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Have you ever thought that wireless electricity will ever happen? This is when you can transfer energy without using any wire. Hence, homes and buildings will no longer have outlets, just sources of energy embedded on a wall. This energy will go through any structure of the house, which automatically charges cell phones, laptops and even power lights and TV without the need to plug them in. The idea of electronic revolution is a concept that Dr. Katie Hall (Witricity Chief Technology) perceived to be a thing of the future. She knows since they have already created such technology.

“We do not intend to place electricity on the air. We intend to set a magnetic field on it. We just need to employ a source resonator; an electrical wire coil which creates a magnetic field if power is attached” Dr. Hall explained.  “This is wireless since there will be generation of electrical charge once another coil will be placed adjacent to it. This time, without the use of any wire”; she added.

“Transfer of power will work by simply bringing a device into a certain magnetic field. This will initiate a current on the device causing power transfer”, said Dr. Hall. With this, a light bulb will light up even if no cords or wire is attached to it. Hence, you can place it anywhere you want in your home.

“Is having a magnetic field on the air safe”; asked Nick Glass from CNN. “This is perfectly safe”; said Dr. Hall without hesitation. “It actually works just like a wireless internet or Bluetooth. Hence, your phones will be charged while kept on your pocket, televisions will turn on even without wires attached to them and even electric cars will be charged automatically while parked on your garage”, Dr. Hall added.

With wireless electricity, life will never be the same again. There will be no need to drop by a gasoline station nor would you have issues on depleting batteries of your gadgets. Even Powertec electricians will have a different way to service their clients. Of course they will still work for industrial, commercial and residential electrical installation but in a way different from what we know.

But for Dr. Hall, a wireless technology does not only offer convenience but a lot more than that. This will have immense impact on the field of medicine. It will allow transplanted device to be charged without the need to perform intrusive procedures. The day will come when the word “wire” will be a thing of the past, something that many people wouldn’t have idea what it is all about.