Pictures tell a thousand words but do you know that they are direct expressions of the artist’s thoughts and inspirations? Four young photographers from different parts of the world expressed how they gather ideas for their masterpiece, a process that did not only fill their need for self-expression but also draw attention of many people around the world.

French photographer Antoine Bruy look for inspiration by visiting various parts of United States and Europe. His subject: communities who decided to make radical choices. These are those people who tried to get rid of consumerism and the busy modern life.

“I long for independence and I felt that the best way to start it is by understanding the world where we live”, Antoine said.  With this in mind, he chose the “Scrublands” for his project. Such term refers to a compilation of made up stories about people whose society turned their back on.

“Scrublands are people who are compelled to live away from the city. Some just left this place because they feel exhausted with the city life where dignity is impossible, considering the modern life that the place has to offer”, Antoine explained. Through his work, he earned a lot of international awards such as the Getty Images Emerging Talent Awards.

Another photographer is Salvi Danes. This Spanish photographer implied on his work that some people don’t have a choice in their way of life and pointed out Moscow residents as an example. His theme in his craft is “limited freedom of movement and thought”.

“Megapolis keeps everyone from knowing their real identities since they have very limited choices”, Salvi said. Moscow has inspired him a lot on his photography shoots that he came up with a lot of themes in his work. “I am going through hate-love relationship with big cities and they seem to be a dangerous vortex”, Salvi added.

However, for Chinese artist Jing Huang, there is a way to resolve issues emerging from a busy city life. Though he resides in the bustling city Shenzen, he still came up with perfect pictures using its natural urban landscape. His inspiration came from a classical Chinese painting.

“Being one with the environment is my secret. I consider myself part of every place I go to just like water, light, animals and people. This works well for me since it allows me to discover secret places right down in my heart”, Jing explained.

Dina Oganova from Georgia has her generations behind all her art works. Her works are stories of handwritten letters that tells about her family.

Pictures can have life in themselves as long as the photographer has the passion and inspiration to do so.  Even a Myrtle Beach Wedding Photography can look so real with the right photographer who has the gusto to excel in his work.