When it comes to building a home, it will never be complete without a living room. But if there’s something that plays a big role in this area, it’s the sofa. Of course, nothing beats the beauty and functionality of a reclining sofa which can fit 2 or more people. There are loveseats/2-seaters, 3-seaters, 4-seaters, and so on which customers may choose from depending on their needs and allotted space. It can be operated either manually or electronically. It can also offer a 180° reclining position with a leg rest that automatically lifts once the backrest is adjusted. So, read on to know more about its features and our top picks for the best reclining sofa:

5 Top-Rated Reclining Sofa Reviews 2021

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan Reclining Sofa (Editor’s Choice)

Designed with a combination of contemporary style and functionality, this Hogan Recliner Sofa is our Editor’s Choice. This reclining sofa is part of the Hogan Motion Collection that is designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture. Aside from being a good-looking sofa, it is also very comfy thanks to its well-padded back, arm, and seat cushions. Its upholstery that is made from super soft microfiber feels great to the skin. With an extra-wide seat, it can practically fit in a family of three without falling apart on any part of the sofa. Its frame is constructed from plywood, hardwood, or OSB with metal drop in the unitized seat box.best reclining sofa

Features and Specifications:

  • Simple yet modern style gives it a casual and cool finish that reveals its matching stripes and cut patterns
  • Textured microfiber upholstery made from 100% polyester provides a soft and luxurious feeling
  • Extra-wide seat allows 2 or more individuals to squeeze in and still feel comfortable in a seated or reclined position
  • A sturdy corner-blocked frame supports the entire recline sofa with engineered woods and metal reinforced seat
  • Pull tab reclining mechanism made from metal guarantees a long-term service when adjusting it to infinite reclined positions
  • Tight back and seat foam paddings made from poly fiber provide great comfort when cradling your arms and back

Topping as our Editor’s Choice, this reclining sofa from Ashley Furniture is perfect for any modern living room. With high-quality materials especially in the construction of its frame, we definitely like its provided comfort for a long time. We also love its super soft microfiber cover and thick pillow top arms that stays cool and inviting. Even after using it for hours, it still feels cozy from the backrest to the armrests, and leg rest. The armrests can even work as pillows.


  • Great for couples and small families
  • Firm and plush padded cushions add extra comfort
  • Does not require assembly once delivered
  • The extra-wide seat can accommodate more than 2 individuals
  • Reaches almost half of the sofa when fully reclined


  • Requires to a manual operation to recline
  • Doesn’t offer different levels of reclining position
  • Doesn’t return to its original shape

Signature Design by Ashley Linebacker DuraBlend Collection Reclining Sofa (Best For Classy Look )

With a modern look available in color black, this reclining sofa won our Best for Classy Look award. Its classic bold style allows it to complement a wide range of interior without sacrificing its comfort. Thus, it is built with thick padding that is made from high-density foam and covered with DuraBlend material. To enjoy its reclined position, it includes a metal pull tab that activates its reclining motion. Its fully reclined position has a total length of 65 inches so any user can find it sleep on it easily. Most importantly, it arrives in customers’ doorway fully assembled and ready to be used.reclining sofa reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Modern and bold style made with matching stripes and cut fabric patterns that are AHFA pre-approved for durability and wearability
  • Black DuraBlend material allows it to resemble the sleek look of leather which is a mix of cotton/polyester/leather/polyurethane/vinyl
  • Cushion cores made from low melt fiber that covers the entire frame with high-density foam padding
  • Corner-blocked frame with metal drop-in unitized seat box guarantees the sofa’s strength and durability
  • Shapely rolled and plush pillow top arms cradle the arms efficiently to guarantee comfort
  • Pull tab reclining mechanism made from metal guarantees a long-term service when adjusting it to infinite reclined positions

Featuring plush and smooth upholstery that has a shiny leather look, this really is the Best for Classy Look. We love its contemporary style which can be easily matched to modern interiors. Since it is a reclining sofa, it also makes a great addition to any living room or even in the bedroom. Its backrest and leg rest are divided into three with additional supportive cushions. Thus, it feels comfortable to sit on or sleep since it also has pillow top arms.


  • Looks classy and cozy
  • 100% made from durable materials but still affordable
  • Doesn’t require any assembly anymore
  • Fits perfectly through 36 inches doorways or wider
  • Delivered directly from the manufacturer to ensure its fast and quality delivery


  • Requires some effort and muscle power to pull its tab when reclining
  • Only the two outer seats can be reclined

Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Recliner Loveseat (Best Budget Pick)

For our Best Budget Pick, this recliner sofa is perfect for customers whose budget is set at $400 or below. Thus, they would never have to break the bank just to have a lovely reclining sofa in their house. Customers don’t even need to have a big space to fit in this sofa since it is just a loveseat. But still, it offers extra space in the seat to provide more comfort to users and avoid feeling too snug. The velcro tape and zipper that attach the armrests to the seat allows them to be ripped off for easier cleaning.

Features and Specifications:

  • Loveseat type sofa makes it a perfect match for couples with small space in the house
  • The seamless operation allows users to enjoy this loveseat sofa with its reclining backrest and lifting leg rest
  • Velcro tape and zipper keep the armrests attached to the seat
  • Pull tab full reclining mechanism with 60 inches depth and 30 inches height
  • Oversized rocker recliner sofa that is designed with contemporary style and natural rattan finish
  • Soft and 100% linen upholstery covers its entire frame with overstuffed backrest and armrests to ensure comfort
  • High-quality and solid materials that include wood and metal guarantee its durability for years

Right when we need a nice and cozy sofa at a reasonable price, this is the Best Budget Pick. Suitable for couples, this loves eat makes a perfect choice for a low-cost budget. In addition, its extra wide seat allows two individuals to move freely in the sofa without feeling too tight. However, the linen upholstery that is used to cover it does not spill and stain. Thus, it requires regular cleaning to maintain its beauty. Overall, it has great quality for its price.


  • Budget-friendly and easy to operate
  • The fabric is firm yet comfortable
  • Already includes all hardware and instruction for assembling in the box
  • Requires minor assembly only once delivered
  • Extra wide and comfortable with thickly padded back and armrests


  • The backrest is too low for some tall users
  • The armrests can be removed easily with too much movement

BestMassage Leather Recliner Sofa

Crafted with a bold and sleek style, this 3-seater reclining sofa from BestMassage is definitely a good buy. Aside from offering enough space to accommodate 3 or more people, it’s also easy to assemble in just a few minutes. It doesn’t even need a huge door to fit inside after being delivered in a compact box. Given that it is made from PU leather, it is durable and guaranteed to last for years of use. It also looks great in brown or in color black. When it comes to its reclining mechanism, it just needs a light pull to adjust which means less muscle effort.

Features and Specifications:

  • Pull tab reclining mechanism guarantees ease of use when adjusting its reclining level
  • Durable upholstery made from PU leather gives it a smooth and plush feeling that is water resistant
  • High resilience sponge provides utmost support, comfort, and bounce that is designed to last longer
  • Stable rack structure made from steel frame ensures the users’ safety in reclined position
  • Solid wood material adds support to make the whole sofa stronger


  • Adjustable reclining position with a switch that can be pulled lightly
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean by simply wiping it clean
  • Easy to assemble in just 3 minutes without required tools


  • The backrest is too low for users whose height is 6 feet or above
  • The surface is firmer than most users’ likings

Homelegance 3 Piece Bonded Leather Sectional Reclining Sofa (Best For Large Families)

For a family sofa that can accommodate with 4 to 5 members, this is certainly the Best for Large Families. In fact, a 6th member can still fit in the middle which makes this bonded reclining sofa a great buy. Covered with top grain leather upholstery, this sofa from Homelegance can last for years without losing its beauty and comfort. Its back and sides are covered with color matched vinyl or split-grain leather. Regardless, its mix of leather doesn’t make it less stylish and attractive. Its built-in consoles can store chargers, remote, books, and other small items that are always get lost around the house.

Features and Specifications:

  • Traditional style with rolled armrests and nailhead trim accents complement the overall style of the sofa
  • Bonded sectional sofa with matching upholstery made from leather provides no-gap cushion and body comfort
  • Fully functional for living rooms with 2 pairs of cup holders and 1 storage console on each side
  • Power reclining function and power motion available on both sides
  • Footrest operation switch allows an easy and light pull outside the armrests


  • Made from elegant and high-quality leather
  • Affordable and comfortable
  • Requires minor assembly
  • Perfect for families with up to five members
  • Can store drinks, snack, and other small items in the consoles


  • Not ideal for small living rooms
  • Only 1 seat on each end reclines
  • The armrests lack enough padding to be comfortable

Buying Guide of Best Reclining Sofa

If you’re looking for an upgrade for your living room or bedroom, a reclining sofa is a great solution. After all, “two is better than one” so getting the best reclining sofa is perfect if you love some company. However, not all sofas are built the same so this buying guide will be a great help when you’re shopping. This guide covers the most important things that you need to check when buying the best reclining sofa:

  • Manual or Electric Powered

First things first, do you want a manually operated sofa or an electric powered one? Obviously, the manually operated reclining sofa requires some effort to pull or push a tab or button to operate the sofa. Moreover, most manually operated reclining chairs don’t offer an adjustable reclining level. If its full reclining position is set at 130° then it’s the only level you’ll get if you recline it. But with an electrically powered reclining sofa, there’s a big chance that you’ll be offered with different reclining levels. Most reclining sofas that are powered by electricity are built with more features that include different levels of adjustment.

  • Reclining Positions

Just like in other reclining chairs and lift chairs, sofas also have different reclining positions. Some reclining sofas would only offer a slightly reclined position of up to 45° and automatically lift the leg rest. There are also reclining sofas that offer a full reclined position that goes lower than 45°. Though you can practically lie down in this position, it’s still not 100% horizontal. If you want a sofa that allows a fully reclined position with up to 180° flat, you can also have one. This is if perfect if you love having your back straight and your feet high while lying down.

  • Size

Size is very important especially if you have a small room to fit in a reclining sofa. Basically, a sofa that fully reclines in 180° requires more space while those that don’t only require a small space. At the same time, the size applies to how many people that your sofa can accommodate. If you’re planning to put it in the living room then the more it can fit the better. Moreover, there are some that don’t require assembly which means you need a huge doorway to take it in. Even some reclining sofas that are delivered pre-assembled still require a large door to fit inside. Thus, be sure to check the size before making your final decision.

  • Quality and Construction

Of course, these are the things that you shouldn’t forget regardless of the operation, size and reclining level you prefer. Some may look stunning but made with poor quality and construction. In the end, the sofa breaks done after just a few weeks or months of use. Check the quality of its materials and its construction to ensure that it will be able to last. At the same time, this guarantees its ability to handle a number of people whether they are sitting or lying down.


When you’ve already drained all your energy, nothing is more inviting than a comfy sofa. The best reclining sofa can relieve stress by offering the utmost comfort and support. Thus, it is important to invest in one whether your available space at home is big or small. Reclining sofas come in different sizes, colors, and styles so you’ll never run out of options. Their offered reclining position levels also vary. On the other hand, not all recliners have an automatic leg rest that lifts once you recline the backrest. At the same time, not all leg rests work unless you recline the sofa. Regardless, this review guide can help you find the one that can suit your needs.