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These days, you have many options when it comes to missing tooth problem. You may opt for dental implants and other forms of teeth replacement to still have that wonderful smile. However, these ceramic teeth structures are not as robust compared to the original teeth that were replaced. According to Berlin Germany researchers led by Charite Universitatsmedizin, this can be because artificial teeth do not have nanoparticles like normal teeth do.

Bones normally heal by itself when they get damaged. Unfortunately, though teeth are considered bones, they don’t have the capability to heal on their own. Hence, questions arose as to how these structures protect themselves from robust use?

Such query was given light through a research conducted by Berlin’s researchers. The study involved examination on the mechanical properties of tiny nanoparticle as well as on the fiber structures found on the interior parts of the dentin. This is a soft, porous portion on the teeth hidden beneath the enamel.

These layers of collagen proteins and mineral nanoparticles caused the teeth to be damage resistant and tough. However, researchers are still conducting further study on how to they prevent cracks from growing.

“In a new study conducted, it was found out that the said nanoparticles are pre-compressed”, declared Dr. Paul Zaslansky from the Julius Wolff Institute.

“Since these tiny particles are pre-compressed, it prevents the cracks from getting to the interior parts of the tooth, protecting the sensitive pulp”, he added.

We know that industrial materials are strengthened through compression to withstand stress-bearing works. The turbine blades and gears are among them. This clearly means the same structure has to be made in the manufacture of ceramic teeth replacement.

“The balance of stresses between protein and particles determines the survival of teeth. Nanoparticles in teeth is more compressed when stress is applied”, Jean Baptiste Forien said; a Julius Wolff Institute student.

Today, oral health conscious individuals find ways to preserve their teeth. For this reason, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and other modern dental technologies came about. Even people in Austin look for the best dentist Austin. And as technology improves over time, everyone expects better dental care. And that people will not be limited in their choice of ceramic teeth replacement to less resilient and less healthy options when compared to a natural tooth.