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“Do want to drink your whisky on the rocks?”; a common question asked by a bartender when you order for this beverage. Of course this simply means drinking whisky with an ice but who would ever expect that this can be taken literally these days? Now, there are whiskey stones by On The Rocks. And this literally means putting some rocks on your drink! Hence, whisky aficionados reacted on this differently.

“Tasting the melting ice mixed with whisky brings the exact aroma and flavors of whisky”; whisky stone critics said.

”Invest for whiskey stones and you can enjoy your whisky drinking spree without worrying that the ice will be watering it down”; stated whiskey stone supporters.

Barry Dresen from Brookings Ore initiated the whiskey stone design. He used to own a soapstone countertop manufacturing company. When this business mellowed down in 2010, he thought of designing these materials to whiskey stones instead. So, he begun shaping soapstone scraps; a material he used on this countertop installation business and called this “Italian Ice”. This was sold in the market at the price of $16.95 per 2 bags with 9 cubes.

When these stones appeared on store shelves, they were perceived to have a fleeting oddity. And this is expected since the thought of convincing people to use a chilled stone for their whisky instead of ice is idiotic. Who would think of using them aside from bullies who want to make fun of their peers? However, the end result- leftovers were insufficient to keep up with the demands. So Barry bought full slabs. In 2013, he got his supplies from a quarry Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and got 1 dollar increase in the cost of his trade.

“I will vend more of these to military bases”; stated Barry. “And I will give up my countertop business so I can make stones exclusively”, he added.

But to others, nothing compares to the taste of whisky added with ice cubes. “I never heard anyone complaining; gee my whisky has too much water!” John Hansell said; editor of whisky Advocate (a whiskey enthusiast magazine). “Well, it is still the gold standard”; he added.

Today, whiskey stones are offered as presents for “hard to buy men”. They can be your boss, your father in law or your neighbor next door.  To some, ice melts and whisky rocks. They feel that using whiskey stones is the modern way of drinking whiskey. But for other whiskey aficionados, they still opt for the cheapest, most delicious way to chill whiskey– using ice.