With Yahoo being up for sale, Marissa Mayer will be out of a job.
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Yahoo is up for sale and companies are lining up to make their bids. Will CEO Marissa Mayer get fired? According to Examiner, she will most likely get fired whether or not Yahoo gets sold. The report states that even if the site doesn’t get sold but she still gets fired, she will go home with a very nice severance pay of $37 million. However, if the company does get sold and she still gets fired by the new owner, she will only go home with $12.5 million. That is still a lot of money. Maybe not to her but to many of us, it is. Many people can live very happily with that amount of money.

CNN Money states, Daily Mail and Time are just a couple interested buyers lining up to make their bid. But is there anyone else making bids? Google and Microsoft may bid on Yahoo as well. Although it has been reported that Google might, it is very unlikely that they will because of not trusting Yahoo anymore. However, this would be the second time Microsoft would make an offer for Yahoo. Back in 2008, according to the report, Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo out for $45 billion but Yahoo backed out on that one for some reason.

Are more companies lining up to bid on Yahoo? Why, yes there are more. Verizon and a few other smaller companies including General Atlantic, TPG, and KKR are also lining up. Verizon actually bought AOL in 2015 for more than $4 billion.

What happens next? Yahoo has given all companies until April 18, which is just next week, to make their bids. Yahoo will then either choose which offer they want to take or they could turn them all down.

What do you think? Do you think Yahoo will sell out this time? Who do you think will be the winning bidder?