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There is more to skin care than just washing your face. And for many beauty companies and dermatologists, there’s so much to improve on such simple act. This resulted to various facial beauty products offered in the market promising a more beautiful you. With this, skin care industry including acne face wash, bars, wipes and creams boost to $1.8 billion sales in 2012 alone. The most common consumers are teenagers who are suffering from skin problems like acne. To them, getting a “squeaky clean” feel will solve their acne issue. However, this is what dermatologist Katie Rodan has to say about this; “You can’t wash the pimples off you face”.

As expected, people with facial skin issues are the ones who spend a lot of time figuring out how to improve their skin’s condition. And regardless of their skin problem, they have a common belief that vigorous scrubbing will solve the issue. They thought that keeping their skin at its cleanest will usher them on the road to recovery. However, the opposite is true as per Dr. Patriacia Farris; a dermatologist in LA; “We don’t want to get to the point where we feel that our face is “squeaky clean”.

When using facial products to remove dirt and oil, you are also allowing the surfactant to interact with the outermost layer of the skin. This part has the skin’s protective barrier. Too much washing may lead to over drying and as the surfactant remains on the skin, this may trigger irritation. If you experience burning and stinging sensation, know that these are symptoms of irritation and that the application of the product has to be stopped.

However, we cannot discredit the benefits that acne face wash and other facial products have to offer. Today, experts came up with different ways to improve people’s facial skin by offering the latest facial cleansing products. And the best thing is; there are mild formulas that you can choose from which won’t hurt your skin. Some even include devices for their products that can deeply cleanse your skin with just a light touch.

After advised by her dermatologist to avoid a squeaky clean feeling, Attorney Stephanie Samuel now used a gentler cleanser for her face in the morning and coupled it with exfoliating cleanser before retiring to bed at night. And she found this very effective.

If you are a teenager and you have acne, don’t worry since you are not alone. A lot of teens like you went through the same thing. The most important thing is to keep your face clean but not “squeaky clean” making your skin dry. And choosing mild acne face wash you can use at night will keep your acne problem at bay.