Head injuries are quite common in workplaces like construction sites. As a matter of fact, there are over 120,000 cases of disabling head injuries that are recorded every year based on a study from Radford University. Most head injuries come from falling entities so OSHA made it a requirement that all employees should wear an occupational head protection if there is a risk of heavy injury in their workplace.

Severe or not, a head injury isn’t something that you should take lightly so this is where the importance of hard hats come in. Hard hats are specially designed to protect your head from falling objects so check out our reviews for the best hard hats. We are considering safety ratings, durability, comfort, sizing options, among other things.

5 Best Selling Hard Hats Comparison Chart

Top 7 Hard Hats For The Money

#1. Skullgard Hard Hat with Fas-Trac Suspension

Carefully designed to offer an exceptional protection, the MSA 475407 Skullgard Hard Hat is ideal for both hazardous and hot workplaces. Skullgard is widely known for setting the standard in the industry when it comes to uncomfortable environments like steel mills. All Skullgard helmets like MSA 475407 have been through a lot of tests up to 350 °F just to know how much it can take.best hard hat

MSA 475407 has a full brim style which made it perfect for keeping off the rain around your head and your neck. As a Type 1 hard hat, you can rely on its superior quality and awesome features.

Features and Specifications:

  • Certified Type 1 helmet
  • The Fas-Trac III Suspension feature made it easy to adjust the size of this hard hat for fitting
  • Can be used with all other kinds of Skullgard hard hat accessories
  • Tested and proven construction to withstand extreme radiant heat with temperatures that are up to 350 °F
  • Smooth crown made it easier for workers to handle MSA welding equipment


  • Available in polished natural tan and other colors
  • Provides up to 2,200 V dielectric protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • ANSI/ISEA compliant
  • Very lightweight and durable


  • Useless without a decent fast-track suspension
  • Looks cheap and cut uneven
  • The brim can bend easily

#2. Skullgard Protective Hard Hat Front Brim, Fas-Trac III Suspension

This hard hat from Skullgard is a quality winner since it has all the features of the previous hard hat with a different brim. If you think that it is not necessary for you to get a hard hat that has a full brim then a hard hat with a front brim might fit your requirements.hard hat for construction work

Just like other Skullgard helmets, MSA 475395 is tested to withstand radiant heat temperatures up to 350°F. It is perfect for workplaces that require workers to be exposed to high temperatures.

Features and Specifications:

  • Extreme heat-resistant
  • Best for commercial and residential use
  • Front brim hat style
  • The enhanced ratchet-style suspension straps made it easier to adjust without a hassle
  • Compatible with other Skullgard Protective Cap accessories
  • With smooth crown for handling MSA welding equipment
  • Available in custom striping and imprinting options
  • With a standard size of 6 ½ to 8”
  • Equipped with Fas-Trac III Suspension


  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Class G compliant
  • ANSI Z89.1-2003 Type 1 Standard Compliant
  • Very lightweight and easy to fit
  • Can resist heat and electricity up to 2,200 V


  • The headgear system is cheap
  • The included liner doesn’t fit the hard hat
  • The paint is chipping

#3. Pyramex Safety Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat

Are you a little conscious about your budget but have a keen eye when it comes to quality? In that case, you should check out this Pyramex Safety Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat. Pyramex Safety is currently one of the popular hard hats among customers that are on the low-budget side.hard hat reviews

Pyramex Safety Caps are known for being durable as well as affordable. Compared to other brands for the same price, Pyramex Safety HP44118 can compete with bigger brands when it comes to quality.

Features and Specifications:

  • A low profile design gave it a better balance due to its lower center
  • Rear padded suspension system makes it more comfortable for the user’s neck
  • Its ABS material is ultra-lightweight and durable for a better protection
  • 4 position harness points for a hassle-free movement of the harness for more comfort
  • Disposable sweatband and a vented pressure pad to keep the straps in place


  • The suspension can be adjusted smoothly
  • With additional air vents on the rear
  • Hinge points swing for a better position on the back of the head


  • Weak suspension system and outer shell
  • Hard to trust for heavy-duty works
  • No vents on top

#4. Fibre-Metal Roughneck P2 Hard Hat

This model from Fibre-Metal is truly one of the best from their line of fiberglass hard hats. Developed from a new compound of fiberglass, Fibre-Metal Roughneck P2 Hard Hat is designed to resist heat even if it is up to 370°F. Moreover, this hard hat from Fibre-Metal is lightweight despite its increased durability and capacity to resist heavy blows.hard hats

Fibre-Metal Roughneck P2 is ideal for heavy-duty works so Fiber-Metal strives to continue producing models like this that guarantee a great performance, superiority, and security. This hard hat has a solid reputation.

Features and Specifications:

  • Injection molded fiberglass offers outstanding resistance to heavy impacts and cracks
  • 8x more durable than ordinary hard hats
  • Made from high-density polyethylene cap shells to ensure the helmet’s sturdiness
  • Heat-resistant hard hat with a solid color coating that is permanent and long-lasting
  • Balanced weight and added comfort from a SuperEight Suspension system
  • Includes a Fibre-Metal non-strip headgear


  • Very versatile
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear
  • Reliable no-slip headgear with SwingStrap
  • The smooth and matte finish which can make any imprinted design cleaner


  • Not scratch-free
  • Difficult to adjust the suspension
  • Items sold seems made of plastic instead of fiberglass

#5. Texas America Safety Company Sticker Bomb Full Brim Style Hydro Dipped Hard Hat

Want to make a personality statement even on the job? Well, don’t worry about that anymore because there is an easy solution since we now have Texas America Safety Company Sticker Bomb Hard Hat. This modern and awesome looking hard hat is certainly one of the most brightly colored hard hats you will see on the market. Moreover, it contains a cool design that can easily tell you how unique it is among its competitors.

But when it comes to quality and performance, this hydro dipped hard hat made from carbon fiber won’t be listed to the last.

Features and Specifications:

  • Pyramex Full Brim technology protect your face from various elements
  • Unique sticker bomb design printed in a bright and glossy finish
  • Best for heavy-duty jobs in many industries
  • Adjustable ratchet style suspension system through a knob at the back of the hat
  • Combined superior quality and reasonable price in 1 product
  • ERB Omegall hard hat style designed for extreme environment


  • Available at a very affordable price
  • The design and color doesn’t fade easily
  • Scratch-proof outer shell
  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • With 4 point suspension


  • Weighs more compared to the leading brand in the market
  • Not an MSA V-guard type

#6. Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

Having work where you have to slice things with a monstrous chainsaw can be a little exciting and dangerous. If you don’t have the right face covering, you might end up having a scratched face or poked eye from flying debris. Not to mention the fact that your eardrums could be affected too by too much noise from the chainsaw. A Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet might be the answer if you need something more than a simple hard hat.

This hard hat is not only designed for protecting your head from falling objects, but also your entire face and ears. If you’ll be operating a chainsaw, be sure to get this one first.

Features and Specifications:

  • Durable hard hat for protection against objects and extreme UV rays
  • Easy to adjust 6 point suspension system
  • Full face screen to ensure the protection of your face and eyes
  • Rain neck and rain shield protection
  • 25 dB A NRR hearing protectors
  • Hi-Viz Orange color for better visibility
  • Perfect for commercial and residential use
  • Available in 1 size


  • Passed the ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G-E-C standards
  • Versatile size
  • Better visibility even with the visor down and locked in its position
  • Easy to put on/put off and carry around


  • The construction can be a little confusing
  • The screen isn’t long enough to cover the neck

#7. Safety Hard Hat by AMSTON- Adjustable Helmet with ‘Keep Cool’ Vents

After being in the industry for many years, Amston Company has already made themselves known for providing high-quality products in the market. Because of their well-known reputation for creating products, Amston hard hats became best-sellers for professionals. The Amston Safety Hard Hat is very comfortable to wear even for the entire day and very affordable.

If you are currently on a tight budget but in great need of a reliable hard hat for work, this hard hat from Amston might work for you. Take note also that this is a hard hat is designed to be worn by professionals for long hours so it contains handy features.

Features and Specifications:

  • ANSI Z89.1 approved hard hat to guarantee durability
  • Designed according to OSHA’s requirements and standards (ANSI Z89.1-2009)
  • Uncomplicated multi-point adjustments that help users to adjust it quickly to get the exact fitting
  • 6 Soft X cloth suspension straps for a more comfy grip on the head
  • Breathable and vented top helmet to allow the air circulation inside even with the hat on


  • Easy to carry and to wear without looking awkward
  • Cool design and front brim style
  • Includes an attachment slot for ear muffs
  • Can be customized


  • Doesn’t include a knob for adjusting the suspension
  • Weak chin strap attachment made from plastic

How to Choose the Best Hard Hat: A Buyer’s Guide

Protecting yourself from head injuries in your workplace is a major concern wherever you are. Industries that pose risks to head injuries in the workplace such as forestry, warehousing, and construction have required the use of hard hats in accordance with the requirements of OSHA. However, not all hard hats can guarantee to protect you against all types of hazards so it is important to choose the best hard hat in the market.

Check out our buyer’s guide below to help you spot the best hard hats on the market today.

Pick the Right Hard Hat Design

Hard hats can protect and save lives, but an effective design can be critical. First, take note that the purpose of the hard hat’s outer shell is to repel heavy impacts and deflect any blow away from your head. Meanwhile, the purpose of its suspension system or the liner equipment inside is to absorb shock to further protect your head.

In addition, hard hats are also handy when it comes to protecting the worker’s face, shoulders, and neck from hazardous debris and chemical spills in the workplace depending on the design of the hard hat. Hard hat designs vary depending on the kind of work where it is needed. Some are designed for general construction sites, some are for electrical shocks, while others include accessories like goggles, face shields, and hoods for welding.

Know the Important Features to Look For

You’ll never know when a hard hat might save your life, so it should be water-proof and fire-proof. Hard hats should be made to resist heavy impacts or absorb it. So, be sure to read the manual carefully when you buy the best hard hat to know how to use it properly. This means learning how to adjust its suspension system for the right fit and how to replace any part.

Though it is normal for customers to choose a hard hat based on its brand, what’s more important is that the outer shell and suspension system can do their job perfectly. The suspension system should have a headband and strong straps to hold the outer shell 1 inch away from your head. This elevation provides additional protection and ventilation.

Select the Style that Fits Your Needs

As hard hats vary according to its design, hard hats also have different styles. For instance, if your work requires you to spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, getting a hard hat with a larger brim is ideal. But if you want to work peacefully in spite of the harsh noise in your surroundings, you might want to get a hard hat with a hearing protection.

When you choose a style, always think of your needs first and the benefits you could enjoy for using it. The color doesn’t really matter as long as the hard hat you want is made according to the requirements of OSHA.

Wearing a hard hat means you’re in a dangerous workplace so it is your responsibility to get the right hard hat wear it at all times in the area.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Hard Hat

Aside from the buyer’s guide above, there are other things that you still have to consider when it comes to buying the best hard hat. Check out this list below to know those things:


Hard hats should be worn at all times while you’re in the area of your workplace where there are risks of head injuries. Whether it is against falling boards, rocks, tools, and other equipment, your hard hat must be able to withstand these things to protect your head. There are also other special hard hats with added accessories like reflective stripe for night works, miners’ light accessories, visors, face shields, and earmuffs.


Different types of hard hats to consider:

  • Type 1: This is designed to protect the head against falling objects on top of the head. This type also features a full brim around the helmet.
  • Type 2: This hard hat is designed to protect the head against falling objects from above and on the side of the head. This type doesn’t have a girding brim but it may have a short rim in front of the helmet just like a baseball cap.
  • Class G: Formerly known as Class A, this type is for general use to lessen the impact of falling objects and the risk of being exposed to low-voltage electrical conductors. This type of hard hat can handle the impact and protect its user from electrical charge up to 2200 V.
  • Class E: Known as Class B before, this type of hard hat is best for workplaces with electrical hazards so it was also called an “electrical helmet”. Though it can also reduce the impact of falling objects, it is designed to reduce the hazard when exposed to up to 20,000 V high-voltage electrical charge and risks from burning.
  • Class C: This type of hard hat is also known as a “conductive helmet” because it can minimize the impact of falling objects and danger from exposure to electrical charge.

Safety Measure

If you want to ensure that your hard hat will be able to protect you, you should know how to take care of it first. Be sure that the hard hat you’re interested in is well-protected from direct sunlight, paint, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Take note that the solvent in the paint can damage the outer shell of a hard hat while DIY holes for ventilation may weaken its capacity to resist heavy blows.

Proper Fitting

All hard hats should be worn straight only not angled, nor backward. It should have a quality suspension system to be adjusted for proper fitting.


Wearing a hard hat is a two-way responsibility. As an employee, it is your responsibility to protect your own well-being by wearing a hard hat within your workplace. Whether you need a hard hat to protect yourself from exposure to electric charge, falling from a great height, or taking a falling object from above, your safety is a major concern.  As an employer, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your employees or workers adhere to the rules for safety measure at all times. If not, you will be putting yourself at risk against regulatory and civil liabilities.

Whatever is the kind of industry you’re in, always know what’s best for you and stay safe.