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Meet Ayanna, a woman who has toenail addiction. She is determined to wear long nails on all her extremities no matter what it takes. This 54 year old woman is diabetic and needs extra exercise to manage her health. However, she can’t do even this part simply because her nails blocks on the way.

“I feel sexy when I have long nails. However, I admit that having this type of foot fashion costs me a lot of stress both physically and financially”, Ayanna stated.

Ayanna endured the challenges and is willing to pay the price of having long nails. Hence, to keep her toenails from breaking, she walks on her heels upward and downward the stair sideways just to make sure that her toe nails are intact.

Having long toe nails can be very expensive too. It costs Ayanna $200 per week for her manicure and pedicure. And sleeping can be very inconvenient and she can’t even wear socks to protect her feet from cold during winter.

Apart from all the mentioned discomforts of Ayanna’s toenails, it has been affecting her health too. This woman is suffering from toenail fungus but she can’t get rid of them because she won’t cut them. And no amount of toenail fungus treatment can help if you don’t trim your toenails to keep it clean.

Everyone is worried on Ayanna’s condition and her friend Vincent is one of them. To cut Ayanna’s strange addiction, Vincent brought her to a dance class. He intentionally does this so his friend will know how long toenails can end her social life.  “If she will cut her toenails, she will realize how much she is missing in her life. Cutting them short will benefit her more”; Vincent said.

As expected, Ayanna danced too careful, making sure that Vincent won’t step on her toes. “I fret about the thought of someone stepping on my feet. I have unpleasant experiences about this in the past”, Ayanna admitted.

On their dance class, Ayanna is hesitant to move because she felt that Vincent is getting close to her toes. So it ended up Vincent dancing with the instructor for the rest of the class while Ayanna is simply watching at the side.

“My situation is really hard. Many times, I feel like I’m a lonely child whom no one wants to play with”, Ayanna admitted. And whenever she is asked to cut her nail, she will always utter the same reply; “My long toenails are fifty percent of who I am”.