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Image from airport-transfer-service


Car rental airport pickup offers convenience to commuters but what if it works the other way around? Commentator Rosa Ram wrote; “It is often more costly to rent a car from the airport rather than picking up the vehicle in town. I suggest going to the town instead”. Car rentals can rip you off before you even know it. It sure is a delight to get a VIP service upon your arrival but it also pays to choose the right company and weight things well.

Insurance is another add-on you have to pay for your car rental. However, there are some with excess charges which you need to get out of your own pocket in case of accident, even before the insurance policy takes effect. In fact, some pay £2,000 excess charges as per blogger Clare Walsh.

A “full-empty fuel policy” can also take a toll in your holiday budget. This means you get a car with empty tank upon hiring and you have to pay upfront for a tank of petrol before you can use the vehicle. With this, there is a tendency that you will be charged high for the tank of petrol and if you only use the vehicle for a short distance drive, you may not be able to consume the entire fuel that you have purchased.

Some car hire companies also offer upgrades for a pre-booked car. They may inform you upon pick up that the category you chose has run out and that you need to upgrade to a more expensive option. However, you need not fall on this bait. You have to insist that a higher category car should be offered with no extra charge or you can use a lower category type and be refunded for your excess payment.

You may be too busy in hour holiday preparation that you set aside the need to hire a car in advance. However, you need to know that buying at the desk will surely mean spending more than you have to. But more than that, you may have lesser option and end up with an unsuitable vehicle especially when there is an increase of demands during holiday season. Worse is renting a car that is not safe, putting your entire family at risk. In fact, some car rental companies even have marshal to ensure maximum protection for their clients.

Hidden charges are also very common, so make sure that you read the fine prints before you sign the rental contract. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to find yourself paying unexpected charges when you get home from the holidays.