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Investing for a property can be great but what if its price is $725 million dollars? Well, it is still worth the price as long as you are buying the Waggoner Ranch in Texas. This is the biggest ranch in U.S. In fact, it’s something that you can’t easily find among Texas Ranches for sale nowadays. With this amount, you will in return get 6,800 cattle, at least 1,000 oil wells, 30,000 acres of cropland, 500 quarter of horses, buildings, farm machineries and many more. This is a favorite hunting spot of Teddy Roosevelt and Will Rogers, no debt and very profitable. In fact, this may be the first and last type of offer you can hear in your whole lifetime.

“If you want to see the entire place, you will need to several days to finish it”, its real estate broker; Bernard Uechtritz said. Each horizon is this ranch. “All land you can behold by your eyes belong Waggoner Ranch”, Bernard continued.

The responsibility of selling this land was given to two brokers. They were instructed to tell the buyer that they are not only buying the land but everything where it is attached to. This includes 29 tractors, hunting lodge, animals and many more.

The area of this ranch is 207,000 hectares. This means it extends up to 800 square miles. To give you the idea on how big this is, imagine combining the areas of New York City and Los Angeles. The total area of these two places won’t suffice to equal the total area of Waggoner Ranch. This place houses one of the country’s biggest cattle ranches and is reputed globally because of its quarter horses.

The family owning this ranch is among the pioneers of Texas. In fact, they have owned the land ever since the place was recognized as a state. Sadly, Vernon judge ordered that the ranch is to be sold and summoned its 2 assigned brokers to offer it to the global market. Such decision stems from the family’s feud in deciding what to do with the property; to split it within themselves or liquidate it.

Somehow, Waggoner Ranch will find its new owner soon. The land may then be sold in pieces or the new owner may fire their present workers. And these are the words of Uechtritz, “the issue here is not just finding the person who has the amount to buy the ranch but looking for a good steward who can preserve this ranch well.