Best All-In-One Record Player: A Guide to Choose the Best Model

With an all in one record player, you will be able to enjoy your favorite songs no matter what kind of medium you have available. You get the advantage of updated features of most stereo systems, can connect speakers, and can use headphones for privacy. The best all in one record player allows you to listen to vintage and modern music by using auxiliary and US inputs.

You can connect any device, including smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth as well as be able to play the old vinyl that may not be available in up-to-date technology. These record players are equipped with a lot of unique features to satisfy the needs of advanced users. For your convenience, we have a list of top rated all in one record players. You can choose a suitable model as per your requirements.

Comparison Chart of 4 All-In-One Record Players

6 Best All-In-One Record Player Reviews 2024

#1. Teac LPR550-USB CD Recorder with Cassette Turntable 

TEAC LP-R550 CD and USB recorder is an ultimate recording and playback solution. This compact and modern system includes USB audio interface, FM/AM tuner, Cassette, CD, and turntable. It allows you to transfer a collection to digital format with USB computer and CD recording all in one record player

With this new recorder, you can fill your room with quality integral bass reflex stereo speakers and connect your pair of headphones to enhance your private listening experience.  With its CD recording features, you can convert cassette and album into CD format. LP-R550USB allows you to record CDs from FM/AM, cassette, auxiliary input and vinyl input sources.

LPR-550USB turntable provides three-speed assortment supporting 33 1/3, 45 and SP 78 rpm records. With a cue lever located on the tonearm, you can gently lift and place stylus to avoid scratching. You can store AM and FM stations into its present channels 1 – 9 respectively. Auto-tuning selection allows you to find these stations quickly.

The accessible cassette player is located next to turntable on the top of LP-550USB. RCA input stereo is located on the rear panel so that you can easily connect it to an external source of audio for recording and playback.


  • Versatile playback
  • Great sound
  • Detachable sapphire needle
  • Easily program or shuffle playlist modes while using the CD player
  • High and normal tapes for a cassette player
  • Recording of radio, cassettes, and records to CDs and other inputs to a computer connected with USB
  • Convenient digital radio


  • No Bluetooth
  • Higher cost section

#2. Teac MC-D800 All-In-One Turntable Speaker System with Bluetooth

Teac is a modern turntable for digital enthusiasts and vinyl listeners. With this turntable, you can play your vinyl collection without any trouble because it is compatible with all record sizes. The all-in-one MC-D800 may playback at 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm speeds. The player is equipped with a stylus having a sapphire tip. Teac provides an optional diamond needle for specifically SP-style records.all in one record player reviews

The digital radio and CD player are packed with incredible features like integrated LCD screen to read different options of menus easily. Shuffle and repeat play options are easy to program and radio can store almost 20 FM and 20 AM preset stations. Moreover, listeners can set music to turn off or on at a particular time, set a sleep timer, and adjust an alarm clock.

With integrated speakers, you can get great quality of sound and attach through an RCA standard jack to add advanced speakers to this player. The turntable of Teac comes with a Bluetooth so that you can conveniently connect with digital devices. It comes with a remote so that you can control music even from different corners of your home instead of being hitched by auxiliary cords.


  • LCD screen allows tons of alarm and playback features
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Digital ratio with different presets
  • External speakers provide great sound


  • The cassette player is not available
  • May not have a functionality to record vinyl to MP3s

#3. Victrola Nostalgic Classic Wood 6-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Center

This beautiful Victrola nostalgic modern record player allows you to listen to your favorite music, no matter how it was recorded. This all-in-one player offers six ways to play music and three speeds turntable (33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM). You can wirelessly play your favorite music from FM radio and Bluetooth enables devices and an Aux-in 3.5mm jack lets you play music from your non-Bluetooth devices with a cable, Aux-in RCA jack, and headphone record player

The turntable is exceptionally versatile to play standard records in different sizes and playback speeds. The cartridge and needle may cause issues; though, they don’t place sufficient pressure on a few records to play accurately.

The attractive wood-finished exterior design completes with king-size dial display and analog radio in the middle. The stereo speakers can boast sound of amazing quality, though you are able to attach exterior speakers via an RCA jack.

It comes with an integrated CD player and cassette player so you can take advantage of any kind of music.

This inexpensive player can be an excellent choice for those people who want a vintage turntable attached with cassette, CD players, and Bluetooth capability.


  • Bluetooth capable
  • Wood vintage peripheral
  • Unique features for the price


  • Recording from vinyl – MP3s is not available

#4. Crosley CR704D-PA Musician 3-Speed Turntable with Radio

Crosley is an excellent name for innovation in modernizing record players. You can listen to music with this advanced and innovative music player. This record player from Crosley combines the best style with digital essentials. This turntable is adaptable with an ability to play records of different sizes like 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch music records at 33 1/3-rpm, 45-rpm and 75-rpm with the use of an expendable diamond stylus.record player reviews

The double stereo speakers can produce a full-bodied and rich sound. The wood frame of this player can enhance the quality of voice. The vintage-looking Paprika veneer finish of hardwood frame gives an ideal sheen while managing the illusion of a player from the era of the 1960s.

The correspondent radio requires physical tuning that may need practice for people who understand digital functions. The front has a CD player. The built-in cassette player is hidden on the side of the wooden frame. If you want high-quality sound, you must use this music player. It comes with a vintage design and a variety of capabilities.


  • Stylish vintage exterior
  • Compatible with auxiliary cable
  • Versatile turntable


  • The replaceable stylus is missing
  • Buttons may be hard to read because of vintage style

#5. Victrola 50’s Retro 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable

Bring versatile audio and retro style experience to home with this unique record player. The Victrola record player retro stereo comes with USB digital encoding and Bluetooth. The turntable can play FM/AM radio, wireless music, vinyl records, and CDs. You can enjoy clean and crisp audio in different formats.all in one record player

With its wireless capability, you can stream music almost 33 feet away. Enjoy your favorite music from this Bluetooth compatible recorder. An integrated CD player allows you to listen to your favorite music by inserting your CDs. You can enjoy crisp sound through a strong stereo speaker.

It allows you to do USB encoding for MP3 conversion to digitize your vinyl records to MP3. You can connect to a computer through integrated USB cable and recording software compatible with Mac and PC.

It can be a solid choice for anyone who needs an affordable record player. With the exclusion of cassette tape rerun, it comes with everything as per your needs, such as vinyl recording and Bluetooth capability.


  • Stylish vintage design
  • CD player and digital radio
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Vinyl records to the computer through USB
  • Economical for features


  • Some manufacturing issues with CD player
  • The cassette player is missing

#6. Electrohome Wellington Record Player Retro Vinyl Turntable

Combine the charisma of the past with the advanced technology of today. Backed by more than 100 years of developing top-rated audio products, Electrohome has a particular design of record players with modern features. You can play your whole music library with a classic 4-in-1 turntable system.

You can relax while listening to your MP3’s, FM/AM radio, CDs, and record collection. Feel free to connect your tablet or smartphone. Enjoy your dad’s vinyl collection with an automatic belt-driven turntable. The turntable can spin 7″, 10″ and 12” records at the speed of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm.

If you want to enjoy private listening, you can use headphones and enjoy your favorite music without disturbing others. Along with all listening options, you may convert your CDs and records to MP3 for future convenience. You can fit the natural tone of the vinyl collection on the moveable USB drive.

This system is excellent for entertainment and the antiquated look makes it an ideal addition to your house. Subtle details, such as amber lighting on tuning dial of analog, antiqued verdigris faceplate, and rotary knob control complement your decorations.


  • Wood exterior with beautiful mahogany
  • Built-in acoustics and speakers
  • Vinyl recording via USB


  • Can be costly
  • Not compatible with cassette player and Bluetooth

Buyers Guide for All-In-One Record Player

While purchasing an all-in-one record player, it is essential to consider these features:


Vinyl records are available in different sizes, such as 7, 10 and 12 inches. The intended speed of playback is 33 1/3, 45 or 78 rpm. Depending on your record collection, you will want to play different sizes. It is essential to check these options so that your selected record player can play your selection.

The needle may not make a massive difference in the quality of sound, but it may impact durability and cost. Sapphire needles may be cheap, but you have to replace them after 50 to 100 hours of usage. Diamond needs can last for hundreds of hours, but these are expensive to substitute.

Consider the Quality of Speakers

The all-in-one record players have speakers either connected externally or integrated into the frame. The quality of speakers may vary enormously. Make sure to invest in a good set of speakers while analyzing prices and check the input type the player has for the option to connect external speakers. Numerous record players use an RCA jack, but some may use substitute inputs. A few players may not have the functionality to connect to an extra set of speakers.

Other Media Options

Before purchasing a record player, it is essential to consider your needs regarding cassettes or CDs. These features are not available with all record players. Some may not have a radio or cassette players to accept high cartridges or leave an AM tuner.

Recording and Bluetooth Features

Numerous all-in-one players come with recording features. The best features allow you to record your favorite vinyl collection into MP3 digital files. It will not damage your collection, but help back it up and permit you to listen to this music in other locations. You must consider this feature if you have lots of vinyl records. You have to plug the USB drive into record player and computer. Moreover, some top-rated record players can record your vinyl directly to CDs, cassettes, or radio recording into crisp digital files.

Your selected record player should have an ability to play music through Bluetooth. This feature is essential for numerous users.


The best all-in-one record player can be an excellent choice to remove the dust from your vinyl records and bring your music together from dissimilar media formats. These players offer analog and digital audio worlds. Efficiently record your old records to MP3s digitally or  by wirelessly linking to a smartphone to play particular tunes from your vintage inspired speaker.

Numerous vintage designs provide great style as well as audio quality. If you want the best record player, you can consider any one of these options. These record players are equipped with modern features to let you play music from different media formats.