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Babies deserve to have all the best they can get. With this comes the introduction of organic baby blankets and other organic baby products in the market these days. However, the benefits they offer have their corresponding prices as well. Because of this, organic products are often more expensive than their none-organic counterparts. But are they worth all your investment?

“The question here is on how much I am willing to spend for the theoretical benefits of organic products. Personally, it is only reasonable to buy such merchandise if they are only 5%-10% more. However, spending 20%-30% on top of the usual costs is no longer acceptable”, said Kristin Mallon from Rahway, N.J. and a mother of 2 children.

However, Mallon would like to make an exemption to organic foods when she said; “Hormones and antibiotics on meat and dairy products will have a great impact on the health of my children, not to mention the effects of pesticides and DEET on our foods these days. Hence, I am willing to spend more on organic foods, regardless of their prices”.

Organic baby products are made of natural ingredients. They are also known to have less pesticide, devoid of harmful ingredients as well as chemicals. These days, organic products are not only limited on foods. This extended to the lines of baby clothing, toys and many other products. And these products are offering better options to parents who only want to give the best to their precious little ones.

Organic baby clothing on the other hand are made of natural fibers such as cotton, flannel, wool and silk. These products are organically produced or grown. Everything on these types of materials are organic from its linings to buttons, they are made from organic wooden pieces and organic rubber. Hence, an organic baby clothing is all natural. This is best for babies since they have sensitive skin and have delicate health. These products are natural and purest. Hence, your baby can enjoy the comfort it offers like high absorbing capacity, softness, low weight and adequate ventilation. They are also known as a good protection for your baby’s skin and are devoid of toxicity.

Organic baby products are not only good for your precious ones but they are also friendly to the environment too. This is because from their materials to production, everything is natural. Since the materials used are organic, they just decompose when thrown as well.

The answer to the question on whether organic baby products are worth the investment or not all depends on how much you value your baby’s safety and health. Your budget will also play a major role in your purchasing decision. Hence, this must also be considered.