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These days, a lot of businesses take advantage of video animation to promote sales. This is often times called as “whiteboard animation”. And because it is effective in sales conversion, many entrepreneurs resort to Animated Videos for Business.

“We have conducted thousands of split tests, specifically animated videos and found this very effective in increasing conversions”, Konstantinos Kaloulis said, founder of a reputed animated video provider.

There are many reasons why animated videos are effective in increasing sales. One is the video’s ability to show the business’s formation.  This allows you to showcase your company’s history with ease. You can even use this as an educational video in contrast to the traditional boring sales pitch used in the past. And if people know what drives your company to bring out your best, your customer will patronize you products and services even more.

Animated videos sell to people a lot since everyone wants to hear a story. After all, storytelling has been used as a primary mode of communication for millions of years now. Hence, you can make the video work to your advantage by telling your company’s story and link this to your trade. If you are using the video to give instruction, you will be able to elaborate your point in a fanciful way.

“In case you still don’t know, animated videos have their human elements as well”, entrepreneur and investor; Brian Ainsley Horn said. According to Brian, the drawing shown on animated films represents the work of someone else’s hand. This gives this type of video the sense of a duplicated human touch, making it very effective when it comes to advertising.  Eventually, it promotes conversion too.

Videos are plain and simple, making them easy to understand. Hence, it is not surprising why this is a very common advertising platform these days. It has a different level of energy, especially with its computer generated content. Videos offer information overload. In fact, this attracts more attention compared to other information found on your site. Its offered simplicity catches the eye and yields result.

Animation videos are undeniably entertaining. Watching the drawing will arouse memories relevant to what has been drawn. On top of that, witnessing how a plain blank paper turns into a masterpiece is mind blowing. As the video captivates the person’s eyes, it simultaneously draws the mind as well. And you can use this to market your services and products.