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John Barban is the author of Venus Factor; a popular weight loss program nowadays which combines simple daily workout and healthy diet to lose weight. He based this program from the study of female body to achieve quick weight loss result. By utilizing human body function, this program promises to have long lasting effect on one’s weight. However, critics are still reluctant to believe the effectiveness of this program and feel that this is another conventional weight loss routine offering temporary result.

John finished a degree in human biology and nutrition and Masters on these courses in University of Guelph. He also obtained personal trainings certification like CSCS, NSCA, CSEP, ACE PT and many others. He is also certified kinesiologist. But amidst all these achievements, this is all he has to say; “certificates are of no value since they can be achieved through simple written exams. What we need is a hands-on experience to be good on these fields”.

John explored many ways to discover effective weight loss techniques. In fact, for 8 long years, he worked in the sports and dietary supplement industry to develop a pill for weight loss. He consulted with renowned supplement companies and took part in their product development.

“If you want to lose weight and you resort into weight loss supplement, I tell you, your weight issue will never be resolved. The more you spend time reading about weight loss supplements on magazines, the more you won’t find answer to your problem”, he declared.

He also served as an ice hockey strength and conditioning coach. In the University of Guelph and trained with world class lifting team. “Though I gained a lot of strength out of it, I learned that the workout sucks! So I continued discussing theories and training experiences with this team”, John stated.

So what’s the best diet plan then? His answer is the Venus Factor System. These days, you can find out more about the Venus Factor diet all over the web. After decades of research on women’s weight loss, studying the relationship of exercise, food and hormones to weight loss, he finally came up with an idea of leptin diet. He discovered that regular manipulation of leptin (a major player in weight loss) will result to significant and safe weight reduction. You may read more about the Venus Factor diet explained here.

However, we can’t discredit the fact that you need to pay the price to make this program work. “It takes strong motivation, work, discipline and a reliable internet connection to download the program’s component for the program to work”, one of its critics said.