Comedy actor Will Ferrell wants to raise $1 million for cancer survivors as scholarships for college. On Thursday Ferrell makes it through five Arizona spring training baseball games. According to the schedule, he plays for Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants and Dodgers, all on the same day and playing all positions too.093009WillFerrell02


Everybody remembers him of course vividly as the star of ‘Elf,’ ‘Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy’ besides several other movies too. Now the same guy wears No. 19 in the revelation of a new facet of his personality.  Hits evaded him in the initial games in spite of his mighty enthusiasm.  Besides, he was telling people, ‘I am a five tool guy.’

Everything appears planned perfectly and would have concluded by the time you get around to reading this. The police escort would initially take his caravan through three halts and then the helicopter ride that would really take him places!

Film people are dramatic enough and when they take to the sports field it is fiery action indeed. What happened in 2010? Ferrell wore a fake mustache when he impersonated the blistering pitcher Rojo Johnson. After throwing one pitch, he quit the field, ripped the mustache off and waved grandly to the stands!

Yet why the stunts just now for the 47 year old actor who talks of quitting his acting career? Ferrell is busy with the promotion of his new movie ‘Get Hard.’ What else? Ferrell appeared in many sports movies though not baseball. Maybe he will do that some other day.