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For more than 50 years, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition is being held. This ignites everyone’s awareness of the nature’s fragility and beauty. This year’s winner is Canadian Don Gutoski. His entry’s title alone is surely an attention grabber- “A Tale of Two Foxes”

On Don’s entry, you will see a red fox with its cousin; arctic fox hanging lifeless on its jaw. The picture is such wonder and awe with both foxes’ snouts and tails parallel to one another. Such an amazing shot like this deserves to win the said wildlife photographer competition. His work will be displayed in London and will be included in world’s most famous nature photography competition.

“I am so proud of my work”; amateur photographer Gutoski said. “I love its simplicity and symmetry. Looking at the foxes’ tails and heads line up is simply amazing”, he declared.

The picture was taken at the arctic portion of Canada. And as you can see, the red fox has crossed the borders to the Northern part of the country. Hence, it has inhabited a territory where once only its arctic fox resides. It is interesting to note that red foxes used to hunt small animals only. However, it has been proven through this entry that it has extended its prey to its arctic relatives.

But what really caught the jury’s attention is the changing world that is depicted on the picture.

“This entry offers a meditative moment”, Lewis Blackwell said; the jury’s leader. “We can’t help but reflect on life and death and the effects of climate change that is happening in our midst”, he added.

The jury has reviewed 42,000 entries this year, and it is noted that participants of this contest has been growing each year. During the final exhibition, 100 pictures were chosen to be displayed during the final exhibition this October at London Natural History Museum.

“This contest goes beyond the technicality of the photo taken but it is on finding fresh images that will help viewers understand are happening in today’s world.

The judges also learned from their experience in 2009 when they chose an entry of a wolf that leaps over the fence. It was later found out that wolf is tamed and can be trained to jump. Hence, the entry was disqualified.

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