Perhaps this child’s way of talking is not new to you. In fact, you may be at one point of your life talk the same way, as if wanting to explain a lot of things yet running out of time. Even adults talks this way due to over excitement. Their mind has so many words to say but they can only accommodate a few words at a time.

Though normal as it may seem, stuttering is actually some form of a speech disorder. Sometimes, this is also termed as stammering wherein one’s speech is interrupted by involuntary repetitions of syllables, phrases or words, often times uttered in long sounds. This is also often accompanied by blocks or long pauses. Often times such prolonged silence is a result of the person’s hesitation to speak up, fearing of repeating the same words over and over again. The shame that results from such abnormal speech often ends up with psychological unease.

Meanwhile, do you know that there are approximately 70 million people in the world who share the same speech dilemma? Many of them are men! In severe cases, such speech disorder leads to self-imposed isolation, shame, stress, anxiety, being a target for bullying and loss control in one’s speech. It is also interesting to note that the cause of such disorder is still unknown. However, it is believed that neuropsychological state and genetic conditions can contribute to such problem.

So next time you find someone stuttering in one’s speech, don’t laugh at it. For all, you know, you may be one of those people who contribute to the person’s stress.