Camping lanterns are just as important as any other accessory, since they ascertain the level of light you have in an otherwise pitch-black environment. How do you choose the right camping lantern for your family camping trip with so many options available? Take a look at some of the best camping lanterns available in the market and decide which one works best for your family getaway.

Best Camping Lattern Reviews 2019

4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

This amazing Ultra Bright LED lantern could easily fit as a MUST HAVE as a nice addition to your family tents and other camping accessories. This product is best suited for camping, hiking, outdoors and emergencies offering a nice amount of light when camping lantern

True to its name, it lights up brilliantly thanks to 30 LED lights, which are in-built. Stylishly designed, it is both water resistant & collapsible so storage is not an issue. Also, operating is pretty simple and battery life is good too. The batteries are rechargeable making it convenient for all outdoor activities even with no access to electricity.

The Ultra Bright LED lantern is great lantern for camping thanks to its super lightweight, compact design, bright lighting and solid battery life. The product comes with a 10-year warranty covering accidental damage & defection. Also, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you get your money back without any questions asked. Customer support is good so you feel in safe hands. A great addition to a family tent, the Ultra Bright LED lantern is a great value-for-money product for any camping holiday.

AYL StarLight – Water Resistant – Shock Proof – Battery Powered

The AYL StarLight is one of the better quality lantern choices for a camping holiday in the great outdoors, because of its strong lighting provision. With a lighting output of 300 lumens, this LED lantern guarantees 100,000 hours of usage. The product requires 3D batteries, which promises SIX full days of power  this is extremely impressive for camping enthusiasts that have no access to electricity or power for days. Because of its light weight, this lantern can hang easily inside the family tent to provide lighting throughout, or it can be used to light up the area outside the camping site.camping lantern reviews

The AYL StarLight is a waterproof lantern with a plastic mold and rubber bottom and top. It is also easy to set up, which makes it a valuable camping accessory. About 7-inches tall & 4-inches wide, the AYL StarLight has three light settings for users high, low and flashing (can be adjusted). For its compact size, the AYL StarLight packs quite a punch for its affordability and brightness. It has a green indicator LED light that helps you find it in the dark, if it is turned off. This lantern works well for all types of camping and is designed to withstand the weather elements.

Surborder Shop 60 LED 

Packaged in a lightweight compact manner, this Surborder 60 LED portable camping tent umbrella night-light is a good buy for family camping & other outdoor activities. On first glance, its small size makes you wonder whether it has the goods to deliver good lighting but it meets expectations effortlessly. For a small lantern, the Suborder 60 packs a good punch. The light has three adjustable modes low, medium and high. This enables you to control the level of light, based on your requirements around your camping site. Easy to install, the Suborder 60 requires AAA batteries to light up. The battery life lasts for approximately 24 hours. The Suborder 60 is quite handy and easy to lantern for camping

The product is super light. It also comes with a hanger for tent loops, so you can hang your lantern quite easily inside your family tent. The S-lock mechanism makes it safe and reliable. This outdoor camping light is a great choice for the price. Cheap and cheerful indeed!

Coleman 5319-700 MicroPacker LED Mini Lantern

This compact Coleman Micropacker LED mini lantern is the perfect lighting accessory for a family camping trip. This bright and sturdy piece with a 2-in-1-style design can easily shift from area lighting to directional lighting in the split of a second. The lantern stands tall at 7.5 inches. It is 2 inches wide and weighs about 6 ounces. It runs on three AA cell batteries that last up to 92 hours. Because it is small in size, light in weight and highly reliable, the Coleman Micro Packer LED lantern is easy to carry around especially for families camping outdoors with no access to any electricity. The company claims that the LEDs don’t need to be changed for life.camping lantern

This lightweight lantern is compact enough to be stored easily along with other camping accessories for the trip. It is also relatively sturdy which makes it the perfect choice for roughing it out in the great outdoors. Apart from being a good investment for a family camping trip, it can also be used at home as an emergency light or in your car in case something goes wrong in the middle of the night. Backed by the Coleman brand name, this LED mini lantern is an extremely good buy for its affordable price.

ThorFire LED Camping Lantern 

The ThorFire Camping LED Lantern USB Rechargeable Mini Flashlight is one of the most robust rechargeable camping LED lanterns available in the market today and is a good buy for any avid camper. With a built-in battery, it is quite bright emitting 125 lumens on high and 30 lumens on low. The various modes can be adjusted as per a user’s requirement to save power. This comes in handy when families don’t have access to power or electricity for long periods of time. Weighing only 5.9 ounces, the ThorFire camping LED lantern is light and excellent for backpacking. It is especially valuable for families that go on long hikes before camping out for the night. It also serves the dual purpose of becoming a mini flashlight when you collapse led lantern

This LED lantern supports a 5V USB charger, so you can charge it by hand cranking when you don’t have access to power. And if there is an emergency and your mobile battery is low, you can charge your phone by hand cranking it in an emergency. Supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this LED lantern product can be returned within 40 days of the purchase  with a money back or replacement option. The shipping is fast, so if you are looking for a camping light instantly, then this is one of the best buys for your family.

Rayovac SE3DLNOR Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern

With a solid sturdy build, compact size and high water resistance, the Rayovac SE3DLNOR Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern is one of the best in the market for a family camping trip in the great outdoors.led lantern reviews

Backed by a 4-watt LED light that lasts for up to 100,000 hours, it comes it with a full lifetime warranty. With 240 lumens, its brightness can pleasantly surprise you but this comes in handy during pitch-black nights in the middle of a forest or jungle. It comes with three modes that can be adjusted based on your requirements high, low and strobe these can be changed to suit every individual need. The Rayovac also has an interesting LED light feature that brings every 5 seconds when it is turned off. This makes it handy to find in complete darkness. The battery life is quite impressive with a running time of approximately 40 hours on high mode. But on low mode, it can last for up to 90 hours.

Overall, Rayovac SE3DLNOR Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern is an excellent product for the price and features. It is a great buy for avid campers who love the idea of being outdoors regularly.

Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlights

The Blitzu® Super Bright – Best LED Lantern is perhaps one of the brightest LED lanterns available for camping and comes at an affordably attractive price for people who want an inexpensive lighting proposition for their camping trip.

Built with 30 ultra bright LED’s, the lantern is collapsible with a gentle push and is convenient for both outdoor and indoor usage. It is easy to operate and works on three AA batteries designed to provide up to 72 hours of power. Because of its LED fixture, it does not emit heat. At 5.5 inches, the Blitzu® Super Bright lantern is compact and easy to carry in a backpack for long-distance traveling or camping. It distributes light evenly across a 360-degree area to ensure that every part surrounding the light is covered.

The metal handles provide an easy grip for young and old alike. Supported by a risk-free money-back guarantee, this product is protected against defective materials, workmanship issues and any other problem over the lifetime of the lantern. Perfect for camping with super cool features, this LED lantern is a great buy for a family camping trip. It also doubles up as the perfect gift for your husband or dad before they embark on their “boys” outdoor get-together.

Eltronica LED Collapsible Camping Lantern

e Slick Lantern – Super Bright LED Collapsible Camping Light stands out from competition with its aesthetically pleasing and functional form. The smartly designed on and off function enables the portability function of the lantern with ease. It is compact, sturdy and collapsible with a unique built-in-compass to help people identify where they are in case they get lost in the woods.

Made from water resistant ABS plastic, the lantern works well for both outdoor and indoor activities. Most telescopic lanterns available today use conventional technologies that produce up to 60 lumens of light. The Slick Lantern uses modern SMD LED technology to produce a stronger and more efficient 120 lumens of light — nearly twice the light output of similar lanterns in the same price range. The brightness has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours with easily changeable batteries. This lightweight LED lantern has a unique design and is suitable for all types of outdoor activities. For the price it comes at, the Slick Lantern is a good value-for-money purchase.

Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact

The Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern is one of the best LED lantern options available in the category. With its ergonomic design that locks up in an upright or stowed position, it is compact enough to carry for a family camping trip.

Running on 3 AA batteries, this lantern has an excellent battery life. The on/off button lights up when it is used and it comes with a battery life indicator — this extremely useful feature helps campers know how much time the battery has left. Designed to resist water and weather elements effortlessly, this lantern is perfectly suited for all camping trips.

For fishing enthusiasts, the red light feature on this lantern does not attract as many flying insects, as other white LED lights. It also helps to preserve night vision. The Streamlight LED lantern is extremely well built with a battery life of a whopping 295 hours on low white light mode. The Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern is a great buy for the price.

Coleman Quad LED Lantern Special Edition Ultra Bright 190 Lumens, Red

The Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern is one of the best camping lanterns available from the house of Coleman. It uses 8 “D” batteries that run up to 75 hours. There are plenty of handles at the top for easy handling. The 4 separate light panels are attached on the lantern. With 190 bright lumens, this LED lantern packs a huge punch in lighting up areas in and around the campsite.

This is extremely useful in dense forests and primal areas. The 4 detachable light panels make it convenient to carry around and easily portable. Even if one gives way, the others will continue to emit light. Overall, the Coleman Quad (TM) LED Lantern is an excellent choice for its price.

Choosing the best camping lantern will depend on your individual taste, camping plan, budget and preferences. This list should give you a good idea of the best camping lanterns available, but you should define your specific needs before making a choice. Pair your camping lantern with the best camping tents on the market and enjoy a phenomenal camping experience with your loved ones. Enjoy a well-lit camping holiday!