Best Instant Tents For Camping in 2022

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In order to ensure a pleasant experience for campers and hikers, here comes the magical instant tents. These are incredible mini shelters to let them unwind and gear up for more hectic journeys. Be it during daytime or overnight, these tents can be set up anywhere in just two minutes and requires no effort at all. There are two types of instant tents – one is Instant Cabin Tent and the other one is Instant Dome Cabin. Where an Instant Cabin Tent is more popular and weighs less, the Instant Dome Tent is known to be quite sturdy. Different instant tents come with different capacities to accommodate people. So, prior to choosing the best instant tents, make sure you know about its capacity, quality, durability, and ability to ensure protection.

Top 5 Instant Tent Comparison Chart

Product ImageBrand NameWeightDimensionOur GradingPrice
Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent41 pounds46.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inchesA+

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin18 pounds38 x 18 x 9.5 inchesA+

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent35.1 pounds48 x 11 x 10.5 inchesA

Coleman Waterproof 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tent22.2 pounds48.5 x 9.5 x 9.2 inchesA

Coleman WeatherMaster31 pounds30.3 x 10.2 x 10.2 inchesA-

Best Instant Tents Reviews 2022

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Spacious, cozy and durable, Coleman brings an 8-person instant tent to make your future hiking trips more enjoyable. Equipped with two doors and seven windows, this grey-colored tent is just brilliant in terms of security. With an advanced Weather Tec system, welded floor,and waterproof walls, this 2-room tent can be assembled with a wink of an eye. As the poles come attached to the tent, it just needs to be unfolded properly. Once done, just spread out, stretch the poles, click and then lock it. High on durability and protection, it has sturdy frames, weather-resistant fabric, and full zipper protection. So, if you are all set to step out for camping, pack it along with no second thoughts. Read Morebest instant tents

Features and Specifications:

  • Compact in size with a height of 6 feet 5 inches and base of 14 by 10 feet
  • Ensures ventilation at its best with seven windows and two doors
  • Comes with a detachable divider to be kept between rooms
  • Has the ability to accommodate up to 8 people
  • Does not take even a minute to set up
  • Has a total of 2 rooms that makes it easier to set up
  • Superb in terms of protection and completely waterproof with its Weather Tec system


  • Can be both assembled and disassembled in quick time
  • Uniquely designed with removable dividers that can be kept between rooms
  • Extremely comfortable and cozy to stay inside
  • Pocket-friendly in comparison to other instant tents
  • High on durability and quite sturdy


  • Handling is a bit difficult for a single person to set it up
  • Frail poles that might shake off with winds

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin

While choosing a good quality instant tent, what matters is its fabric, and this further determines its level of protection. With this 4-person Instant Cabin Tent from Coleman, you can now have this assurance as it comes with a premium-quality polyester body. What’s best is that it does not take even a minute to set it up. As it already comes with pre-attached poles, the installation process will seem to be a child’s play. Equipped with inverted seams, this instant cabin tent comes with genuine welded floors and hence keeps users away from falling prey to water hazards. For allowing additional airflow, it comes with a built-in vented rainfly. Easy on the pocket, this instant tent is sure to keep campers happy.instant tents reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Setting it up does not take even a minute with the help of pre-attached poles
  • Quite sturdy and assures complete protection with its 75D fabric, that is, twice the thickness of a quality tent fabric
  • Comes fully taped and does not require a rainfly separately
  • Spacious enough with a base measurement of 8 x 7 inches, and has a center height of 59 inches
  • Keeps no chances of allowing water to come in as it is completely waterproof
  • Its unique Weather Tec system ensures to protect against harsh weather conditions


  • Equipped with two interior pockets that help in storing little essentials
  • Comes with three windows that are large enough to allow full ventilation
  • Has huge space to fit even a queen-sized airbed
  • Apart from its easy set-up, it can be taken down quickly as well


  • Has only one door that creates a bit of inconvenience for entry and exit
  • Too light in weight that might not be able to beat the windy conditions

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9′

Bid farewell to your worries of looking for a shelter to accommodate a big team of hikers with this Instant Cabin Tent from Core. With a capacity to let 9 people sleep together, this spacious instant tent has a center height of 78 inches and can even fit a couple of queen air mattresses. What makes it stand out is its exclusive H20 Block technology that ensures full-proof protection against any uninvited entry. With an adjustable ground vent, it comes with a room divider as well as wall storage pockets. Additionally, it comes with a port for connecting an electrical cord. A big team of campers can, therefore, consider it any day tent for camping

Features and Specifications:

  • High on durability as it has a water repellant fabric supported by active bead technology
  • For having a pre-assembled frame, it takes around 60 seconds to set it up
  • Base measures 14 x 9 inches and accommodates 9 people with no effort at all
  • Allows ample headroom and lets one walk with no difficulty for its impressive height of 6 feet 6 inches
  • The room divider included makes it easier to differentiate between sleeping and living spaces
  • Doors and windows are all completely rain-resistant while its rainfly is fully taped


  • Has two doors that are large enough to move luggage and air beds in and out
  • H20 Block Technology assures full-proof protection against rain
  • Comprises a mesh proof view to let one enjoy the nocturnal ambiance
  • Two queen size mattresses can be accommodated


  • Zipper at the main door has chances to get stuck on the fabric outside
  • Cold weather conditions might be a bit challenging for the people staying inside

Winter Tent with Stove Pipe Vent. Hunting Fishing Outfitter Tent

If you have been in search of an all-season tent that can be put to use for diverse purposes, just take a look at this double-layer, 3-people instant tent. This multipurpose tent from Russian Bear it is unlike those typical ones as it comes with a plethora of outstanding features that hikers would love to know. To start with, this is an incredible shelter for campers to keep a distance from the wintry chills. Where its doors and windows are all equipped with mosquito nets, its flooring has been made waterproof. One of its unique features is that it includes a safe wooden stove that lets you dry clothes in quick time. Those who prefer hanging out outdoors are sure to fall in love with this fantastic instant camping tent

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed to beat the harsh wintry conditions and ensure complete safety, no matter where it is set up
  • Quite strong and sturdy with an aviation frame made of good quality steel and aluminum
  • Keeps users away from any type of water hazard as it is made fully waterproof
  • Comes with two doors and two windows that are good enough to allow ventilation inside
  • As it is a double-layer tent with UP index, its ability to ensure protection is quite strong
  • Detachable mosquito nets are provided on the walls


  • Can be easily set up in less than a minute
  • Has an umbrella-type design that makes it easier to put it up anywhere
  • Can fit three people and protect them overnight
  • Fire alarm along with a wood stove is included with the pack


  • Too light to weigh and might sway a bit during wintry conditions
  • Space should be more to accommodate three people in comparison to what has been provided

Coleman Waterproof 10 X 9-Feet 6-Person Instant Tent

Imagine the experience of sleeping on a cozy queen airbed after a tough hiking trip with your loved ones. Now be ready to have a similar experience with this 6-person instant tent from the house of Coleman. Apart from keeping you cozy, it promises protection at its best for its exclusive Weather-Tec system and 150D heavy-duty polyester fabric. With an airy interior, it has dimensions of 10 x 9 feet and a center height of 6 feet 2 inches, keeping it hassle-free to walk around. Be it taking down or setting up, this tent can indeed be unfolded in a few seconds. So keep no more dilemmas and buy this fully-taped, best instant tent at an economical price today.good instant tent

Features and Specifications:

  • High on durability and sturdiness for its 150D polyester fabric that has double the thickness of a standard tent fabric
  • Designed perfectly so as to set it up or take it down in not even a minute
  • Interior space is quite spacious as it has footprint dimensions of 10 x 9 feet and a center height of 6 feet 2 inches
  • High on security as it comes fully taped and does not even require a rainfly separately
  • Can accommodate two queen-sized beds with no effort


  • Holds the ability to stay dry during rainy conditions for its anti-wicking thread and zippers
  • Floors are completely waterproof that assures to keep you safe and secure
  • Comes pre-assembled that makes it easier to set it up and take down


  • Interior space is an issue, especially after adding two queen size beds
  • Heavy rainfall might sometimes pose challenges to the people inside

Coleman WeatherMaster

Technology blended with style and convenience is what campers are now going to witness in this compact yet spacious Coleman Weather Master. Quite trendy and pleasant to look at, this 10-person tent has been given a 450mm PU coating and 75D polyester fabric to confront bad weathers. With ample space to fit three queen size beds, this cabin-like tent has inverted seams along with welded floors.  Accessibility is never a challenge as it has a zippered back door and a hinged front door. Also, the four little storage nets located at each corner of the tent will help you keep small miscellaneous items. In other words, Coleman Weather Master will just be perfect for a big family willing to hike tents for hiking

Features and Specifications:

  • Good in accessibility as one can move beds and other items in and out easily through the two doors
  • Equipped with advanced Veriflo ventilation system that lets users adjust their cooling comfort
  • Heavy rains bring no danger as the WeatherTec system keeps the interior completely dry
  • Trendy in look and convenient to set up with color-coded poles
  • Setting it up and taking it down are both quite effortless and less time-consuming
  • Equipped with small pockets at every corner for preserving small items
  • Huge space inside to accommodate up to 10 people


  • Has one hinged door at the front and another at the back with a zipper for easy access
  • Good for big families planning to hike around for days
  • Quite comfortable to walk for people who are six feet tall


  • Weighs a bit heavy and needs more than one people to set it up
  • No facility for using extension cord inside the tent

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Did you ever imagine technology to reach so far that it would build a tent, which could be installed in just 10 seconds? Coleman has done it by bringing this 4-person instant tent that would also safeguard your team of hikers from dire straits. No matter where is your campsite, just place it there and unwind inside it with your chocolates and sandwiches. Being fully taped, it has been crafted out of polyester taffeta and can be kept on even soaked grounds. Its foldable and sturdy and has a fiberglass pole. With a pre-assembled frame, this instant tent involves no effort to set it up. So, if you have a little team of four, your investment will not go wrong with this best instant tent.Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Features and Specifications:

  • Very easy to set up and takes just 10 seconds for the installation
  • Can accommodate up to four people at the same time
  • Comes equipped with polyester rainfly that assures full-proof protection against rain
  • Compact in size, foldable and takes little space for storage
  • Size of the floor has dimensions of 109.99 x 78 inches (L x W)
  • Quite durable and sturdy for being made of high-quality polyester
  • Covers a total area of 60 sq. ft. which is spacious enough to let four people sleep


  • Apart from setting it up with ease, it can also be taken down in seconds
  • Can be placed on any type of surface, no matter how soaked it is
  • Assures safety for kids as it does not have poles


  • Not strong enough to handle strong winds and bad weather conditions
  • Heavy rainfall might seem to be problematic for the users inside

Timber Ridge 6-Person Family Camping Tent 

Put a stop to your frantic search for an instant tent and gear up for the most awaited camping tour with your family. Timber Ridge is here with its 6-person cabin tent that will finally add a pleasant note to your camping journey. With zero hassles of assembling, this modernized tent has a quick unlocking system that lets you set it up in seconds. One of the best things about it is its smooth entry and exit as it has a large door of circular shape. Besides, the 3 zipped mesh windows allow proper ventilation for the users inside. With a base measurement of 10 x 10 feet, it makes ample space for six people to sleep and does not make them feel congested. Easy to carry, this 6-person tent will always be a smart choice for a happy camping family.Timber Ridge 6-Person Family Camping Tent

Features and Specifications:

  • Has the ability to accommodate up to six people
  • Takes less than a minute to set it up for its SPEEDUP technology
  • A port for an electrical cord to be inserted
  • Extremely sturdy and high on safety due to its combination of 190T polyester and steel
  • Does not weigh much and is quite portable with only 26.6 pounds
  • Comes along with a carry bag that makes it easier to take along
  • Since it is a double-layer, summer type tent, users inside can enjoy adequate ventilation


  • A smart alternative to conventional tents in terms of installation time
  • Quite roomy as it can easily fit a couple of cots for adults and a portable toilet
  • Has the ability to stay dry even during long rainy conditions


  • Heavy rainfall might bring challenging conditions to users inside
  • There is no vestibule inside the tent

How to Choose the Best Instant Tent?

Imagine you are already on a hiking trip with your backpack full of food, water,and chocolates. Suddenly, you discover that you have left behind your sleeping necessities and the sun is about to bid farewell for the day. So, what can actually save you here is an instant tent. Convenient, lightweight and easy to set up, these new-age tents are brilliant alternatives to those poles and stakes. You just wink your eye and your tent is ready in minutes. But one who is new to instant tents might find it a challenge to choose the best one.

Believe it or not, there is no rocket science behind it. Rather, the good news is there are a few factors to keep in mind for selecting an instant tent of premium quality. So, let’s take a look at all those factors that hikers or campers must keep in mind while looking for the best instant tent:

  • Capacity of people sleeping the tent – Determining a tent’s capacity is very important because you need to buy a tent as per the number of people sleeping under it. If you have a team of four and you end up buying a size for accommodating two, things will not work out. On the other hand, if you are considering a tent for six people, a wise idea would be to go for the 6-person instant cabin tents.
  • Ability to handle weather conditions –The seasonality of a tent is quite crucial. If you are camping at a new place, you might be unaware of its weather conditions. Accordingly, you must check whether the instant tent you are going to buy has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, you can choose between two-season, three-season or four-season tents. Where the two-season tents will be best for summer and spring camping, the three-season tents will be suitable for spring, summer and autumn months. The four-season tents ensure to keep users away from odd weather conditions all year round.
  • Process to set up – One of the biggest advantages to set up an instant tent is that it takes no time at all. Just after you have got the right spot and acquired proper space, instant tents will not even take five minutes to set up. So, just check once whether the instant tent you are going to buy is easy to open up. If you find giving a little effort in opening it, just step back and look for another one.
  • Light in weight to carry elsewhere – If you are planning to hike around for more than a day or two, you might have to load up your backpack. Now, if you buy a heavier tent, just imagine the inconvenience you will face while climbing up those tough sand cliffs. So, the best strategy is to always go for a lightweight instant tent that would take less space in your baggage. The lesser the tent weight, the more portable it is.

Instant Tents – FAQ

One of the best ways to clear out all queries regarding a thing you want to buy is to go through its Frequently Answered Question (FAQ) section. The same thing goes true for buying an instant tent. So, even if you are new to this and want to gain some useful information on it, the following questions along with their answers will make you confident in choosing the best one. Take a look:

  • How many types of instant tents are there?

In general, there are two types of instant tents – Instant Cabin Tents and Instant Dome Tents. Where Instant Cabin Tents are lightweight and more spacious with windows just like you have at home, the Instant Dome Tents are sturdier and therefore quite stable enough to ensure a high level of protection. However, both can be set up in quick time and they also hardly differ in price.

  • How are instant tents set up?

The best thing about instant tents is that they are not required to be assembled separately. Everything comes preassembled. Since the body and frame of the tent are always linked to each other, you just need to unfold it and allow the tent to elevate one way or another.

  • How many people are required to set up an instant tent?

Instant tents are also known as pop-up tents Therefore, they do not usually require more than one or two people to set it up. Once it is unpacked off the cover, it would not even take 2 minutes to set it up.

  • How expensive are instant tents?

Instant tents are not that expensive. However, what their price depends upon are their quality and accommodation. For instance, family camping tents might cost a bit in comparison to one for an individual or a couple.

  • Do instant tents ensure protection against bad weather?

In comparison to traditional tents with steel poles and thick fabric, instant tents are quite light in weight and a bit fragile. However, if you are willing to carry one for a daytrip, it would serve your purpose. For overnights, however, you have to examine its quality, durability,and safety.


So, you are finally ready to set out with your backpack. Just what you are left with is an instant tent. Well, by now you must have been a bit more knowledgeable about the type of instant tent to be taken along. Once you know how many members are joining your team, you will certainly have an idea about the space required inside the tent. Examine the quality of the tent, check its flexibility, see whether you can open it up faster, compare the price and make a deal for the best instant tent.

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