Traditionally, cowboy boots have a signature look that includes a high shaft, a Cuban heel, and a pointed or rounded toe. Traditional cowboy boots don’t have lacing but some modern boots can have this feature nowadays. The best cowboy boots are typically made from cowhide leather. However, some cowboy boot brands create a variation using other animal skins like elk, snake, alligator, elephant, lizard, and buffalo. But due to restrictions on hunting and killing animals, some of the top cowboy boots can also be made from faux leather. This way, no animal is harmed and killed in the shoemaking process especially those who are endangered.

5 Best Selling Cowboy Boots Reviews 2019

Roper Women’s American Beauty Western Boot

Are you looking for a pair of cowboy boots that you can wear use whenever you want and flaunt your beloved American flag? Then, we this Roper Women’s American Beauty Western Boot may be just what you are looking for. Aside from being specially designed for women like you, this cowboy boots also features the true American and Western cowboy boots

Roper boots for women showcase the newest looks of cowboy boots that can be a great alternative to the classic cowboy boots. Its shaft is not that short and not that long since its height reaches above your ankle and below your middle calf.

Features and Specifications:

  • The heel measures about 1.25 inches while the boot opening measures about12.25 inches around
  • This Roper boot is made from 100% full grain leather that has been imported from the best leather suppliers in the industry
  • The shaft measures a total of 8 inches from the boot’s arch to its leather sole
  • Flexible sole and snip toe guarantee an all-leather construction to withstand even the harshest elements
  • Shoes a patriotic flag design as well as a distressed and weathered appearance that gives it a cool look
  • The front part of the boot has blue and white stars while its rear is designed with the red and white stripes


  • Flexible leather sole
  • Comfortable to wear around with just enough height
  • Perfect for women with bigger calves
  • Shows a patriotic yet cool design for different outfits
  • Made from genuine leather materials and great craftsmanship


  • It’s not available in any alternative design or color
  • The sizes are too small and narrow

Ariat Men’s Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

Do you prefer cowboy boots that are a little shorter than the usual riding boots? Well then, Ariat Men’s Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot might be the one you are looking for. Ariat Rambler for men is known for its shorter shaft and comfortable footwear. Having the mid-calf styles, the look of this cowboy boots is definitely something you will not ignore.cowboy boots reviews

It is simple yet attractive in its own way. Unlike other boots, it is unlined to allow a smooth movement with your feet just the way you like it. With extra durable outsoles, it can certainly last for years.

Features and Specifications:

  • Imported and made from 100% full grain leather to ensure a high-quality cowboy boots
  • Suitable for sports with the duratread outsole that is known for being tough and flexible to walk in
  • Capable of withstanding harsh elements as it is wear and tear resistant
  • Offers the latest ATS technology composite fiber and removable gel-cushioned insole
  • Crafted with an all-leather construction and a shaft that is 11 inches high
  • Platform measures about 0.5 inches while the boot opening measures about 15 inches
  • Offers an Advanced Torque Stability with a cool composite forked shank
  • Displays a clean look with its natural straightforward design


  • Available in different colors
  • Shorter and simpler than classic cowboy boots
  • Flexible and comfortable to walk in with removable insoles
  • Crafted with an extra tough outsole to resist wear and tear
  • Moisture-wicking footbeds


  • Some are smaller and narrower even on larger sizes
  • Some lack quality and easier to rip

Dingo Men’s 2175 Concho Strap 12″ Boot

A lot of people see the color of black as a combination of elegance, and mystic. But for us, black is definitely the color for awesome people like you who know how to appreciate cowboy boots. Unlike the traditional brown cowboy boots, this Dingo Men’s 2175 Concho Strap Boot is a stunner in black. In addition to its stunning color and design, its silver metal detail made it more stylish and harder to cowboy boots brand

Its silver metal detail can be seen on its harness, toe, and heel to add a twist on its western look. It also has a comfortable cushion insole and durable outsole.

Features and Specifications:

  • Imported and made from 100% pigskin leather that guarantees a quality and comfort
  • Available in black pigskin which makes it faster and softer to break in unlike traditional cowboy boots
  • Very comfortable option with a rustic but functional design pair of boots
  • Removable concho harness makes a great addition to make this western boots appealing
  • The silver accents that are located to the toe and heels of the boots give it a classy and cool look
  • Suitable to be worn as an everyday pair of boots or for special occasions
  • Dual pull handles are attached to its scalloped collar and 12 inches shaft


  • Fits well with thin socks
  • The concho harness with silver metal is removable
  • Comfortable for a narrow tipped boot even for wide-footed individuals
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Cool and modern cowboy boot that fits different styles


  • Some arrive with silver smears around the boots
  • The silver metal details may wear out faster

Ariat Women’s Heritage Stockman Western Boot

Shout out to every girl out there who loves cowboy boots because we also have Ariat boots for you! Of course, we won’t let you down since we’ve already included an Ariat boot for men above. So, this Ariat Women’s Heritage Stockman Western Boot is especially for you who love Ariat. This cowboy boots can definitely keep riding in every woman’s mind as long as they wear it around.

Whether you want to wear for everyday use or simply for special occasions, it can keep up for you. But unlike ordinary cowboy boots, this stockman has a deeper dip in scallop that allows better movement.

Features and Specifications:

  • A pull-on boot that includes dual handles on the scallop collar
  • Made from 100% imported full grain leather for the foot and upper part of the boot
  • The comfortable insole that is made from microfiber material and a duratread outsole material
  • Specially designed for women with intricate detail and soft leather for comfort
  • The shaft measures about 8.5 inches only from its arch
  • The boot opening measures about 13.5 inches and has a deeper dip in the scallop for a hassle-free movements
  • Made with leather lining and rounded toe shape for wide-footed individuals and additional comfort
  • Shows a traditional six-row stitch pattern with a deco stitch at the center


  • Stylish with fits nicely without breaking them in
  • Perfect as every footwear for riding, regular use, and work
  • The leather is quality and comfortable to walk in
  • Takes years before it starts to wear out


  • Some lack quality control with visible glue on sides
  • Not ideal for individuals with sensitive skin

Lucchese Classics Men’s Lawrence-blkLonestar Calf Roper Riding Boot

Before we end up our list, here is Lucchese Classics Lawrence-blkLonestar Calf Roper Riding Boot for men. Coming as one of the best pairs of boots on the market today, it is only available in color black. In spite of being plain and simple, this boot features a sophisticated stitch design etched into its leather calf quarter. Thus, this elegant additional detail complimented the stitching on its pull-strap on both scallop collars.

Handmade in Texas, you can never go wrong on investing in this great pair of boots. Aside from having a nice look, it is made of quality materials.

Features and Specifications:

  • Made from 100% imported leather with a Lonestar calfskin leather construction
  • Designed with an all leather upper, lining, and leather soles for optimum durability and quality
  • The shaft measures about 11.25 inches from its arch while its boot opening measures about 13.5 inches around
  • Requires a damp cloth or soft brush only to remove dirt or dust on it
  • The riding boot block heel is about 1 ¼ inch in height
  • Handmade from Texas with a round toe that suits individuals with wide feet
  • A comfortable cushioned insole for maximum comfort
  • Shows a single stitched welt construction and easy to pull straps on both scallop collars


  • The leather is quite soft and supple
  • Ideal for modern western men
  • Fits perfectly and stretches within minutes only
  • Shows quality from the moment you remove it from the box
  • A quiet pair of boots for walking


  • It is very expensive compared with other brands and models
  • The stitching may wear out over time

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Cowboy Boot Brands?

Whenever you are shopping, always remember that there are things to consider in getting the best items on the market. Thus, the same thing applies when it comes to buying cowboy boots. If you want to get the best cowboy boots, be sure to consider these things before spending your hard earned money:

  • Shoe Size

Of course, no one would enjoy a pair of shoes if it is the wrong size. Besides, no likes to have blisters just because their boots are either too big or too small. So, make sure that your boots would fit in perfectly, be sure that you know the exact size of your feet. However, the size charts of cowboy boots differ depending on their manufacturer. This means that the size you need from one manufacturer may be different from another manufacturer.

In this case, consider referring to each manufacturer’s size chart while shopping to get the right size of your boots. The more extensive the size chart is, the better since you can examine width measurements, calf measurements, and shoe size measurements. Furthermore, men and women have separate size charts too.

  • Shoe Materials

As mentioned above, the traditional cowboy boots are predominantly made from cowhide. However, the materials used in making cowboy boots have changed a bit over time as manufacturers began using other animal skins. For instance, some of the best western boot brands use leathers that come from alligator, crocodile, calf, snake, goat, sturgeon, pirarucu, ostrich, stingray, bison, and even caiman. As manufacturers use different kinds of leather from different animals, they also use different kinds of fabrics.

Depending on the kind of leather and fabric used, cowboy boots may stretch and breathe differently from one another. But still, they all have limitations with regards to how much they could be stretched.

  • Shoe Color

If there is one thing in common about cowboy boots, it probably is the fact that each pair has a unique color. As a matter of fact, you would rarely see a pair of cowboy boots that is plain and simple. Cowboy boots are known for being the reflection of the people who wear it. Thus, manufacturers make sure that there are lots of colors that you can choose from on the market. In addition, cowboy boots don’t have the same set of stitching and leather pattern. You can even have one that is customized for you if you just know where to look.

  • Shoe Style

As cowboy boots vary in color, you can find them in various styles too. Each pair of cowboy boots has a style that allows its owner to move freely according to his/her liking. But looking at the style of western boots, you may choose from the Classic Western Boot, Shortie Boot, Western Workboot, Roper Boots, Buckaroo Boots, Riding Boots, and Stockman Boot. The Classic Western Boot features a shaft that is 12 inches long and a simple yet straightforward design.

Thus, the Classic Western Boot is considered as the best pair of all around Western boots. But if you want a shorter boot, then the Shortie Boot is the best pair for you. As its name suggests, it’s shorter than the Classic Western with only 6 – 10 inches shaft. The Shortie Boot is also more affordable and lighter on feet.


Finally found the best cowboy boots that can complete your wardrobe? Cowboy boots may not be the kind of shoes that you would normally see on most public places. But as manufacturers and brands work together in order to improve its looks and purpose, more customers fall in love with it. Even big fashion brands start to showcase cowboy boots in a more fashionable way to attract a bigger market. Therefore, you can find a lot of ways on how to wear and take your cowboy boots anywhere. No need to get a horse, as long as you got the best pair of cowboy boots that fit your personality and style.