hold/cold water selection
  • Works well with standard water pressure in most homes
  • Lasts for several years


  • Fittings may seem cheap to some people

Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head, 8 Multi-functional Nozzles (Budget Pick)

Many of the best shower panels are expensive but not so the Blue Ocean 52” shower tower! The affordable price is partly due to the use of high-quality aluminum alloy, an almost equally durable and beautiful material as stainless steel, for its panel. There are several controls on the panel for choosing the desired functions including a handheld showerhead, an overhead shower, and a tub spout, as well as 8 body massage nozzles. The panel also has two controllers for selecting the water temperature. Indeed, this may be a budget pick but it doesn’t compromise on the quantity and quality of the features, from the sturdy body and attachments to the number of functions.


  • Measures 52” (H) x 10” (W) x 3.5” (D)
  • Weighs 32 pounds
  • Made of aluminum alloy with the mirror0like tempered glass surface
  • Comes with hot and cold water hose for direct connection to the water pipe fitting
  • Equipped with a handheld showerhead, a rainfall showerhead, a tub spout, and adjustable body nozzles
  • Panel also displays temperature; display powered by AA battery
  • Comes with brass hose with chrome plating
  • Minimum water pressure 28 psi; maximum water pressure 72 psi
  • Fits with standard ½”plumbing connection

We love it that while it’s an affordable unit, it looks sharp and sleek surprisingly. There are also different colors available with many customers choosing this model because it seems to stand up to water stains quite well. We like it, too, that it performs so well even with moderate pressure, a great feature when you want to enjoy a relaxing hot shower after a hard day’s work.


  • Great spray performance, especially on high pressure
  • Easy to install with a few tools and basic plumbing skills
  • Controls are convenient to use


  • Functions can’t be turned on all the once

PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III Retro-Fit Shower System with 8″ Rain Showerhead, 5-Function Hand Shower, Adjustable Slide Bar and Soap Dish, Brushed Nickel Finish

The Pulse ShowerSpas shower panel is a well-made product and it’s evident in all its parts, from the fittings and valves to the panel and its finish. Its installation is also straightforward since it’s completely pre-plumbed; it can be quickly retrofitted with your existing shower system. It even comes with its own accessories including a shower arm, a soap dish, and brass slide bar so it’s an all-in-one system in its own right.


  • Measures 8 x 5 x 36.5”
  • Made of brass with brushed nickel finish
  • 5 gpm flow rate
  • Front handle/lever placement
  • Comes with 59” double-interlocking stainless steel hose
  • Equipped with 8” rainfall showerhead with soft tips for minimizing mineral deposits


  • Simple to install and retrofit with present shower
  • Comes with its own accessories for installation and use
  • Powerful spray
  • Sturdy build
  • Minimal plumbing needed
  • Handheld shower can be adjusted for flow


  • Flow discs can hamper water flow; a few users suggested removing them

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System,LED Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head 6-Function Faucet Rain Massage System with Body Jets Fingerprint-free, Brushed Nickel

This Ello&Allo shower panel is made of sturdy and attractive stainless steel with a brush stainless steel finish. There are several combinations of water effects, which can be controlled from the multi-outlet switches, and 6 modes including waterfall, rainfall, and horizontal massage spray with 2 settings. There are also a water spout and a handheld shower that expands the number of uses, all for a reasonable price.


  • Comes with 4 adjustable jets nozzles and handheld shower fixtures with three settings
  • 2 functions can be turned on at the same time with sufficient water pressure
  • LED overhead shower head
  • Panel has temperature display with the default temperature being 38°C
  • 59” stainless steel shower hose with chrome plating
  • Wall mounted installation
  • Measures 59 x 18.3 x 8.46”
  • Weighs 26.4 pounds


  • Great aesthetics
  • Works well with moderate to high water pressure
  • Powerful spray and wide selection of spray pattern
  • Relatively easy to install


  • Maybe too short for tall people
  • Hot water hose may be defective

AKDY 787392B 52″ Tempered Glass Aluminum Rain Style Massage System Shower Panel

Made of strong and stylish tempered glass, the AKDY shower panel immediately becomes a bathroom’s focal point.  The panel has an LED light rain showerhead and LED light handheld showerhead, as well as massage jets and tub spout for a complete shower tower. The massage panel should be installed flush against the wall for best use.


  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Comes with plumbing parts
  • Minimum water pressure is 29 psi; maximum water pressure is 72.7 psi
  • Measures 17.1 x 9.5 x 51.5”
  • Dark gray color with black finish on tempered glass
  • Weighs 31.8 pounds
  • Reinforced pipes on back
  • All functions run independently


  • Attractive unit for an affordable price
  • Fairly easy installation but may require professional assistance
  • Excellent pressure from the massage jets and showerhead


  • Some people may find the instructions to be less than satisfactory

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Shower Panels

Choosing from among several of the best shower panels can be a challenge on many levels. For one thing, these are fairly recent products so you may not be as familiar with them as shower heads. For another thing, these come in a wide range of styles and designed with an even wider variety of features that add to the challenge. Before considering the major factors that determine your choice in a shower panel, you should first consider its method of water delivery. You have to answer these questions: Do you prefer water cascading from overhead or do you like it being sprayed from a perpendicular angle in relation to your body? Do you want a rainfall setting where the spray mimics the pattern of a traditional showerhead or do you want an unbroken stream similar to a waterfall? When you answer these questions, you can then narrow down your choices since these are among the most important factors.  Here are other factors that should be carefully considered.

  • Materials used

Shower panels are usually made from a combination of materials, usually with one material being used more than the others. For example, shower panel can have either a stainless steel or aluminum alloy body with a glass front; the metals are common because these are easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, and repel hard water.

  • Types of showerheads and accessories/attachments

Most high-end shower panels have an overhead shower, a handheld showerhead, and several massaging nozzles of jets. Such combination means greater coverage over the body, faster rinse duration, and more luxurious bathing experience. The wide overhead shower provides a drenching shower experience, usually with a choice between waterfall and rainfall modes. The handheld shower has a stainless steel hose attached to it for a more thorough cleaning and rinsing of certain parts of your body. The massaging jets or nozzles spray water at a horizontal angle towards your body and, thus, these provide a gentle massaging experience.

Tip: If you want a drenching shower experience, you may want to look at the number of massaging jets. The more nozzles, the more intense the bathing and massaging experience will likely be.

  • Minimum and maximum water pressure required

The water pressure is stated in pressure/square inch (psi). Most shower panels are designed to work well under a wide range of pressures, from as low as 28 psi to as high as 70 psi. You should then check whether the water pressure in your home is within the minimum and maximum pressure required for the shower panels being considered. Why is it important? Too high and the shower panel can become prematurely damaged as it won’t be able to handle the extreme pressure. Too low and it won’t deliver the expected powerful spray strength and pattern.

  • Look at extra features

Many shower panels have extra features that usually add to their total price so it’s advisable to consider whether these features are worth the price and whether you will actually benefit from them. A thermostatic control sets the temperature and maintains it at the desired level so you don’t suffer from burns due to hot water.  An integrated bath filler spout is useful for filling your bath sans the need for drilling into it. Most shower panels also have LED displays that show the water temperature, spray settings, and other features. These displays are usually easy to use and provide the user with necessary information for a pleasurable shower.

  • Consider the installation

Keep in mind that many shower panels don’t come with all the fittings needed for a complete installation. You must then consider whether you have the time and money to buy extra supplies. You should also check whether the shower panel can be installed using DIY methods. You must read the instructions manual and determine your capacity for DIY installation – if not, better call a professional plumber to get the best results, especially if the shower panel will be connected to an existing hot/cold water system. Lastly, check the manufacturer’s warranty. The typical warranty lasts between one and three years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between a showerhead and a shower panel?

A: A showerhead only has a single disc from which water is sprayed, typically from overhead. A shower panel features two or three showerheads that consist of a fixed showerhead, a handheld shower, and several nozzles, as previously mentioned. These are all mounted on a vertical panel or strip.

Q: What is the gallon per minute flow rate standard?

A: The Department of Energy has limited the amount of water that each nozzle or head in a shower tower can emit. In previous years, the federal standard was 2.5 gpm per head or spray; a shower tower with four outlets, for example, can only legally use a maximum of 10 gpm. But since March 2013, the agency has further limited the water output for all the nozzles and heads to just 2.5 gpm. Many shower towers are then designed to not allow for turning all heads at once for this reason although there are many models that allow it. Be sure to check with your state and local governments, too, as many jurisdictions have lower gpm standards.  New York City has set it at 2.0 gpm while California has an even lower flow rate at 1.8 gpm.

Q: Can shower towers cause illnesses and hair loss?

A: Yes, these can cause illnesses usually when the heads aren’t properly and regularly cleaned. The shower head, for example, can harbor atypical mycobacteria that can make people sick; it must then be cleaned manually once every 6 months even when it has a self-cleaning feature. No, the powerful spray from the shower tower’s outlets aren’t likely to cause hair loss.


The best shower panels may be more expensive than your typical showerheads but these provide great value for the money for several reasons. These not only improve your bathing experience, especially via a gentle water massage, but these also increase the value of your bathrooms in particular and your home in general.  These are also essential fixtures in your bathrooms because good hygiene, after all, is an important part of your daily life and it starts when you take a refreshing and relaxing shower.