Best Combat Boots: Reviews & Buying Guide For 2022

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Regardless of the reasons, there are important factors that you should keep in mind if you are going to make the best decision about which combat boots are best for you. We reviewed some of the top combat boot options, taking into consideration make, materials, price, durability, style, and more. Knowing what to look for and what to be wary of, you’ll have a much easier time choosing and you’ll be sure to end up with the best combat boots possible. Read through this guide and I will take you through all of the most important points, taking a huge load of stress off of your shoulders. Let’s dive in!

Top Combat Boots For Men And Women Comparison Chart

Product ImageBrand NameWeightForOur GradingPrice
5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men's Boot2 poundsMenA+

Volatile Women's Boot Camp Combat Boot3 poundsWomenA+

Rocky Men's C4T Tactical Boot2.65 poundsMenA

Dr. Martens Women's Leah St Combat Boot4 poundsWomenA

Palladium Women's Pampa Tactical Combat Boot1 poundWomenA-

Reviews of the 3 Best Combat Boots For Men:

#1. 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot

5.11 has been known for a long time as a manufacturer of some of the best combat boots around. Their brand is used by firefighters, police officers, and members of the military across the world. The ATAC 8 inch boots for men in particular are high quality. You should definitely take a look if you are in the market for combat combat boots

Leather construction, along with a manmade sole, makes these some of the most durable boots on the market. Since they last so long, it is important that they be comfortable and meet the demands of the modern world, which is why the antibacterial and moisture-wicking lining is so important to your feet and keeping them dry and healthy. In fact, a lot of people have commented that these remind them of the boots they wore in the military with one difference: They are much more comfortable and actually perform a great deal better than anything the government ever issued them! Much of that comfort comes from the fact that they break in very quickly and support your toes and ankles in the best way possible, something that is a small change that stands out a lot once you start wearing them on a regular basis.

These can be a great match for almost anyone, even for hiking, which is something that people don’t normally think about when it comes to combat boots. The versatility makes these perfect, so take a good look at them and you won’t ever be disappointed. Read More

#2. Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot

One look at this boot from Rocky and you know that it is high quality and certainly something that could put up with the most intense battle situations. That also means that it is a shoe that will last for years no matter what you are doing in them.combat boots reviews

They feature the leather and textile construction that Rocky is famous for, along with a rubber sole that almost feels more like sneakers than combat boots. In fact, the overall fit feels like sneakers, something that not many pairs of boots can accurately claim and still be functional. They are incredibly light, but don’t make any sacrifices in order to accomplish that. If you need to stay mobile as well as safe, this is the best way.

These boots might be larger than some people expect based off of the images, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t comfortable and they can’t help you stay mobile. The level of agility that you can maintain wearing these is unstoppable, making them worth every penny. If you are in the market for a pair of boots that lets you move with ease and won’t ever weigh down your feet, these are well worth a bit of research. Keep the things above in mind and it is easy to see why they are so important.

#3. Corcoran Men’s 10 Inch Safety Toe Field Work Boot

These combat boots are some of the more expensive on the list, but you truly get what you pay for when it comes to Corcoran boots. These 10” field boots are made out of rugged leather that is capable of handling anything you throw at them. Combat boots don’t get any tougher than combat boots for men

At 32oz, they have a solid weight that shows you just how durable they are, but they are still surprisingly comfortable. The ankle webbing support and ribbed steel shank make sure that you always have a sure footing and never run the risk of being anything less than entirely stable.

That all-day comfort is even easier when you look at the odor-control and moisture wicking polyurethane inserts. Whether you are in the dry desert or running through the mud on a once in a lifetime mission. The elements are no match for your feet when you are armed with these heavy duty combat boots.

Important to note here is the sole that is used. These feature the classic paratrooper style sole that the military has known and trusted for decades, while also making sure your feet can grip the ground no matter where you are or what you are trying to do. From running on trails (while not ideal) to jumping out of plains, you’ll have a sure footing.

Reviews of the 3 Best Combat Boots For Women:

#1. Dr. Martens Women’s Leah St Combat Boot

When it comes to women’s boots, it can often seem like there just aren’t enough options that function well, but also keep up with the stylish demands that women have. That is where Dr. Martens have always been quick to run to the rescue. This German company started back in 1945 and they have been working hard to improve their women’s boots ever since.

For starters, they were one of the first companies to embrace the air cushioned sole. While other manufacturers were scoffing at the idea, Dr Martens was improving it. That gives these boots a sole that is among the most comfortable in the world, while still remaining functional. This is precisely why women find that they can wear these combat boots for 9 hour shifts at work and not feel like they are going to collapse at the end of it.

The manmade sole is complimented by the leather exterior, which is guaranteed to last for years under even the most intense abuse. Raw-edged leather uppers and underlays, a floral lined collar, and buckle straps also make sure that this is one of the more stylish boots on the market, something that not many women’s boots can claim and it be effective. Folding down the upper portion works to reveal the floral pattern, making them even more fitting on a woman’s feet, still without compromising a great fit and a sure footing. This combination is unbeatable and fits with everything that you could want in a combat boot.

#2. Palladium Women’s Pampa Tactical Combat Boot

When it comes to best tactical boots, style is often lacking, much to the dismay of women everywhere. Just because you want a boot to look good doesn’t mean you should have to also compromise on quality and durability, which is why Palladium worked so hard to bring this pair to the market. It meets every need you have as a woman while not making a single sacrifice.

What stands out at first glance is the high-quality fabric and leather construction that is sure to last for years and stay looking great. This boot is inspired by the rugged combat boots that have been made famous by the military, but with a twist. It isn’t shiny like military issue, but features a rubberized leather exterior that has a beautiful matte finish, with plenty of lining that features a flower print that is pretty, without going too far.combat boots for women reviews

The overall function of the boot matches the style, though, and they can take a beating. Whether you are hiking through national parks or working a long shift at the plant you’ll be comfortable while you do it and sure of your footing every step of the way. With a high quality manmade sole, there is nothing that will cause you to slip, especially when you consider the incredible level of support that the high lacing boots offer you. Not to mention the Dri-Lex lining that keeps your feet from accumulating moisture and keeps them cool despite the elements that you are battling against.

Of the women’s boots that are listed here, these are likely the most stylish, so give them a long look if that is the most important factor to you. They have a lot to offer in other departments as well, but there is no mistaking the visual appeal that Palladium has created.

#3. Volatile Women’s Boot Camp Combat Boot

Finding affordable combat boots for women that not only perform great, but look great, can be a pretty hard undertaking. It doesn’t have to be, though, when you have companies like Volatile working day and night to create one of a kind boots that can keep up with any lifestyle and any fashion era.

These boot camp combat boots are entirely manmade and features some of the best looks that you’ll find anywhere. The military style design uses faux leather to have a hip look that doesn’t use any animal products, something that is growing more important among certain people. A rounded toe, wraparound faux leather buckles, full side zipper, and a 14 inch shaft all come together to make these one of a kind and sure to fit you just right every single time you put them on. Not to mention the 1 1/4 inch square heel that keeps you looking great in your everyday life.

These might not be combat boots that you are going to face the elements in, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a sure footing that is able to keep you safe throughout the day. The heavy duty rubber sole is on par with anything else you are going to find in a combat boot, so there is no reason to worry that you’ll ever slip in these tall boots.

If you are looking for something different than the usual boots that you come across, this is the first pair you should look at. They aren’t traditional combat boots, but they do look fantastic and are sure to catch the eye of all of your shoe admiring friends.

What Types Are Available?

In general, there are a few types of combat boots that are available today, with each having their own characteristics:


Some combat boots are designed with only fashion in mind. These can still be boots that perform well in a variety of conditions, but the primary focus is only on fashion.


Desert style boots will focus on having a way of keeping your feet cool and dry, no matter how hot it gets and how much you sweat. This is also important for anyone who lives in hot areas of the world.


Patrol boots are sometimes seen as the men’s version of fashionable boots. Patrol boots can look like standard boots, but are very comfortable, especially when compared to military issue boots of many kinds. If comfort comes first for you, this is an option.

Cold Weather

Cold weather can get in the way of a lot of things, primarily having warm feet. That is why cold weather boots have a lot of insulation that keeps your feet warm without making them sweat.

How To Choose And Fit Combat Boots For Men


It should go without saying, but any combat boots that you buy should be durable. Fortunately, combat boots are typically made to be incredibly durable and the all leather exterior makes sure that they last for years, so be sure to look for this.


In addition to remaining durable, these boots should be comfortable. Brands like Dr. Martens have used air cushioned soles for years, so they have a leg up in this area, although many brands have adopted it now. There are also a variety of linings that will help cushion your feet, but be sure to pick one that meets the needs of your environment as well so you don’t end up with a comfortable boot that can’t perform.

How To Choose And Fit Combat Boots For Women

The truth of the matter is that women have a lot of the same needs as men, the durability and comfort are just as important as in a men’s pair, but there is an additional thing that you’ll probably want to think about.


Style is something that you are always conscious of when purchasing shoes, so why not look at it in your combat boots as well? In fact, combat boots are a very popular fashion statement right now and there are plenty of options out there that fit this.

Heels might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to combat boots, but having a small heel is a great way to enhance the overall look of any pair that you are considering. Be sure to check on this, but also look at things like the lining and the buckles that might be included. The lining is important because this is a chance to include a number of patterns. You might think that these won’t be seen, but in reality it is easy to fold down the upper portion of the boot and have a great care free look that still gives you all of the advantages of wearing combat boots.

The Fit

Women have very particular needs when it comes to fitting shoes, so keep that in mind when you are looking at combat boots. In comparison to men’s options, there are a lot of different sizes. Standard length, mid calf, and knee length combat boots are all to be found and can offer something different to each person.

Before You Buy

Before you ever purchase a pair of any type of shoe, you’ll have to know exactly what you need out of them. That is never more true than with combat boots. There are some combat boots that feature special ventilation systems to help keep your feet cool in hot climates, for example. Do you frequently find yourself in the desert? Are you being shipped off to the Middle East? That is something that you have to think about.


Support is important, especially with combat boots. The kinds of elements that you typically face in combat boots makes them a secure pair of shoes, although you might not be facing the same kinds of things that they were intended for. Even if you are simply wearing them in your everyday life it is important for them to support you in just the right way and make sure that you have healthy feet, ankles, and calves that are never at risk of injury.


Like I mentioned above, ventilation can be an important thing when it comes to combat boots. They are typically thick and made of leather, so the tendency to heat up is always there. That is why moisture wicking technology can be so important to them.


The insole is vital to making sure that you are comfortable and having an insole that is supportive and keeping your footing sure is more important than ever. There are a lot of different varieties, so it is important to know what kind you are used to or would like to have before you buy them.

How To Tie Combat Boots For Men

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the choice is entirely up to you. Only you know the kinds of boots that you prefer, although you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices that are on this list. Keep everything that we talked about in mind and you’ll find it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. The right pair of combat boots will keep your feet safe, keep you comfortable, and help you look great, so don’t make the mistake of rushing to purchase the first pair that you come across without giving it a second thought

Hope you like this post. Let’s continue reading with Best Tactical waterproof boots. 

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