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Louise and Stuart Unwin used to be so passionate about sex before they got married but after tying the knot, things went absolutely different. Louise does not want to engage into a more intimate expression of love and opt not to sleep with her husband. And the reason for this is low or even absence of sex drive.

Louise has 2 children now. She got married with Stuart last March 2014 and they are both 33 years old. Surprisingly, Louise claimed that they hardly have sexual activity since the day they got married. For the past 24 months, this couple only slept between sheets. But the truth is; they used to have a happy and fun sex life before they tied the knot.

“My friends told me that our sex life will never be the same again if we get married. However, I did not expected it to nose dive this fast”, Louise said.

Louise did everything she thought would her resolve her problem. She watched porn films alone and with her husband. She also read erotic books to stimulate her but the feeling goes away as fast as flipping the last page of the book.

“I was so tired on our big day and I’m very conscious about my figure after I delivered my second child; Poppy”, Louise explained. She also admitted that she struggled on their wedding night since she did not want to have sex with her husband that time. However, she still went through with it for her husband’s sake.

“Since our wedding day, my libido problem turned from bad to worse”, Louise admitted.

What this couple did not know is that testosterone level can go downhill as you age. And one function of this type of hormone is to increase one’s libido. At the age of 33, Louise may be suffering from decreased testosterone level. She can remedy this by taking Spartagen to improve her testosterone level.

“One reason why I don’t feel excited about sex is my body. I don’t feel sexy”, Louise said. She persisted to feel this way despite all the reassurance of her husband that she is beautiful.

However, her husband Stuart did not lose hope. “I still look forward for our future sex life and knows it will get better”, Stuart said. This only shows that a couple can still be happy even without sex. After all, it is love that truly kindles relationship, allowing it to last long.