The laser have made our life so much easier, with them being applied in almost every segment of life. From cutting diamonds, performing complicated eye surgeries to being a deadly weapon, the lasers have revolutionizes human culture.



Jean-Pierre Wolf, the physicist for Switzerland, has made an astounding discovery using a laser, he has found a way to use the power of the laser to manipulate the weather conditions. Perhaps it sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but some techniques have been used to manipulate the weather for years now. China launched rockets to prevent rain during the Olympics opening ceremony in 2008, using the “cloud seeding” method. But the problem with this method is that it uses a lot of chemicals in the atmosphere and isn’t 100 per cent effective. But with the implementation of a laser, we can now manipulate the weather conditions much “cleaner” and with better results.

Here is how the laser “controls” the weather. The laser crates now clouds, by inducing condensation. This is a process which occurs naturally, with water condensing and creating clouds. With the creation of such clouds, we can induce rain and “empty” the other clouds, ensuring the fry weather afterwards. The Swiss professor said that “We did it on a laboratory scale, we can already create clouds, but not on a macroscopic scale, so you don’t see a big cloud coming out because the laser is not powerful enough and because of a lot of technical parameters that we can’t yet control,” as CNN reports.

This method is still in need of further developing, but once it has been perfected, it could not only help us manipulate weather, but also “transport” the rain or drought where it is needed. “You can transport the water to a different location,” Jean-Pierre Wolf concluded.