Do you want your motorcycle to flaunt your favorite color? When it comes to selecting the right kind of lightings to pimp your motorcycle, always look for LED lights. LED lights for motorcycles are 80% more energy-efficient than any incandescent and fluorescent lights. Compared with other kinds of lightings, 95% of LED energy is converted to light while the remaining 5% is heat. This means that the best LED lights for motorcycles produce more light and less heat with a little amount of power. LED lights also contain no toxic elements that are harmful to the environment. So check out our review on the top LED lights for motorcycles below:

5 Best Selling LED Lights For Motorcycle Reviews

DITRIO ML-10 Motorcycle LED Light Kit

Forget about boring lights if you can have an LED kit like ML-10 Motorcycle LED Light Kit from DITRIO. This LED kit will only add an awesome glow in your motorcycle but also improve its overall look. Besides, you would not see a motorcycle that parade in colors every day so might as well make the most of it. This LED kit is proven and tested to be waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. You can use it rain or shine since it will not short circuit when wet or set your motorcycle on led lights for motorcycle

Features and Specifications:   

  • RGB 5050 SMD LED creates 15 static color combinations
  • Can reflect 7 solid colors like Green, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Teal, Purple, Orange, and Pink
  • 12V DC System with a waterproof switch to prevent the battery from draining fast
  • 8 inches 6 LED strip + 4×8.7 inches 12 LED strip + 4×12.7 inches 18 LED strip
  • Contains Red positive wire, Black negative wire, Blue brake light wire from its receiver, and an in-line fuse
  • Wires come in 3 sizes that range from 78.7 inches, 82.6 inches, and 86.6 inches to reach any part of your motorcycle
  • The dual remote control is compatible with Harley Davidson, Honda Kawasaki, and Suzuki motorcycle models


  • Can be operated with a dual remote control
  • Compatible with a wide range of motorcycle models
  • Easy to mount with its universal fit
  • Can be customized to fit your motorcycle better


  • Its remote control’s batteries may drain faster than expected
  • The adhesive tapes may peel off faster after a few rides

NINEO Neon Lights Motorcycle RGB LED Strip Lights Kit

When it comes to the hottest LED lights that can pimp any motorcycle, NINEO will probably one of the leading names. When it comes to the hottest accessories to motorcycles, NINEO is always one of the top providers. If you want some neon lights to enhance your motorcycle, this LED light from NINEO will never let you down. It is made from high-quality RGB LED that comes in a package of 15 bright light options. If you want to change the color of your lights from time to time, this is definitely one of the best options. It comes with a wireless remote control and different modes.led lights for motorcycle

Features and Specifications:

  • New generation 6 – chip RGB LED light with ultra-brightness
  • Automatically turns on when the brake mode is pressed
  • Can be installed to light up your brake with incredible colors
  • Available in 18 different neon colors to light up your motorcycle on the road and parking lots
  • Can be changed into 4 different modes from flashing, static, fading, and breaking
  • Waterproof sealant technology and IP65 rating to ensure your safety under the rain
  • Each strip backed by a 3M self-adhesive tape for easy mounting
  • Its intelligent remote control is compatible with almost all motorcycle models like Standard, Sportsbikes, Cruiser, Touring, Harley, Suzuki, Ducati, and more


  • Waterproof and high-quality
  • Comes with a wireless remote control
  • Equipped with 4 different modes and 18 color options
  • Comes with ultra-bright LED neon lights kit
  • Long warranty period and lifetime support


  • The remote control’s batteries may drain faster
  • The color options may start to decrease when changing the colors over time

Brightronic Motorcycle Atmosphere LED Light Strip Kit

Coming from its name, Brightronic definitely has one of the brightest names when it comes to LED lights for motorcycles. For years, Brightronic has been producing high-quality products for motorcycle riders that include LED lights. With this LED lighting from Brightronic, there is no way you will not be able to enhance your bike’s looks. You can make your motorcycle glow and increase your visibility for over 50,000 (working hours). You can also enjoy a longer warranty period and money-back guarantee, unlike other models. Its flexible neon lights can be customized in any area of your motorcycle where you needed it the most.

Features and Specifications:

  • 12V DC System and 7.2W power with a waterproof switch to prevent the remote’s battery from draining fast
  • Anode control mode with 1-10 control range
  • 10 pieces of IP66 LED strips with ultra-bright RGB SMD 5050 LED
  • Adjustable speed and multi-color brightness with 4 dimming levels
  • Each strip has 3.94 inches length that is connected to each other with a total of 122 inches length
  • Wireless remote control lets you control the LED lightings mode and color options
  • Available with 18 color options to match each mode you select
  • Customizable to up to 4 intelligent modes that include fading, jumping, speed, and reset


  • Waterproof and compatible with different motorcycle models
  • Comes in 4 different modes and color options
  • It can last for more than50,000 lighting hours
  • Available in a very affordable price


  • The cords of the LED lights are smaller and shorter
  • They should be connected to each other to work

OPT7 Aura Motorcycle LED Light Kit

Are you looking for one of the best-selling LED lights in the industry? Then you better check out OPT7’s Aura LED light for motorcycles. As one of the most in-demand products on the market, you can easily mount this on cruisers, sports bikes, and other motorcycle models out there. Three times brighter than other motorcycle lightings, OPT7’s Aura features a 3-in-1 SmartColor LED. Instead of using just a single color in each strip, OPT7’ Aura LED light uses enhanced strips with 3-in-1 color SMD. Thus, you can guarantee a better and brighter micro LED lighting with a vivid and wide-angle glow.

Features and Specifications:

  • 3-in-1 SmartColor LED light can give you a brighter light that your motorcycle needs to glow
  • 16 stunning afterglow color options that can keep your vehicle visible even when driving in low light
  • Comes with different modes like fading, flashing, and dimming options
  • Controlled by a wireless remote handlebar that is mounted to the switch which comes with a keychain remote control
  • Can last for more than 50,000 lighting hours
  • 10 flexible 3.5 inches LED light strips that can be mounted on both sides of your fender, engine, fairing, wheels, and tail
  • Ultra-thin design helps you ensure that the LED strips will stay hidden in daylight


  • High-quality and rumble-proof
  • Very convenient to use on different motorcycle models
  • Uses SmartColor LED lights with brighter glow
  • Fun-size and portable remote control
  • Easy to mount On/Off LED light switch


  • The switch may break down and require a replacement earlier
  • Some are stuck with a single color on when turned On

AMBOTHER Motorcycle LED Light Kit

When you’re on a tight budget but determined to get the best LED lights for your motorcycle, try AMBOTHER. More than just a brand, AMBOTHER has made their name big by producing high-quality products at an affordable price. Thus, this motorcycle LED light kit from AMBOTHER is a must-have for if you aim to get a low cost but quality product. It is suitable for various models like Harley, Kawasaki, Ducati, Polaris, Honda, Davidson, and more. You can also ride your motorcycle and have its LED lights change in colors. What’s more, you can also get this LED light kit for your Jeep, SUVs, and ATVs.

Features and Specifications:

  • 8 pieces of multi-color RGB 5050 SMD LED with 12V power
  • 94 inches 6 LED strip + 4×7.88 inches 12 LED strip + 2×11.82 inches 18 LED strip
  • 68 inches controller length and universal fit
  • The length of the light with wire is 51.19 – 88.59 inches which makes a total length of 83.87 – 88.59 inches
  • Easy to mount and compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • Comes with an extra wire to help you reach other parts of your motorcycle during the installation
  • Controlled by a wireless remote control
  • 4 intelligent modes for changing its color modes, color cycle modes, flashing modes, and fading mode


  • Controlled by a wireless remote
  • Waterproof and made from high-quality materials
  • Very affordable and convenient to use
  • It can be installed on various types of vehicles from motorcycles to SUVs


  • The color keeps on changing back to its default green color
  • Its cords are not long enough to reach other parts

How to Choose the Best LED Lights: Buying Guide

When buying the best LED lights for motorcycles, take note that there are always things to consider. Not all LED lights for motorcycles are the same so don’t expect to see them as equally made. So, be sure to check these things when choosing the best-LED lights:

Types of LED Lights for Motorcycles

  • Headlights

Using LED for your headlights is the best way to enjoy more comfortable rides at night. LED lights for motorcycles can also help during bad weather conditions to increase the visibility of your headlights. You can ensure this by adding a LED headlight modulator to announce your presence to other vehicles. Even if you use HD headlights for a better visibility during the daytime, it would consume less power over time. It is also 3x brighter than any other kinds of headlights.

  • Clusters

You probably heard about cluster lightings already as a motorcycle rider. So instead of using a single ordinary light bulb, using LED light gives you a brighter result. A LED cluster can also help you direct the focus of your light where you needed it the most. Basically, the more LED lights you can fit in a single housing, the brighter light it can produce. This works perfectly especially when you’re riding with low to non-existent lighting conditions.

  • Brake Lights

Considering your brake lights, replacing them with LED can help you draw more attention to your brake lights. Coming from a safety standpoint, there’s no better lighting than LED lightings. As brake light flashers, it would automatically emit pulses of light every time you step on the brake. You can even increase its brake functionality by using an LED conversion kit. Moreover, it is very simple to install.

  • Kits

Considering the lighting power of a single LED light, it can obviously overpower any standard bulb. But instead of sticking with a single LED bulb, you might also want to consider the benefit of LED kits. Using LED kits allow you to add more bulbs in a single housing for a brighter light.


Since LED lights for motorcycles still differ, you should also consider its brightness level. This will not only help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle but serve its purpose.

Color Modes

When it comes to the color modes, you can choose pretty much any color to add in your motorcycle. You can also get one that has various colors and lighting modes. The more color modes you can get the better in case you feel like changing its color anytime.


This may not occur to other riders yet but take note that not all LED lights for motorcycles are waterproof. No matter how much LED light bulbs you use and insert in an LED kit, it would go to waste once it gets wet. It will not only get damaged, but the water could also cause your LED lightings to short circuit and start a fire.


Of course, lifespan is the most important thing when looking for the excellent LED lights for motorcycles. After all, you wouldn’t want to invest your money on cheap LED lightings that will only last for days. Some even last only for a few minutes after installing LED lightings on their motorcycles and taking it for a ride. The bulbs may still be working but due to poor quality in general, its adhesive tape may peel off faster.


So, there you have it. Now, you already know what that best light for motorcycle is and the things to consider when buying. Therefore, it will be easier for you to buy the good LED lights that can help enhance your motorcycle. Not just in looks but also in performance in times of bad weathers and low to non-existent visibility.

With these top rated LED lights for motorcycles, you can increase your visibility in various ways no matter what is the weather condition. You can also save more power over time as you use LED lights instead of using other lightings.