Image credit: Wikiepedia
Image credit: Wikiepedia

Yahoo may have searched and read through private customer emails without the consent of those who use Yahoo email. Apparently, they may have searched these emails for a specific, yet unknown word or phrase for either the NSA or the FBI.

According to USA Today, although this may be true, Yahoo has yet to confirm or even deny that they have done this. And, although they have yet to confirm or deny that they have done this, they said they haven’t done anything against the law.

According to Fortune, Google and Microsoft said they were not part of the email scanning tied to Yahoo for the NSA or the FBI, although it was alleged that they were. Google and Microsoft also said that even if they were asked to do this, they would not and would attest it in court.

Google and Microsoft are not the only ones who have been alleged to have done this too. Facebook said that it didn’t receive a request by the NSA or the FBI either but if they would have, their answer would be the same as Google’s and Microsoft’s answer. A simple no! Apple was not asked to do so either and they also said they wouldn’t do it anyway. Twitter responded with the same answer.

Also, according to Fortune, the contents that the NSA was looking for when they allegedly had Yahoo scan the emails is a mystery. However, the original source claims that they were searching for codes in emails by terrorists. Apparently, they were looking for a set of characters that would show pass codes used by terrorists, which would be included in an email or an attachment in an email.

With all of this going on with Yahoo, the sale of the company to Verizon may not happen now. Verizon was the winning bidder for Yahoo at the high price of $4.8 billion. Verizon won the bid for Yahoo’s operating business, as well as its advertising technology, as well as its online content such as Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and even their micro blogging site, Tumblr.

Will this sale happen now that Yahoo has allegedly scanned the emails for terrorist pass codes? What do you think will happen?