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Image from thegeekdesire

Scheduling employees can be very daunting, especially for an entrepreneur who has just started out a business.   Automatic staff scheduling is a cost-effective solution to the usual HR nightmare issues. Scheduling should not be that hard for a corporate business that opens 9am to 5pm. But things are different with restaurants, retailers and hotels where business hours extend beyond 8 hours’ workday. With these kinds of businesses, no one really knows when a rush would hit and when there will be a lull. Hence, an Automatic Scheduling Software is a God-sent tool for all small business entrepreneurs.

A software that customize the staff’s availability and do automated scheduling of employees can be really handy, on top of doing your other needs like online customer booking for 24/7. However, just make sure that this would not mean passing the toll to your employees. Janette Navarro who worked at Starbucks related how a scheduling software left her with so little time for her family and even for her sleep. She was scheduled to go home almost midnight and asked to report early morning the next day. However, none of this can happen if the employer or supervisors are sensitive enough to their employee’s needs.

The biggest advantage one can get from an automated scheduling software is saving time and money. “Staring at an excel sheet to organize the employees’ schedules can be such a headache”, Deborah Sweeney, CEO of said. “However, employing a scheduling software that analyzes different factors and suggest the most practical schedule will save all your effort”, she added.

The use of an automated scheduling tool will relieve the pressure you have on your back. However, Deborah warned that this tool can never be used as a replacement of entrepreneurial institution. After all, you can’t just simply rely on the algorithms of automated scheduling programs; otherwise you will end up facing some troubles.

The mental stability of your employees counts a lot. And if they feel that their employer cares enough to maintain their good quality of life, they tend to be more productive and happier. And this can never happen if you schedule them in such a way that will stop them from spending time with their family and friends. And this is a very crucial part to look into when using an automated scheduling software.

Lastly, choose a scheduling software that would still give control to your employees. This is when they need to be away for a scheduled doctor’s appointment or a planned vacation. Just make sure that they also find someone who will fill in their absence. Be open to them too when they want to discuss some issues. This way, you will be creating a better working environment that will not only benefit your business but the lives of your employees as well.