During romantic meetings, couples dream of falling asleep and waking up side by side, cheek to cheek. But in real life, sleeping together is not always comfortable for two. Problems arise both in size and in the difference in weight and the necessary rigidity of the mattress. Next, we will consider how to choose a mattress for a double bed and tell you how to solve all possible problems.

The process of choosing a comfortable and high-quality mattress is fascinating but serious. It is very important to take into account various nuances to choose the best option, which will help not only to “wait out” the nights in bed but to have a good rest and gain strength. Not every mattress can guarantee complete relaxation to the spine, therefore you should not save on your own health and purchase the cheapest models. The answer to the question “How much does a double mattress cost?” will directly depend on the quality of materials and the manufacturer of the model.

How to Select a Mattress

  • The huge diversity of the modern market can confuse even an experienced buyer. In order not to get lost during choosing and become a happy owner of the best option, it is worth following such rules:
  • Middle-aged people, as well as those who sleep on their backs, need to choose mattresses of medium hardness, while older couples and all those who enjoy sleeping on their sides need soft models.
  • The mattress should be carefully selected according to the stiffness parameters. A too rigid basement threatens with an improper load distribution, which will lead to pain in the hips and shoulders. The too soft options will not allow muscles to relax normally, and therefore you can just forget about a good rest. The best variant is an orthopedic mattress of medium hardness. If there is a problem with the upper spine, a hard mattress is the only right option.
  • For those who cannot sleep even on minimally uneven surfaces, springless models are best. You may check some interesting Puffy models here. They are constructed from layers of various densities and can provide a comfortable sleeping position for people of any complexion. But it is important to consider the quality of the filler. Combined models allow you to adjust the degree of rigidity of the mattress. They consist of several independent springs and multilevel layers of density from various materials.
  • The mattress upholstery can also be called an important parameter because the quality of its manufacture directly affects the duration of possible use and the appearance of the product. The highest rates are in dense calico and jacquard fabric. It is best to choose a dense fabric that does not rub and will be convenient to wash.
  • Allergy sufferers and everyone who monitors their health should buy models with high rates of elasticity, hypoallergenicity, and breathability. Such options will cause a minimum of care problems.
  • Do not choose spring models with a dependent system. Their main advantage is the low cost. But in operation, they will bring a lot of problems and discomfort, because they can not boast of high quality.
  • An intermediate option in terms of price-quality ratio will be mattresses with springs, where each has a separate cover. The stand-alone design allows you to fully relax and does not cause significant problems in care.

2 Persons — 2 Approaches

Someone needs a softer mattress, someone harder. Stiffness can depend not only on a person’s weight but also on the physique and some health problems. What should you do if each person needs his own rigidity, and both should sleep on this mattress? However, in this case, there is a way out, and not even one, but three. Let’s consider each of them.

  • A mattress of two-type rigidity. There are mattresses, one side of which is harder, and the other is much softer. Coatings of the sides can also be made of different materials.
  • Buy two mattresses with different stiffness. After all, each of the partners will be able to choose a single mattress to his own taste, with the rigidity that suits him best and relax with pleasure in the chosen own sleeping place. The gap between the mattresses can be eliminated using the mattress pad.
  • Third way: mattress on independent springs with asymmetric filling. The stiffness of the product can be varied not only by the tension of the springs but also by different filler material of each part. Coconut fiber, for example, is well suited for creating a hard bed. And natural latex, which will be much softer, can be used from the opposite side. It turns out a universal product for sleeping, perfectly suitable for both spouses with different tastes and preferences.
  • If you have already decided on the type of mattress and its filling, then it remains only to correctly determine its size. Parameters of the mattress always match the proportions of your bed. It should be measured along the inner perimeter of the bed: the length of the bed from the foot to the head and the width of the bed between the side parts — this is the length and width of your bed. The standard length is 190 cm or 2 m. The height of the mattress should also be determined by the dimensions of your bed. The average height of the spring models is from 18 to 24 cm, while springless options should be 15-18 cm.

In Conclusion

A mattress is a product that cannot be picked up, focusing only on their appearance. Our health and well-being depend directly on it. However, seeing numerous characteristics, we are usually lost and do not know how to buy the best. To help you figure it out, we have listed the main points that will help you make the right choice. We hope that with our help the purchase process will become easy and enjoyable.