With the amazing benefits of retractable screen doors, more and more customers are starting to shift from glass sliding doors. Aside from being more aesthetically pleasing, the best retractable screen doors offer advantages for naturally cooling your house with fresh air during good weather. It may not be practical during winter, but it’s definitely a great investment during summer and fall. Here are some of the best retractable screen door reviews for you.

Comparion Chart of Retractable Screen Doors


#1. ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen for 80 in. Inswing Hinged Doors

Are you looking for a retractable screen door with a natural finish? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen for Inswing Hinged Doors has a sandstone finish in 80 inches. ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen for Inswing Hinged Doors is designed to be installed easily and glide smoothly in the right direction.best retractable screen doors

Thanks to the EZ glide system of ODL and the ergonomic handle, handling it is very easy. It also has a locking latch for added security and safety to keep it in place.

Features and Specifications:

  • It can fit in single doors with 80 inches door height
  • Its screen frame is compatible with 32-36 inches in-swing hinged doors
  • Its user-friendly design allows it to be installed in less than an hour without requiring to be cut
  • It comes with 5 parts and only 1 tool for installation which includes a power drill or a screwdriver
  • It can slide smoothly with a steady EZ glide screen operation
  • It has a lifetime limited warranty


  • Does not require cutting to fit in
  • Button controlled for automatic retraction
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Can slide with smooth movement
  • Has side opening


  • Its sliding movement could have been better
  • Its bottom horizontal piece is not supported

#2. Greenweb Retractable Screen Door 40 inch by 84 inch Kit

If you are looking for a single retractable screen door for your entry door, don’t forget to check out the Greenweb Retractable Screen Door. The Greenweb Retractable Screen Door is currently one of the best retractable screens that can fit 40 inches x 84 inches doors. It is available in plastic and aluminum door frames that are capable of resisting rust.

Its pleated screen makes it aesthetically pleasing as well with its side opening that is easy to open and close. It is California Pro 65 certified and easy to install.retractable screen doors reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • It has a California Pro 65 certification that signifies it is high-quality built for various purposes
  • It comes with aluminum frames and pleated screen system that can be cut according to your needed size
  • It can fit in any single door that has a 34 to 40 inches width and 78 to 84 inches door height
  • It is available with assembling and pre-cut services depending on your needs
  • It comes with 5 years limited warranty


  • Can fit any single door with opening on either side
  • Designed to be a tough unit to last for years
  • Does not require a specialist for installation


  • Its written instructions could have been better
  • It is not sturdy enough to be pet-proofed

#3. ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen Kit for 80 in. Inswing Hinged Double Doors

If you have inswing hinged double doors, the ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen Kit is a great investment. ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen Kit for Inswing Hinged Double Doors is perfect for double doors with up to 80 inches door height. More than just an ordinary retractable screen door, ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen Kit features a secure locking latch.rectractable screen doors

As a matter of fact, this retractable screen door is built with a set of 2 security latches to increase your security. Its EZ glide system allows it to glide smoothly and stay open when necessary.

Features and Specifications:

  • It can be installed in less than an hour without so much adjustment to be made
  • It does not require cutting for installation
  • It comes with 5 parts and only 1 tool that includes a power drill or a screwdriver for assembling and installation
  • It can glide smoothly and stay steady with its EZ glide screen operation system
  • It is designed to be pet and child-proof for efficiency
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty


  • Fast and easy installment
  • Designed with woven stripes to serve as refined visual hints of the screen
  • Made from sturdy materials


  • It can be damaged by heavy wind and storm
  • It still needs some adjustment for some doors

#4. Single Door Retractable Screen, Up to 82″ Tall

The Single Door Retractable Screen is one of the best options on the market if you want a customizable screen door. No need to spend big for a retractable screen door when you can customize a Single Door Retractable Screen. This retractable screen door stands above its competitors with its high-quality materials and construction. Its aluminum frame with powder coating and Teflon helps it last for years.

Features and Specifications:

  • It disappears to its rolled position on one side when not in use
  • It is custom built according to your measurements in Texas, USA
  • Its extruded aluminum frame is Teflon coated and powder coated for a smooth operation
  • Its ergonomic design is made easy for DIY installation without magnets, springs, or coils to fail in performance
  • It is durable enough to protect your home from big critters and pests
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty


  • Works smoothly when opening and closing
  • Can be customized to fit in your needs
  • Made from sturdy and materials to withstand years of use


  • Its top and bottom part can pop out from its track due to heavy wind

#5. Greenweb Retractable Screen Door 37 inch by 97 inch Kit DIY

Are you looking for a DIY kit? Then, you better check out the Greenweb Retractable Screen Door Kit DIY while it is still available. The Greenweb Retractable Screen Door Kit DIY is not just any ordinary retractable screen door with a huge price. Greenweb Retractable Screen Door Kit DIY features a dust-proof screen mesh that can keep those pests out and let the cool breeze in.

It comes with an aluminum frame that you can customize according to the size you need up to 4 inches.

Features and Specifications:

  • It is California Pro 65 certified to guarantee that it is safe to use
  • Its maximum profile can be adjusted up to 37 inches x 97 inches door height
  • It is made with a patent water repellent as well as dust-proof screen mesh
  • Its aluminum frames can be customized and cut up to 4 inches to fit in your entry door
  • It has adjustable door handles that can be moved up and down when necessary


  • The frame can be bought either in aluminum or plastic frame
  • Made from high-quality materials to ensure its durability
  • The door slides smoothly with ease


  • Its written instruction can be a little confusing
  • It is not entire bug-proof and pet-proof

#6. Casper Retractable Double Door Screen

If you want a screen door for your double door without spending big money, Casper Retractable Double Door Screen is definitely one of the best. With just a power drill, you can easily assemble and install it in place.

Its magnetic closures give it a secure hold when closed so you can keep those pests and unwanted creatures outside. The Casper Retractable Double Door Screen is compatible with in-swinging and out-swinging doors.

Features and Specifications:

  • It comes with rubberized magnetic strips to keep the bugs and critters out when it is closed
  • It includes a handy set of directions for installation
  • It can be installed on entry doors that have up to 100 inches in width and 100 inches in height
  • Its design allows it to fit in both in-swing or out-swing doors
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts of the frame and its components


  • Custom made to fit doors in any size
  • Can be installed in out-swinging and in-swinging doors
  • Perfect for double door openings
  • Can be installed fast and easy


  • It is more expensive than other brands and models
  • Its security features could have been better

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Retractable Screen Doors

Clearly, retractable screen doors are different from the traditional screen doors. Unlike traditional screen doors, retractable screen doors don’t use traditional door frame that holds the screen permanently in place. Instead, it is bound on a spring-loaded case that is located either at the top or side of the door frame. It’s either the top and bottom or the sides that hold the screen mesh on a frame. This way, you just have to pull out the screen mesh sideways or downward whenever you want to let the fresh air come in. But to make sure that you get only the best retractable screen door on the market, here are the things to consider when buying one:

  • Special Purposes

When you search for the best retractable screen doors, most of the items you see are made to keep the insects out. This is due to the fact that most customers who want to buy screen doors just want to keep those little creatures out and let the fresh air enter. But if you have a problem with sneaky critters like squirrels or even raccoons, there are special screen fabrics that are made to keep them out.

Another thing that customers consider is their pets that cause damage to traditional screen doors easily. If you have pets at home, there are also special screen fabrics that are “pet-proof”. These screens are way stronger than ordinary screen fabrics and last for years.

You need a proper screen retractable door that is designed to withstand harsh elements. One that is made with nylon coating can protect your entrance from discoloration or fading. Depending on the purpose of your retractable screen door, you can find one made from a special screen fabric to guarantee you lifelong benefits.

  • Screen Fabric

As mentioned above, you can choose the perfect screen fabrics based on the purpose of your retractable screen door. Screen fabrics for retractable screen doors vary from plastic, metal fibers, fiberglass, copper, or aluminum. But when it comes to durability tests, there is no doubt that aluminum screen fabrics have a big edge. However, aluminum screen fabrics also come at a higher price over other materials. If you don’t have a pet and problems with bigger critters, plastic and fiberglass screen fabrics can be more affordable options.

  • Quality

Quality is one thing you should not overlook when buying anything. If you want your retractable screen door to last a lifetime, you have to make sure that it has every quality of a top-notch retractable screen door. It should be able to retract smoothly without slamming to avoid accidents especially when you have kids at home. The roller tube or springs as well its other external and internal mechanism should be made with the highest quality.

  • Installation

Once you’re ready to buy a retractable screen door, you may consider hiring a professional. A contractor with proper training to properly install your retractable screen door will also do. They can also guarantee that your retractable screen door works the way it should.


Once you’ve chosen the best retractable screen door for your needs and the best installation service provider, don’t forget to ask for its warranty. Asking for the warranty will help you determine what and what not to expect in case you need some repairs or replacements. In some cases, the repairs or replacements are shouldered by either the manufacturer or the installer.

Since DIY retractable screen doors can be very common nowadays, always consider the long-term benefits of buying from legit sellers. Hiring professionals to help you with the installation is always the best choice.